Maps of Rhizia: Home of the Suelii (Part 1: The West)
Date: Wed, March 05, 2003
Topic: Cartography & Geography

These are my maps of the Thillonrian Peninsula, presented in two parts. They are done in the same style as my Shield Lands/Bandit Kingdoms regional map, but the preponderance of mountains made these maps quite a bit more time consuming. I present the first half here, the western lands of Rhizia! Enjoy!

Author: eanondson

Maps of Rhizia: Home of the Suelii (Part 1: The West)
by Eric Anondson (

(Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.)

Note: I've further refined a "look" for the topography of underwater, which I am quite pleased with.

The sparsity of canon material about this region made research a bit of a problem. Despite the lack of towns and sites on the maps, there are dozens of settlements, I only marked the ones which have ever been named and even generally located. Feel free to imagine dozens and dozens of villages scattered about the coasts and fjords.

Of note, the "gap" in the center of the Griff Mountains can very well be imagined to be the plateau where the oft mentioned "Tostenhca" or "Skrellingshald" could be found... Who knows...

Lastly, the two maps were done so that someone could print off both and then piece them together to make one larger map. But there is slight overlap between the two maps as a convenience to aid piecing the two together. To be honest, I had to do this entire region as multiple smaller maps because it's so much larger. Part one, just includes the Western Half. So fair warning, together, the map files are even larger in size than my Shield Lands/Bandit Kingdoms map. So, enjoy!

Here's a preview:

A complete collection of the files that constitute the map can be downloaded here in a zip file: Rhizia West Map

The zip file contains two larger versions of this same map. One is paper-sized, the other poster-sized. Fair warning: THESE ARE LARGE FILES!

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