The Sons of Winter - Prestige Class
Date: Wed, March 17, 2004
Topic: Power Groups & Organizations

After all the hardships the candidate passed surviving in the cold and acknowledging the basic teachings, the character may stand before the Order in acceptance and bring himself to the spirit of winter, gradually becoming closer to a creature of cold and uncaring. A new prestige class for 3rd edition D&D.

The Sons of Winter - Prestige Class
By: wykthor
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Race: Any
Faith: Any (note that Vatun is not the official religion and even devout of Telchur have been accepted in the order)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Skills: Balance 8, Climb 8 , Survival/Wilderness Lore 5
Feats: Endurance
Special: Must have the Still mind, Purity of the Body and Wholeness of the Body abilities and must have passed either the Icy Watch or the Fury of the Ice tests.

Hit Dice: d8

Class skills: Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Move silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Survival/Wilderness Lore (Wis)

Skill points per level: 4 + Int modifier

Level BAB* Fort/Ref/Will Special
1 +0 +2 Cold Resistance 5, Monk Abilities
2 +1 +3 Cold Affinity I, Wisdom of the Cold Waste
3 +2 +3 Ki Strike (Lawful), Heart of Ice
4 +3 +4 Cold Resistance 10
5 +3 +4 Cold Affinity II, Breath of winter
6 +4 +5 One with the Winter Wind
7 +5 +5 Cold Resistance 15
8 +6/+1 +6 Cold Affinity III, Icy Touch
9 +6/+1 +6 Ki Strike (Adamantine), Tongue of ice and snow
10 +7/+2 +7 Gelid Perfection

* Bab = Base Attack Bonus

Class Features:

Monk Abilities: A monk who decides to enter this prestige class may continue to advance in his core class normally. Besides, every level of Son of Winter (or Daughter of winter if female) he/she gains stacks with his monk levels when calculating the following attributes: unarmored speed bonus, AC bonus, unarmed damage and Flurry of Blows attack bonus (but not his base attack bonus). The monk special abilities (slow fall, timeless body, etc) are NOT included.

Cold Resistance 5 (Ex): The initiate Son of Winter gains Cold Resistance 5. Additionally, he is immune to nonlethal cold damage dealt by weather conditions. In the 4th level this resistance increases to 10 and 15 in the 7th level.

Cold Affinity (Ex): Each time the character gains this power, he becomes more like the icy environment he/she lives, receiving benefits and corporeal changes which draws him closer to his frigid philosophy.

Cold Affinity I: The Son of Winter becomes immune to any kind of sleep-inducing magic or related supernatural ability. While he does not truly sleep anymore, he enters a trance which he can restore his fatigue. Elven characters dont receive any additional benefit. The Son of Winter receives a +4 competence bonus on all climb and balance checks when treading upon ice. However, the character's head becomes completely bald and will never grow hair back again.

Cold Affinity II: In this stage, the Son of Winter gains Darvision 60 feet (which overlaps and do not stack with any kind of racial darkvision) and becomes immune to paralysis. In this level, he/she becomes completely albino. Additionally, the Son of Winter gains a -4 penalty on Fortitude Saves related to exposure to hot weather conditions (not likely to occur).

Cold Affinity III: The character may feed exclusively of ice, gradually becoming his preferred feeding habit. He also acquires immunity to stunning. The corporal chages in this level are more drastic and are the last step before the ultimate change in level 10. Any trace of body hair (including eyebrows and eyelashes) is eliminated. The nose and ear's cartilage also falls, giving place to orifices barely covered by skin. While this change will not hamper the Son of Winter senses of smell and hearing, the new outlook imposes a -4 penalty on all charisma-based skill checks when the character meet any creature who lacks a special connection with winter or cold (generally speaking, that means having the cold subtype).

Wisdom of the Cold Waste (Ex): This ability confers the Son of winter to opt to Take 10 in any survival (wilderness lore if using D&D 3.0) checks related to a cold environment or terrain, without taking any additional time.

