Postfest V, Part II: The Installation of the Lord Mayor of Kalstrand
Date: Tue, August 09, 2005
Topic: Peoples & Culture

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! By Imperial Proclamation and Royal Decree, let it be known that on this day the Guildmasters of Kalstrand, have met and by vote selected one from among their Number; Kalstrand has a Lord Mayor! Vivat! Vivat! Vivat! On the 26th of Coldeven, she shall make her way through the City and be Installed. All hail! The Lord Mayor of Kalstrand!

The Installation of the Lord Mayor of Kalstrand
By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, GVDammerung
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Date: 26th Coldeven
Location: Kingdom of Ahlissa (South Province)
Type: Civic

Predating the formation of the Kingdom of Ahlissa, the palatinate South Province and the formation of the Great Kingdom itself, is the city of Kalstrand. Situated at the confluence of the Grayflood and Thelly Rivers, Kalstrand is one of the oldest Aerdi settlements in the South. Long a hub of mercantile activity, Kalstrand was initially a holding of the quasi-independent Plar of the Thelly. With the consolidation of the Great Kingdom and the establishment of Nulbish further to the east, Kalstrand became a baronial seat along with Nulbish.

In 400 CY, Kalstrand was granted a city charter by the ruling House Darmen. Chartered status allows Kalstrand, among other privileges, to elect a Lord Mayor from among its guilds. Each of Kalstrand’s 76 guilds has one vote, cast by the guildmaster. Each year on the 15th of Coldeven, balloting takes place. A simple majority elects the Lord Mayor for the year, although it is not uncommon for successful Lord Mayors to be elected to dozens of terms. The newly elected or reelected Lord Mayor is installed on the 26th of Coldeven.

The installation of the Lord Mayor has always been attended by pomp and circumstance, with a parade preceding the actual investiture ceremony at the city’s Merchants Guildhall. Since Kalstrand has become the capital of the Kingdom of Ahlissa, however, the installation of the Lord Mayor has risen to new heights of ceremony. By virtue of being the chief administrative official of the capital, the Lord Mayor sits on the King of Ahlissa’s Privy Council. His counsel is heard on matters relating to administration of the city but also on mercantile affairs more generally. The Guildmasters of Kalstrand see themselves as potentially playing larger roles within the kingdom’s guild structures, perhaps uniting all guilds of a type under the respective guildmasters of Kalstrand. To further this agenda, they look to the Lord Mayor. His investiture is an opportunity for the guilds to burnish his position with a great display. A ball and fireworks cap off the day of the investiture.

Whether the guildmasters of Kalstrand stand any real chance of seeing their dreams of a united guild structure come to pass remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, they enjoy the perquisites of being guildmasters of the capital of the Kingdom of Ahlissa, a not inconsiderable economic windfall. The Lord Mayor as their chief spokesman benefits in kind, enjoying a prestige only surpassed by the Lord Mayors of Greyhawk, Irongate and Rel Astra.

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