The Wizards Library Part 6 of 6
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Presented herein are 109 wizardly grimoires, each presented in a card catalog format. No longer must one guess at what is on a wizard's bookshelf or what is between the covers of a particular tome.

The Wizards Library Part 6 of 6
By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung
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Sulphur, Influence and Actions
Written by Arbane
Age - 2nd
Notes - More noted as an alchemist than a mage, Arbane is believed to have developed, among other alchemical formula, the secret of "flame powder," "smoke powder" or "gunpowder," independent of the Church of Murlynd. This resulted in great fame and puissance in Arbane’s own time but subsequent attempts to suppress and bowdlerize his works. As a consequence, copies of Sulphur, Influence and Actions, must be carefully scrutinized, when they can be found at all. Many were burned. The vast majority of others were bowdlerized to remove all references to "gunpowder," but otherwise retained Arbane’s other formula. It is said that the Church of Murlynd has Arbane’s original grimoire, a few complete copies of which are rumored to exist outside the Church. Along with Daern, his onetime master Arbane must be accounted among the greatest of alchemists.
Known Spells - Pyrotechnics/Flame Arrow/Fire Charm/Fire Shield
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Tana Relatha ("White Leaf")
Discovered by "Teril" (an adventurer in Hepmonaland operating out of Fort Caloran)
Age - 1st
Notes - The Tava-besk tribe of Touv had the misfortune of being too close to Fort Caloran, an Aerdi outpost set up to counter similar outposts of the Scarlet Brotherhood in Hepmonaland. The raiding common among Touv tribes was not appreciated by the Aerdi with predictable consequences. What remains of the Tava-besk are now tributary to the Aerdi. The Tana Relatha speaks of the power the is wielded by the Touv.
Unique Spells - Mudpack/Camouflage Voices/Sap Burst/Burrow/Phantasmal Mists/Spider Cord
Source - Dragon 265, p.72

Theories of Converging Transitions
Written by Lhegrand
Age - 2nd
Notes - The wizard Lhegrand is widely accounted the greatest magus of his Age, the Mordenkainen of his time. While very little written by Lhegrand is known to have survived, the historic records of the Great Kingdom are replete with references to his exploits, puissant castings and immense intelligence. Theories of Converging Transitions is the only know grimoire to be reliably attributed to Lhegrand. Owing an obvious debt to Arnd’s Unknown Movements of the Universe, Lhegrand’s work gives the faintest inkling of the greatest wizard of an elder age.
Known Spells - Dimension Door/Passwall/Gate
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Theories of Perception
Written by Kuroth
Age - 1st
Notes - If not Phandal’s rival or apprentice, Kuroth is believed to have studied Ancient Cryptomacy with an extreme attention to detail. Expanding on the earlier text, Theories of Perception looks to provide the means to circumvent or defeat many of the puzzles and conundrums Phandral would assist a reader in creating.
Known Spells - Detect Evil/Clairaudience/True Sight/Deafness
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Theory of Invisible Forces
Written by Tenser
Age - 4th
Notes - The prolific Tenser, while not putting Mordenkainen’s apprentice Bigby in his place, does demonstrate a more than casual command of force magics. Along with Mordenkainen, the greatest wizard of his age, Tenser’s Theory of Invisible Forces was an instant classic and is widely available.
Known Spells - Push/Unseen Servant/Strength/Tenser’s Floating Disk
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Theory of Occult Visual Shock
Written by Ye’Cind
Age - 1st
Notes - It is unclear whether Ye’Cind predated Rialissom or Rialissom predated Ye’Cind. What is clear from their grimoires is that the two knew each other. Some speculate they were colleagues or even master and apprentice, although which was master and which apprentice is still debated. The Oeridian Chronicle is silent on Ye’Cind, probably because of his elven race, a race too often at odds with all of the migratory peoples.
Known Spells - Fear/Minor Creation/Phantasmal Killer/Major Creation
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Thesis on the Planes of Anti-Matter
Written by Leomund
Age - 4th
Notes - To give Leomund proper credit and to avoid giving too much credit, it must be noted that he did not develop all of the spells included in this grimoire. As is the case with many grimoires, the spells are an amalgam of unique creations, variations on a theme and copies of previously known to exist spells. This in no way diminishes the author’s work. It is always wise to recall that grimoires are working documents, not intended for publication in the usual sense.
Known Spells - Rope Trick/Distance Distortion/Astral Spell/ Disintegrate/Leomund’s Secret Chest/Duo-Dimension/Deeppockets
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Thrice Damned Tome of Anashelaq, The
Written by Anashelaq
Age - 2nd
Notes - A minor text of the Ur-Flan of no particular authorship of note, the Tome first surfaced in Tenh. Study reveals it to be principally concerned with the binding of spirits. It is perhaps more useful, however, for that little that it reveals of the Ur-Flan, a group about which too little is known.
Spells - Unknown
Source - Living Greyhawk Journal 4, p. 7

