Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map
Date: Thu, December 26, 2002
Topic: Cartography & Geography

A marvelous (and detailed) new map of the region including the Bandit Kingdoms, Shield Lands, Western Tenh, northern County of Urnst, and most of the Fellreev.

Author: eanondson

Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map
by Eric Anondson (

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I've created a decent quality drawn map of the greater region that includes the Shield Lands and Bandit Kingdoms. Original source was a hand drawn pencil map, which was scanned in. I used photoshop to give it the look it has now.

I have been frequently updating the map as I uncover ever more specific information of locations of tiny hamlets, ruins or roads, depending on what is developed in the Living Greyhawk campaign by regional triads. Here's a preview (click on it for a larger version):

Bandit Kingdoms / Shield Lands Map

A complete collection of the files that constitute the map can be downloaded here in a zip file: Bandit Kingdoms / Shield Lands Map

The zip file contains two larger versions of this same map. One is paper-sized, the other poster-sized. Fair warning: THESE ARE LARGE FILES! Append your comments and questions to this article!

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