Ki Strike (Su): This power works as described in the monk character class in the players handbook.
do Players Handbook. It confers the ability to overcome Damage reduction/Lawful in the 3rd level and Damage/Reduction/Adamantine in the 9th level. For 3.0 players, consider the he/she gains Ki Strike +1 and +3 respectively on these levels, besides gaining Ki Strike +2 on the 6th.

Heart of Ice (Su) : The Son of Winter becomes unsensitive and compassionless as ice (if he wasn't before). The character becomes immune to any fear or compulsion derived from 2nd level spells and below. Against more powerful effects, the Son of Winter gains +4 competence bonus to Will save, which stacks with the Still Mind monk special power. Besides, he/she also gains immunity to any morale penaties or bonuses. Finally, the coldness and lack of emotion of the character imposes a -2 circunstance penalty in any charisma-based skill checks on any creature who lacks the cold subtype. This penalty DO stack with the Cold Affinity III modifier.

Breath of Winter (Su): From the 5th level onwards, the Son of Winter can exhale the cold which permeates his body in a form of a 20 feet cone, dealing 4d8 of cold damage (Reflex Save DC 18 for half). However, each time the character uses this power, he/she must wait 1d4 rounds to breath again. The Son of Winter may breath once per day at 5th level, gaining one daily use each time he passes a level thereafter, reaching the maximun of 6 times/day at 10th level.

One with the Winter Wind (Sp): Once per day the Son of Winter can change his body to a white and frigid mist. The efect is the same as Gaseous Form spell, using the prestige class level to determine the duration. There are some members of the order who like to assume this form when jumping off a cliff or when are in the middle of a blizzard, letting their forms being carried away by the winds, thinking themselves as one with the winter's storm.

Icy Touch (Su): Once per week, the Son of Winter can concentrate all the cold he carries on a single touch. The character must make a melee touch attack in order to affect the chosen target. If successful, the victim must make a Fortitude save DC 10 + Son of Winter Level + Son of winter's Wisdom modifier, resulting in death by hypothermia if the save is failed . Even if the target makes his save, he/she will receive the effects of a frostbite, gaining -2 temporary damage on strenght and dexterity and can't run or charge. A lesser restoration or better can remove these effects. Creatures of Fire Subtype who pass the save will take instead 1d6 of cold damage per level of the prestige class (but wont receive any extra damage due to its subtype). Undead, constructs or those targets who have the cold subtype or are immune to cold (not merely resistant) are immune to its effect. The Son of Winter also cannot affect creatures who have more hit dice than he/she.

Tongue of ice and snow (Su): The Son of Winter gains the ability to talk fluently (or at least in a basic level if the intelligence is a restriction) with any creature with the cold subtype with a intelligence score. In addition, the character gains a +2 insight bonus on diplomacy & sense motive checks when dealing with these creatures.

Gelid perfection: When the Son of Winter reaches the last level of the prestige class, he/she attains the perfect ideal of the order's philosophy. Even more than before, his connection with cold truly increases. The character's teeth and nails acquire a crystalline aspect while the eyes' pupils and irises vanish, ressembling now twin clear and solid crystals, but still preserving his sight. The body parts which had a more red hue (like the tongue, below the nails, gengivae, etc) acquire a a purplish-blue tone (just like when someone have blood circulation problems and the local tissue suffers from the lack of oxygen, acquiring this hue) . Note that as the members of the Order casually walk naked in their lands, this progressive change in the body becomes increasingly shocking for other humanoids. In game terms, the Son of Winter changes his type to Elemental, gains the cold subtype (gaining immunity to cold but also receiving 50% more damage on a failed save against fire). The character also becomes immune to poison, flanking and critical hits, and no longer reduces his/her abilities with age modifiers (although the character will die in the end of the lifespan). Note that as an elemental, the Son of Winter may be restricted by a magic circle against law (or evil if that's the case) but can still be brought from the dead normally, as if he/she was a member of his/her previous race and type.

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