Tome of Braeburn Ursine, The
Written by Braeburn Ursine
Age - 4th
Notes - Braeburn Ursine was a contemporary of the Flan mage Thrush Palewing and half Flan himself, native to the Bandit Kingdoms. Ursine, however, rejected his Flan heritage and loathed both Palewing and the Flan. His magical studies were bent to the task of halting Palewing and the Flan lycanthropic cults that offered the hope of perhaps fighting back against the cultural and literal genocide being practiced against the Rovers. Ursine was defeated and killed by Palewing’s followers but his Tome remains a potent weapon against all lycanthropes.
Unique Spells - Resist Lycanthropy/Declaw/Hold Form/Lycanthropic Immunity/Wolfsbane
Source - Dragon 266, p.70

Tome of Studies on the Fourth Dimension
Written by Seik-O
Age - 1st
Notes - The identity of Siek-O is as contested as that of the Leuk-O who wrote the Science of Temporal Waves. Some hold Seik-O an apprentice of Leuk-O. Some hold Seik-O a relative. Most intriguingly, others claim that Seik-O is Leuk-O and wrote the Science of Temporal Waves. This theory holds that the more notable grimoire had its authorship posthumously adulterated, whether intentionally or by understandable accident. Of course, yet another theory holds just the reverse.
Known Spells - Temporal Stasis/Time Stop/Imprisonment
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Tome of the Black Heart
Written by Unknown
Age - 2nd
Notes - Generously a grimoire, the Tome of the Black Heart is more a fell encyclopedia which happens to contain some dweomers. Few copies are known to exist and most are consulted not for immediate use in spellcasting but to further occult researches. The Tome is an outstanding source of knowledge on the Lower Planes, the Elemental and Para-elemental Planes and the Plane of Shadow. The Tome also contains a variety of occult formulae, to include some dweomers. Most of the latter are, however, not part of the original text but later interlineations by the various possessors of the Tome.
Spells - Unknown
Source - Dungeon 112, p.92

Tome of the Shackled Mind
Written by Florin deLucier
Age - 3rd
Notes - Until his mysterious disappearance, deLucier was a noted mage, intriguer and schemer in Rel Astra. A regular figure at court, deLucier had the fortune or misfortune of possessing both elven blood and that of House Naelax. Cast out of the more prominent circles frequented by his family, he well established himself in Rel Astra before vanishing. The Tome of the Shackled Mind is a fitting tribute to his Naelax genius.
Unique Spells - Corrupt Charm/Dark Desires
Source - Dragon 252, p.85

Tome of Thrush Palewing, The
Written by Thrush Palewing
Age - 4th
Notes - A book of lycanthropic magic, the Tome of Thrush Palewing owes its genesis to much older traditions than those of the 4th Age. A Flan of the woodland Rovers culture of the Fellreev Forest, Palewing’s Tome collects magics that have been present among the Rovers for generations, if not millennia, as well as presenting the mage’s own unique magical workings. As such, The Tome of Thrush Palewing is of as much anthropological interest as practical magical interest, which is considerable.
Unique Spells - Instantaneous Shift/Resist Silver/Ripclaw/ Sabertooth/Scent/Full Moon/Howl/ Increased Infection/Pack Mind/Invest Lycanthrope
Source - Dragon 266, p.66

