The Drive East
Date: Sat, July 31, 2004
Topic: History

A grain of sand in the history of the Aerdy's conquering of the now known Kingdom.

The Drive East
By: abysslin
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The Drive East: CY -349

It had been nearly a decade now. His men had served him well. From the Nyr Dyv to the newly named Aerdi Sea and then north through the Grandwood to the Spindrift Sound, they fought and conquered any that lie upon their path.

The moment had finally come when they reached the last frontier, a fortified Suloise village along the coast. Much to his surprise, scouts had returned informing his generals that most of the inhabitants of the village had already fled and even now the remaining residents were hastily gathering what little was left behind before evacuating, themselves.

The exceptionally welcome terrain had allowed for his army to travel at steady pace and they were upon the village well before nightfall, as was planned.

As they rose over the last knoll just south of the village, he raised his right arm with a clenched fist, signaling for his army to halt. They did. He sat there upon his mighty steed, fist raised, for just a few moments. Time enough to survey the last step in his march east.

A few wagons were leaving the village heading west and an occasional being could be made out on foot heading in any direction but his. Few buildings rose above the village wall. Perhaps less than ten in first count. Not much of a sight, he thought.

He heard one of his generals allow a whispered cough to accompany a breath. He looked over; fist still raised, to see the faces of his army’s leaders, puzzled, if not impatient.

“Yes, it is time,” he proclaimed. He let his arm drop to a horizontal posture and his finger cropped out, pointing towards the village.

A few hundred of his men and a unit of battle mages rode thunderously on past him to secure and clear the remnants of the village.

When first he entered the village outskirts, he followed the south wall to the east towards land’s edge along the sea.

A few of his men scurry on past carrying former residents of the village too ignorant to leave their homes. Their fate would be left to his second in command. He had far more important matters with which to focus his attention.

Finally, he had reached the coast... at last. He dismounted from his steed to walk closer to where the land met with water. He knew this was the moment he had been working for. The moment all his people have been driving for.

Somehow, he thought, this just didn’t seem satisfying. What were to become of his people? They had fought for so long that it seemed that is all his people know. Now that they had lands to call their own could they fulfill their dreams? Could they rise to the expectations they had agreed upon before beginning this mighty campaign of conquest? He had his doubts.

He looked over at a nameless group of his men setting up camp on the beach just up the coastline. These men were going to play a much larger part in their people’s history than they realize, he thought.

He turned his attention back to the waters. The ocean’s breeze brought with it a misty air, cool and condensed. This is it he thought. This will be my people’s new home, our “City of Heavens,” Rel Astra. Lord Garolian of House Garasteth was firm in this thought.

Nodding to himself, he turned and walked back towards the center of the village to receive his briefing concerning the conquering of the final frontier.

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