Artwork Inspried by White Plume Mountain
Date: Tue, August 02, 2005
Topic: Art

In another tribute to one of Dungeon & Dragon's classic dungeon delves, presented herein is more art inspired by the classic adventure S2 White Plume Mountain. See images of the mystical sword Blackrazor, weilded by The Justicar, as well as other concept art from White Plume Mountain.

Artwork Inspried by White Plume Mountain
By: saqurtmudyn
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The following images are renditions of scenes from the White Plume Mountian adventure. They can be used as visual sources for dungeon masters, as well as to show one gamers perspective of the adventure's them. Enjoy!

Click on each thumb nail image below to enjoy a larger, more detailed image of each of these wonderfully rendered representations.

1 - A rendering of Blackrazor based on a drawing from Return to White Plume Mountain, page 39.

2 - Room 27 in White Plume Mountain: "The door opens to reveal a luxurious room, 50 feet wide and 30 feet across. The floor is strewn with rugs and cushions, and tapestries cover the walls. A six-foot hookah stands in the corner beside a somptuous divan. Rising in surprise as you enter is a halfling, smiling in obvious pleasure. He holds a carved walking stick." From S1-4, page 35.

3 - A tapestry in the room could be used as a warning for the players. For example, if someone examined it, he or she would see a scene showing a fighter having his soul sucked by Blackrazor in the marshes south of White Plume Mountain.

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