Transcendental Impenetrabilities
Written by Leomund
Age - 4th
Notes - Finishing by himself the work he began with Mordenkainen in Architecture, Doors and Passages of Parallel Worlds, Leomund more than demonstrates the mastery of his subject matter that drew Mordenkainen to him. More than the former work, Transcendental Impenetrabilities is Leomund’s signature work, his personal grimoire of the time. Now widely available in copied form, few can yet say that they have fully mastered the text.
Known Spells -
Vol. 1 - Leomund’s Tiny Hut/Minor Globe of Invulnerability/Globe of Invulnerability/Prismatic Sphere
Vol. 2 - Light/Color Spray/Continual Light/Darkness 15' Radius/Prismatic Spray/Project Image/Projected Image/Chromatic Orb
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Treatise of Universal Astronomy
Written by Melf
Age - 3rd
Notes - Not usually accounted a great mage, in Weapons of the Ether and again with the Treatise of Universal Astronomy, Melf proves his doubters wrong. The Treatise of Universal Astronomy picks up very much where Weapons of the Ether leaves off. The present treatise is, however, more philosophical and "elven" than the work authored with Mordenkainen, doubtless the result of Mordenkainen’s heavy handed editing of the combined effort. Some have compared the Treatise of Universal Astronomy favorably with the Seven Skies of the Universe by Casimur, calling Universal Astronomy the elven Seven Skies. Such comparisons are not without their merits.
Known Spells - Melf’s Minute Meteor/Meteor Swarm/Fireball
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Treatise of Sublimated Oneiromancy
Written by Tasirin
Age - 2nd
Notes - With Lhegrand and Caligarde, Tasirin is accounted one of the greatest mages of the 2nd Age. If Lhegrand is analogous to a Mordenkain and Caligarde a Tenser, Tasirin was the Rary of the 2nd Age. Widely traveled, Tasirin was an apprentice of both Ye’Cind and Johydee. Thereafter, while enjoying a spectacular career as a wizard, Tasirin entered into a lifelong rivalry with both Lhegrand and Caligarde, not always friendly. Unlike the triumvirate of the 4th Age, that of the 2nd Age never worked together cooperatively with a single agenda. That more is known of Tasirin than either of his famous contemporaries is attributable to the apprentice of one of his apprentices - Rary.
Known Spells -
Vol. 1 - Sleep/Dream/Feign Death/Tasirin’s Haunted Sleep
Vol. 2 - Hypnotism/Hallucinatory Terrain/Paralyzation/Veil
Vol. 3 - Preserve/Tempus Fugit/Haste
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Treatise on Cabalistic Protections
Written by Krest
Age - 3rd
Notes - Written by the Pholtic priest and wizard Krest in Wintershriven, the Treatise was intended to be made widely available, at least within the Church of Pholtus. Of course, knowledge like water will find its own course, and the Treatise has become more widely known. Ironically, while unintentional, the Treatise has proven a means of spreading the word of Pholtus, as the spells contained within are set out in a Pholtic context.
Known Spells - Protection from Evil/Shield/Protection From Evil 10' Radius/Protection From Normal Missiles
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Triangular Tome of Kugatsmor, The
Written by Kugatsmor
Age - 3rd
Notes - Another in the long line of grimoires that reveal something of fiends and the lower planes, the Triangular Tome is neither more nor less than others of its kind. Oddly shaped, it perhaps holds out more promise thereby but it delivers nothing to otherwise set it apart from the ruck and run of fiendish manifestos that seemingly clog the shelves of pale wizards in black. It is tragically, self-consciously evil.
Spells - Unknown
Source - Living Greyhawk Journal 1, p. 20

Tsanak Dorth ("Black Rock")
Discovered by "Teril" (an adventurer in Hepmonaland operating out of Fort Caloran)
Age - 1st
Notes - The Tava-besk tribe of Touv had the misfortune of being too close to Fort Caloran, an Aerdi outpost set up to counter similar outposts of the Scarlet Brotherhood in Hepmonaland. The raiding common among Touv tribes was not appreciated by the Aerdi with predictable consequences. What remains of the Tava-besk are now tributary to the Aerdi. The Tsanak Dorth speaks of the power that is wielded by the Touv.
Unique Spells - Wall of Leaves/Bone Shards/Harsh Step/Forest of Eyes/Treeswift/Natural Cloak/ Splintering Trees
Source - Dragon 265, p.75

Tvash-Prull’s Symphony
Written by Tvash-Prull
Age - 4th
Notes - A musical prodigy Tvash-Prull was not, at least he is not normally regarded as such. Neither was he an accomplished wizard. Yet, in combining his two interests, Tvash-Prull produced one of the more unique wizardly tomes. While it is widely believed that Prull was self-taught, some argue that his work shows the "inspiration" of Phade Evanshad’s Visions of Fear. Others argue that Prull fell under the influence of Phade’s apprentice, Murq, while the latter was in the City of Greyhawk, Prull’s home. For most, Tavash-Prull’s Symphony stands on its own as a unique wizardly and musical accomplishment.
Unique Spells - Fugue of Tvash-Prull/Love’s Lament/Symphonic Nightmare/Tvash-Prull’s Bonefiddle/Undersong
Source - Dragon 328, p.70

