Three Additional Spells by Evard
Date: Sun, August 04, 2002
Topic: Spells of Oerth

A description of the three recently resurfaced spells penned by Evard: Evard's Bladeblight, Evard's Enforced Incorporation, and Evard's Decaying Darkness.

Author: grodog

Evard's Bladeblight, Evard's Enforced Incorporation, and Evard's Decaying Darkness: Three new spells by Evard

by grodog (see also

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The following spells were developed by Evard, the infamous mage of House Noquar, and were included in a cache of rare spells provided to the Despotrix of Hardby in the year 578 CY (see Two recently rediscovered spells by Evard).

Like the previous two spells, the frequency for these spells is Rare, and few copies of them are known to exist outside of the strongholds of the Noquar. The Despotrix is not known to have provided copies of them to any mages outside of her family.

Evard’s Bladeblight (Alteration, Evocation)

Level: 4
Range: ½” per level
Duration: Variable (see below)
Area of Effect: 4” cube
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 4 segments
Save: See below

This fell dweomer draws on energy either the Demi-Plane of Imprisonment or the Abyss, depending on which application of the spell is being cast.

The first version causes the weapons for all victims within the area of effect to be held in their scabbards, sheaths, quivers, etc. for 1 round per level of the caster. Non-magical weapons have no saving throw, while magical weapons save vs. spells as their wielder. Obviously weapons already drawn cannot be affected, but if sheathed while the spell is in effect, they will be held as well. The material component is a miniature dagger carved from blue sapphire; it is bound in silver wire in a miniature scabbard. The component will cost at least 3000 gp, and is reusable.

The second version of the spell causes weapons to be as dangerous to their wielders as their victims. For 1 round per 3 levels of the caster, victims of the spell must save vs. spells or upon each successful hit in combat with any weapon, they will inflict half as much damage to themselves as they cause to their opponents. The material component is a miniature dagger carved from blue sapphire, with sharp/thorny protrusions upon the handle.

Both versions of the Bladeblight cause flickering blue auras to play about the weapons while under the spell’s influence. The auras of held weapons are lighter shades of blue (azure, cerulean, turquoise), while the “anti-vampiric regeneration” weapons shed deeper hues (indigo, ultramarine, violet).

Evard’s Enforced Incorporation (Alteration, Evocation)

Level: 5
Range: 3” + ½”/level
Duration: 1 round/level
Area of Effect: 3” sphere and 1 creature/5 levels and see below
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 5 segments
Save: Negates

This spell causes creatures not in a physical state to assume their natural, physical form: vampires in gaseous form, wraithform mages, ethereal ghosts, phase spiders out of phase, xorn earth traveling, etc. can be affected by this dweomer. The victim must be in a non-physical state at the time of casting, otherwise the spell fails. The Enforced Incorporation extends in a 3” spherical radius across all planes that impinge upon the plane the caster is upon when the spell is cast.

If the saving throw is failed, the target cannot revert to any non-corporeal form for the duration of the spell. In the case of spell casters, no spell will enable them to assume a non-physical state (although they may still polymorph or otherwise change shape so long as they retain a physical material form). This spell does not impact the ability to use transportation magic like dimension door, teleport, gate, etc., unless the spell in question causes the victim to shift physical form (as with wind walk or shadow walk, for example). The material component is a bone fragment smeared with a drop of the caster’s blood, an a pinch of earth.

Evard’s Decaying Darkness (Evocation, Necromantic)

Level: 8
Range: 1”/level
Duration: 1 round
Area of Effect: 1” wide/level x 1” deep/level x 2” high
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Save: Special

This baleful spell draws energy from the Negative Material Plane and infuses it with Stygian malice. Upon completion of this casting, corrupt, pulsing, and nightmarish darkness seeps out of the shadows within the target area. It spreads across the ground like tendrils of fog or a cloudkill, and grows to maximum size within 1 round. Those within the Decaying Darkness become covered with the stuff as it gropes its way up their bodies with semi-sentience, gnawing at them, entering their mouths and ears, etc. A cacophonous wailing emanates from the tendrils throughout the duration, which if viewed with true seeing, can be seen to consist of the faces of the damned, lashing out in hatred, anger, and pain. No one within the area of effect can see (as per impenetrable darkness).

A saving throw vs. spells must be made for all targets within the area of effect (which also extends into the Ethereal Plane). A successful save inflicts 2 points of damage per level of the caster as well as fear (as the 4th level Magic User spell), which will cause victims to flee the area of effect. Creatures with 12 or more HD or levels are immune to the secondary fear effect. A failed saving throw inflicts 3-5 points of damage per level of the caster and drains the victims of 3-5 points of Constitution for 1 turn/level of the caster; bonus hit points for high Constitution scores are lost during this period as well. In addition, the victims are tortured with Stygian visions throughout the experience, and for 1 day per level of the caster afterward, during which time they are more likely to attract infernal attention (from succubi, night hags, etc. at the DM’s discretion).

When the Decaying Darkness expires, the victim must make a System Shock survival roll at the current Constitution score to regain each point (hence, 3-5 checks must be made, with each successive check being made at the current score if increased based on a previously successful check; any failed check precludes further checks; all such points are lost permanently if the SS roll fails, though they can be restored, etc.).

The material components consist of a mixture of 1 pint demon ichor, 1 pint of caster’s blood, and 1 pint of either shadow dragon blood or shade blood or xeg-yi essence, and the imprisoned life-force of a lich, spectre, wraith, wight, or vampire or a similar level-draining undead creature. This mixture must be placed into a hollowed-bone vial and sealed with wax dripped from a candle formed of the fat of human virgins. The vial must then be sealed with runes of containment, negativity, obedience, and control. The vessel is destroyed at the completion of the casting.

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