Maps of the Flanaess: Shadows of The Rakers
Date: Sat, June 14, 2003
Topic: Cartography & Geography

Here, finally, is a regional map of the nations around the Rakers mountain range! (Very cool. -ed) The map was cropped to fit the entirety of the Theocracy of the Pale, the Archbarony of Ratik and the Bone March.

Maps of the Flanaess: Shadows of The Rakers
By: Eric Anondson (
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The regional map for the lands surrounding The Rakers mountain range includes the entirety of Pale, Ratik and the Bone March. Due to the great spread this involved, significant portions of other lands are also in the picture here. Included are, all of the Troll Fens, all of Gamboge Forest, all of Phostwood and Nutherwood, most of Tenh, most of northern Nyrond, the northern half of the Flinty Hills, and the northwest Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy.

Of note: I took a great deal of liberty with drawing in the old roads of the Bone March, as well as placing scattered goblinoid/orc camps (i.e. the triangles signify large encampments), and various ruined towns along the Harp River.

The poster-sized map has been scaled so that, if printed, it will fit seemlessly with the two Thillonrian maps. Thus giving a nearly complete map of Grendep bay, and a complete map of the greater Corusk/Griff/Rakers mountain range.

Cool, huh? :)

I want to thank Craig Petrovich for helping with the research of the Living Greyhawk Pale Year 1 scenarios. I also want to thank Matt Lau of the Living Greyhawk Ratik triad for his help with Ratik research.

Here's a preview, Enjoy!

The full-sized files that constitute the map can be downloaded here in zip files:

These zip files contains two larger versions of this same map. First is Pale, Ratik, Bone March Map (paper-sized), the other Pale, Ratik, Bone March Map (poster-sized).


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