Unknown Movements of the Universe
Written by Arnd
Age - 2nd
Notes - Arnd’s Unknown Movements of the Universe is a masterwork by a master mage to which the greatest wizards of the 2nd (Lhegrand) and 4th (Mordenkainen) Ages owe a considerable debt. Esoteric to the point of being almost incomprehensible, Unknown Movements of the Universe is highly theoretic in its approach. While the spells contained therein are eminently practical, the reader must sift through lengthy theoretical discussions to comprehend their casting. Many are the individualized abridgements of Arnd’s work.
Known Spells -
Vol. 1 - Run/Shadow Walk/Teleport Without Error/Succor/Vanish
Vol. 2 - Teleport/Phase Door/Shadow Door/Maze
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Vecna’s Ineffable Variorum
Written by Vecna
Age - 1st
Notes - Another chimerical tome, the Ineffable Variorum is claimed to be written by Vecna, but a Suel Vecna, not a Flan Vecna. The Ineffable Variorum was discovered on the fringes of the Sea of Dust on the western side of the Hellfurnaces and sold to a book dealer in Niole Dra. Perhaps, Vecna was named Suel and the author in an attempt to drum up the sale price. The present whereabouts of the Ineffable Variorum, much as it provenance, remain mysterious.
Unique Spells - Depth Perception/Vecna’s Conflagration/Turn Lightning
Source - Dragon 225, p.49

Visions of Fear
Written by Phade Evanshad
Age - 3rd
Notes - Believed to be the teacher of Murq, Phade Evanshad lived in the fluctuating border area between the Shield Lands and the Bandit Kingdoms. An over-sensitivity in youth grew into true dementia in adulthood, which coupled with a gift for wizardry created in Phade a nightmare character, scarcely comprehensible. Visions of Fear is a sorcerous text that rises above mere magery to achieve art, albeit of the most disturbing kind.
Unique Spells - Glimpse of Fear/Inescapable Swarm/Phade’s Fearsome Aspect/Sphere of Terror/Vision of Fear
Source - Dragon 333, p.71

Volhom’s Tome
Written by Volhom
Age - 4th
Notes - Volhom is a drow late of Erelhei-Cinlu. Perhaps because of the position of male drow in that society, Volhom and his tome have circulated more widely. Something of celebrity in wizardly circles for his unusual pedigree, as well as spellcraft, Volhom, known as The Slime Wizard, has been entertained by sorcerous colleagues in a manner rarely accorded drow. While Volhom remains typical of his race, he has been all the same not unaffected by his better treatment and may be more cordially, if not entirely safely, met with about matters of a sorcerous sort.
Unique Spells - Dormancy/Drop of Slime/Slippery Skin/Resist Slime/Spore Cone/Transmute Slime to Rock/Volhom’s Minute Misseles/Slime Guardian/Volhom’s Tentacle Arms/Wall of Gel/ Gelatinous Form/Toxic Snare/Slime Growth/Last Generation/Summon Handmaiden
Source - Dragon Annual 4, p.70

Volume Veneficus
Written/Discovered by Unknown
Age - 2nd
Notes - Written on the skins of living snakes, joined together with some quiescence into a volume of the most startling sort, the Volume Veneficus has its origins among the Yuan-ti of Hepmonaland. Coveted by snake worshipers or devotees of all stripes, the Volume Veneficus is also reputed to contain instructions on the composition of numerous poisons and toxins.
Unique Spells - Crushing Coils/Fang Blade/Merrshaulk’s Kiss/Serpent Storm/Snake Shield/ Spitting Cobra/Venomous Volley
Source - Dragon 330, p. 70

Weapons of the Ether
Written by Melf and Mordenkainen
Age - 4th
Notes - Mordenkainen has proven himself an adept co-author. Here, he coauthor’s an especially useful grimoire with Melf, although it is believed to be more the latter’s work than Mordenkainen’s. Perhaps, this accounts in some small measure for the antipathy Mordenkainen and Melf now share. While not epic, their falling out remains an intriguing historical incident not yet fully explained by either party.
Known Spells - Whip/Melf’s Acid Arrow/Magic Missile/Enchant an Item/Enchanted Weapon/ Mordenkainen’s Sword
Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

Zagig’s Comedicon
Written by Zagig
Age - 3rd
Notes - While capable of descent magery, the infamous Zagig was also the source of numerous magical "jokes." The Comedicon is a collection of such arcane hilarity, couched in the most obscure and confounding text. That Zagig is accounted "mad" is surely deserved. That he is accounted anything more is based as much in charity as anything else.
Unique Spells - Zagig’s Canned Laughter/Zagig’s Amusing Alteration/Zagig’s Gender Shift
Source - Dragon 270, p.60

