Postfest V, Part II: The Woodmen of the Vesve's Grand Wardmote
Date: Mon, August 08, 2005
Topic: Peoples & Culture

The Grand Wardmote has come. Part military exercise, part parliament of the wood, men and elves of the Vesve come together at the Wardmote to confront a common enemy - Iuz - and his humanoid allies.

The Woodmen of the Vesveís Grand Wardmote
By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung

Date: 11th Flocktime
Location: Southwestern Vesve Forest
Type: Military/Civic

The Vesve is home to innumerable wood elves. Where they once shared the forest with only the native creatures of the forest, as the Migrations proceeded, they came to share their forest home with men as well. The forest being large and the population of woodmen choosing to live therein small, the two groups go along well enough, as the half-elven population of Highfolk attests. Differences, however, would and do occur. To ensure peace between the wood elves and the woodsmen, a great forest court and assembly was held annually, where elves and men could come together, settle differences peacefully and enjoy one anotherís company within the forest both groups loved. This gathering is the Grand Wardmote.

Early each year, when the snows have retreated and the forest has returned to verdant life, the wood elves and men gather in a great forest glade. A grand council, the wardmote, opens the proceedings and usually occupies at least the first half of the day. Respects are paid. Disagreements are worked out. Cooperative ventures are planned. After a group luncheon, the afternoon is taken up with shooting. The Grand Wardmote is the site of the greatest archery tournament of the north. The day finishes with a great feast, usually a spitted giant boar roast in a huge fire pit.

The Greyhawk Wars changed the Grand Wardmote, forever. Where once the location of the Wardmote was set, since the Greyhawk Wars, the location has been annually moved to avoid attacks by humanoids in the service of Iuz. Elves and men have of necessity worked together as never before and a new and greater respect and society of the Vesve has emerged. Woodman or wood elf, each now see themselves as residents of the Vesve more than members of differing races. Smaller wardmotes are now held throughout the year. Often, these are councils of war. While both the Greyhawk Wars and the Great Northern Crusade that followed are over, humanoids formerly or still in Iuzís service remain within the Vesve in greater numbers than before. Conflict with these humanoids is ongoing. The Grand Wardmote is now almost a parliament of the wood, with smaller wardmotes marking specific actions of united men and elves against the encroaching humanoids.

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