Postfest V, Part II: The Great Western Rendezvous
Date: Tue, August 09, 2005
Topic: Peoples & Culture

Furs. Luxury items on a par with fine gemstones. The best are only found far from civilization. In the spring of each year, the fur trappers and hunters emerge from the wilderness to sell their pelts and resupply for the next year. Most may not have seen another human being for months. Its a party!

The Great Western Rendezvous
By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung
Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

Date: 13th, 14th and 15th Planting
Location: Eru Tovar, Land of the Wolf Nomads
Type: Guild/Local

No woodland in the Flanaess is as untouched and wild as the Burneal Forest. The nearby Cold Marshes are second only to the Burneal Forest as a pristine wilderness. Taken together, these two areas compose the greatest single undisturbed wildlife habitat of the eastern continent of Oerik. The Arch-Barony of Blackmoor is the only civilization worthy of the name to break nature’s primeval gripe on these northlands. Iuz’s incursions have moved little beyond the Howling Hills.

Throughout this vast country, winter is the season to longest to hold the land in its grip. Animals, beasts and even more monstrous inhabitants must protect themselves from the fierce cold and snows. Many will grow luxurious coats of fur over the winter months. Such furs are prized throughout the northland and beyond. In the more southern reaches of the Flanaess, such furs will fetch the greatest prices. This prospect draws some number of trappers and hunters to the north. Wintering over, living off the land, hunting and trapping, these men, for there are few women among their number, harvest the furs. Most are barbarians native to the north, or rangers if they hail from the civilized lands of the south.

Each spring, these hunters and trappers emerge from the forest or marsh with their collection of furs taken in the previous months. They gather at Eru Tovar for the Great Western Rendezvous. Here they sell their furs to merchants and furriers from as far away as Schwartzenbruin, Chendl, Veluna City, Dyvers and Greyhawk, who make the long trek to Eru Tovar each year specifically for the Rendezvous. In exchange for their furs, the hunters and trappers trade for supplies, women and alcohol. The Rendezvous is a time to trade and barter, to swap stories, hear news, enjoy the company of others and get roaring drunk. Eru Tovar, never civilized in the best of times, is arguably even wilder during the Rendevous.

The Wolf Nomads charge the merchants for safe passage through their lands and again to act as escorts or guides. They charge the trappers and hunters similarly but not so much, so to keep them coming back. The greatest merchants from the south maintain year round trading posts in Eru Tovar. While the best furs are available at the Rendevous, trappers or hunters may show up in Eru Tovar at any time during the year. They may also find more than furs in the wilds. It is said that the Archbarony of Blackmoor is all that is left of an ancient and powerful civilization. Trading posts guarantee a first look at many oddities, Blackmoorian artefacts or relics that the wilderness trekers may stumble upon. Rumors of lost hordes or treasure troves first filter out of the wilder lands to Eru Tovar and the merchant with a presence there may first dispatch a party to investigate and recover whatever of value may be found. Duty with one of the trading posts is not glamorous. It attracts much the same breed that prefers the solitude of the forests and the wetlands to the comforts of civilization. More than one merchant, however, has turned a sojourn in the north into a wealth and power in softer lands. The adventurers and fortune hunters continue to filter north, most first arriving for the Rendezvous.

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