Appendix 1 - First Age Authors and Titles

Seven Skies of the Universe
Kitab al-Asfr
Elinareth, Aelistrefel (Discoverer)
Incunabulum of the Forgotten City
Mental Impressions of the Retina
Legendry of Great Arms and Fabulous Heroes
Pyronomicon, The
Theories of Perception
Science of Temporal Waves
Ancient Cryptomacy
Powers of theSpiritual Will
Representations of the Sentient Plane
Riddlebone, Eves (Discoverer)
Livre d’Aquatha
Tome of Studies on the Fourth Dimension
Slerotin’s Manifesto
Teril (Discoverer)
Tana Relatha
Tsank Dorth
Compendium Imortale Magica Malifica
Echo and Resonance of the Great Void (writing as Whisper)
Vecna’s Ineffable Variorum
Theory of Occult Visual Shock

Appendix 2 - Second Age Authors and Titles

Acererak’s Libram
Codex of Silence, The
Thrice Damned Tome of Anashelaq, The
Sulphur, Influence and Actions
Unknown Movements of the Universe
Book of the Requim, The
Spells of the Black Pyramid
Book of Shadows, Vol. 1
Life of Nature, Its Secrets
Components and Reactions of Phosphorus
Clouds and Fog
Book of Shadows, Vol. 2
Demonomicon, The
Extreme Powers of Observation
Theories of Converging Transitions
Nigrises’ Tome of Necromancy
Subconscious Repercussions of Pyromancy
Sihdenueven, Helvarian
Rays of Light
Lore of Subtle Communication
Treatise of Sublimated Oneiromancy
Dissimulation and Obscuration
Ordinary Necromancy
Lakharemtolma Zalarem
Tome of the Black Heart
Volume Veneficus

Appendix 3 - Third Age Authors and Titles

Encyclopedia of Non-Substances
Spielbuk Spayle’s Book (writing as Spielbuk Spayle)
Book of Darazell, The
deLucier, Florin
Tome of the Shattered Mind
Dornn, Thurgas
Evanshad, Phade
Visions of Fear
Farkahn, Drenal
Notebooks, The
Blood Codex of Ferranifer, The
Repertoire of Subconscious Apparitions
GyrnClithe, Nazralte
Libram of the Darkwing
Shadow Book of Heriabgher, The
Iggwilv’s Nether Tome
Book of Shadows, Vol. 3
Treatise on Cabalistic Projections
Triangular Tome of Kugatsmor, The
Minds of the Unknown
Treatise on Universal Astronomy
Mentor (Mentzor)
Influence on the Solid Corpus
Severnain, Jawal
Compendium of Signs Magical and Mundane
Book of Dead Smiles
Displacements and Modelling the Melieu
Vorishtok, Renthon
Revelations of the Prince of Twilight
Alterations of Tangibles and Intangibles (writing as Yagrax)
Intelligence and Intuitive Domination (writing as Zagy)
Runic Mysteries Revealed (writing as Zagig Yragerne)
Zagig’s Comedicon (writing as Zagig)

Appendix 4 - Fourth Age Authors and Titles

Antonescu, Ion
Patterns of Shadow and Light
Manual Powers Beyond Life
Inexplicable Reflections
Crylandren (Discoverer)
Ice-Shard Tome, The
Occult Observations on Fluids (writing as "Koorz")
Repertoire of Illustrious Conjurations
Dunhill, Alan
Dunhill’s Papyrus
Legendry of Phantoms and Ghosts
Jallucian, Kieren
Kieren’s Journal
Krimeeah, Jaran
Exalted Dweomercraft
Architecture, Doors and Passages of Parallel Worlds (w/Mordenkainen)
Forgotten Arts of Oratory Magnetism
Theory on the Planes of Anti-Matter
Transcendental Impenetrabilities
Weapons of the Ether
Architecture, Doors and Passages of Parallel Worlds (w/Leomund)
Cosmogony of Magnetic Fluids
Dark Sides of Memory
Epic Saga of the Great Conjurers
Weapons of the Ether (w/Melf)
Murq’s Magica
Libram of the Great Paravisual Emanations
Gazette of Northern Climes
Spherogenesis of the Multiverses
Arcane Manipulations of the Entourage
Palewing, Thrush
Tome of Thrush Palewing, The
Arcane Puissance of Memory
Lost Spellbook of Rary the Traitor, The
Arcane Resistence of Dwarves and Halflings
Bricks of Spiritual Fortification
Midnight Book, The
Tvash-Prull’s Symphony
Evolution of Arcane Willpower
Theory of Invisible Forces
Ursine, Braeburn
Tome of Braeburn Ursine, The
Volhom’s Tome
Hidden Book, The
Myths of Shadow

Appendix 5 - Titles of Uncertain Age

Book of Inverted Darkness, The
Book of Souls
Book of the Brethern

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