Postfest III: Syari Silvertip, Bane of the Dim Forest
Date: Fri, December 10, 2004
Topic: Rogue's Gallery

Syari Silvertip plagues the small village of Dimhaven on Bissel's southwestern border, along the Dim Forest. Since the beginning of memory she had been blamed for disappearances and foul deeds. Yet, few can agree on who or what she is and even less can claim to catch a glimpse of her and escape.

POSTFEST: Syari Silvertip, Bane of the Dim Forest
By: donimator
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Syari Silvertip, Bane of the Dim Forest

The lithe silver fox darted furtively through the undergrowth. Moving without a sound, without leaving trace of passage, she moved quickly parallel to the forest path. Two young men of the village had strayed too far into the Dim Forest in search of the rare mushrooms and fungi cherished by the tavern cook. They walked innocently along the path.

The fox licked her maw, darting ahead of the men to wait up the trail behind a tree. Breathlessly she heard them approaching, her heart quickening in anticipation. They passed her hidden location and she stepped out behind them with a soft call. They turned and saw an impossibly beautiful elvish woman standing before them. They were irrevocably entranced. Syari Silvertip, the foxwoman of the Dim Forest, had claimed two more from the village.

The village of Dimhaven(1) lies on Bissel’s southwestern border, along the Dim Forest. The home of a community of elves and humans, it lies wholly within the treetops to provide protection and concealment from the denizens of the woodland. The Dim Forest is an old forest. The massive trunks support a thick canopy that block out almost all glimmers of light. The forest floor supports an odd assortment of creatures and plants more familiar to a subterranean setting than a sylvan environment. Humanoids and creatures more nefarious carve their niches against this dark background. Small in number and unorganized, few groups have met with much success in forays against the light-dwelling folks of Bissel. There have been exceptions.

Syari Silvertip, as she is known in the Common speech, has plagued this corner of the woods certainly as long as any human can remember and well into the lifespan of the most venerable of elven elders. A foxwoman, a lycanthrope, she preys on the members of the community of Dimhaven, enslaving those who fall victim to her charms. Syari herself forgets from whence she came. Her disease has clouded her mind and driven out all memories of previous life. She lives solely for herself, using her captives for labour to support her luxurious lifestyle and when she tires of them, for food.

Syari was a beautiful wood elf who was afflicted with this disease centuries ago by her ‘mother’. She was captured as a youth and infected with lycanthropy, thus turning into a werefox herself. Raised as a daughter, she took over the cottage deep within the bowels of the forest when her surrogate mother was slain. She prefers to prey on humans as their short lifespan matches the boredom she grows with her servants. Those she chooses to keep will typically be replaced within a decade, when one younger and more vibrant comes along.

Syari rarely chooses here werefox form, opting instead for that of a large silver fox or her original elven. In the former, she is rarely seen, using this form to covertly approach her prey unheard. Her fox-form is that of a large fox, pure white with a streak of silver around the tip of her tail. In elven form she appears as a delicate and exquisitely dressed sylvan elf, her pale skin blending with her white and silver-streaked hair. Syari craves fine clothing and jewellery and is often adorned garishly so. She sends her captives out to raid and steal for her, pleased with the objects they bring.

Syari’s cottage is well-hidden several leagues into the dark forest. Partially built into a hill and blending with the surrounding trees, it is imperceptible to casual observation. The rooms inside are richly appointed with centuries worth of treasures and trinkets her devoted followers have gathered. Her only motive is to increase her wealth and the accoutrements of her lair. To accomplish this, she enslaves the talents of others.

Her current entourage numbers six. Led by a human ranger, the group is well-versed in woodland skills. At times, the ranger questions why he performs the appointed tasks. On missions of several days length, he feels doubt. However, the draw to return to Syari is overpowering and he always comes home. He is often accompanied by a brute of a fighter, who is a favourite of Syari. His strength is much greater than his mind, although he follows directions exceedingly well. The rest of the group consists of regular villagers of varied talents, but they will fight ferociously, if Syari requests it or is threatened.

The village of Dimhaven is rife with rumours about the existence of Syari Silvertip. None are known to have escaped from her clutches and precious few have ever caught even a glimpse of her. Those that have, tell conflicting tales. Occasionally, one who has disappeared will be spotted by a friend, years since they were last seen. The only hint as to her existence comes from the even rarer soul who has been recaptured by the villagers. Such men return very much changed. Raving and straining to escape, little can be discerned and even attempts by their former loved ones to communicate with them fail. When divine or magical attempts are made to extract information, the subject irrevocably dies before any meaningful information can be obtained. Such an event is doubly a bane, for the village knows that when Syari loses one of her entourage, it will not be long before she seeks another.


(1) – description of Dimhaven from The Bissel Gazetteer.pdf prepared by the Bissel Triad for Living Greyhawk.


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