A Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor - Who Is Who
Date: Fri, May 23, 2008
Topic: Campaign Articles

Meet the indifferent, apathetic and seemingly cursed lords and ladies of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. Those possessed of energy and enthusiasm surely exist within the Viscounty but they are almost universally of an unrelentingly vile disposition. Sleep with the fishes or swim with the sharks.

A Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor - Who Is Who
By Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung

Four groups define the Viscounty of Salinmoor beyond its peasantry. These are 1) the Viscounts of Salinmoor, 2) the noble families, 3) the merchant families and 4) the pirate clans. A fifth group might be identified in the persons of the emissaries of the wood and sea elves.

The Secunforths, Viscounts of Salinmoor

The Secunforths came to the hold the Viscounty late. Originally, the Viscounty was held by the Lorchesters, who were allied with House Rhola. Only when the fortunes of Rhola fell after the reign of Tavish III, and with them the fortunes of the Lorchesters, did the Secunforths, allied with House Neheli gain the Viscounty. Somewhat ironically, it was a Rhola king, Tavish IV, who supplanted the Lorchesters by appointing the Secunforths to lead the Viscounty.

The Secunforths did not seek to become the Viscounts of Salinmoor. Their hereditary lands were far to the north. Neither did they welcome the promotion as they were quite prosperous as matters stood. They accepted elevation to the Viscounty because it was a vast increase in status and out of a sense of duty. Privately, they have regretted the decision ever sense.

The Viscounty of Salinmoor is nothing like their former home within the Duchy of Dorlin. The Secunforths find the heat and humidity oppressive and do not care for the sea. The Viscounty is also much poorer than their previous holdings. While this is made up for by the larger size of the Viscounty, expenses are also that much greater. Overall, the Secunforths are marginally less well off as it takes more effort to achieve not quite the same return. The prestige of their greater title is cold comfort. The

Secunfoths have also become convinced that Salinmoor is cursed and themselves doomed as its masters. Truly, since their arrival, Salinmoor has suffered a parade of misfortunes and disasters. Most have been entirely natural but still constitute an astounding run of bad luck. When the Secunforths’’ antipathy for Salinmoor is considered, the combination is toxic, sapping any will to try to make things better. The Secunforths have lapsed into a languid depression, convinced that nothing they do will improve matters thus removing any need to really try.

While the Secunforths maintain the Viscounty, they maintain it at a very low ebb, drawing themselves up only when in the presence of their fellow nobles. The one bright spot of holding the Viscounty of Salinmoor is that they hold the title Viscount. As much as possible, the Secunforths absent themselves from Salinmoor to personally represent the Viscounty in the Court of the Land in Niole Dra. Unfortunately, they must eventually return for their fortunes are tied to the Viscounty and the king begins to look askance at too long a time spent away from their domain. In truth, the Secunforths are no longer wealthy enough to spend more than half the year in Niole Dra, if that. This is another cause for depression within the family.

The Roll of the Secunforths -

Cronin Secunforth III, Viscount of Salinmoor
Serbeth Secunforth, Viscountess of Salinmoor (wife)
Jeroam Secunforth, Viscounte of Salinmoor (son & heir)
Sethan Secunforth, Viscounte of Salinmoor (son)
Serelin Secunforth, Viscountesse of Salinmoor (daughter)

Harbin Secunforth, Baronnette Salinmoor (brother/uncle)
Celaste Secunforth, Baronesse Salinmoor (wife/aunt)
Tommylyn Secunforth, Lady Salinmoor (daughter/cousin)
Morgent Secunforth, Lord Salinmoor (son/cousin)

Theron Hrebthurd, Knight of Salinmoor (brother in law/uncle)
Ferrelese Hrebthurd, Dame Salinmoor (sister/aunt)
Quenese Hrebthurd (daughter/cousin)
Farthroy Hrebthurd (son/cousin)

The Noble Families

The designation of a person or family as "noble" is often loosely applied in Salinmoor, frequently to anyone of means and/or importance. The true nobles of the Viscounty are those with land. Landed nobility have means, importance and lands.

The Lorchesters

The Lorchesters were the first Viscounts of Salinmoor, assuming the title when the Viscounty was founded. From their island home of Redshore they oversaw the initial growth and development of the Viscounty. For over 150 years, Salinmoor grew and grew prosperous under the able administration of the Lorchesters. Then matters began to unravel.

The rise of the Sea Princes heralded a decline in Keoland’’s southern fortunes. When initial efforts to stem the loss of the lands then known to Keoland as the Sea Hold faltered, things went from bad to worse. With Keoland’’s final loss of all lands west of the Javan River and south of the Yeomanry to the Sea Princes, the bottom fell out. Keoland all but abandoned the Viscounty of Salinmoor to whatever the fates had in store.

None of this was attributable to or the fault of the Lorchesters, then Viscounts of Salinmoor. They had loyally supported Keoland’’s expansion into the Sea Hold, acting as a forward supply base, and even going so far as to settle in Salinmoor displaced peoples from the Sea Hold who were forced to flee by the rise of the Sea Princes. Unfortunately, the flood of refugees strained the Viscounty’’s resources. Then, when Keoland abandoned the Sea Hold, and with it the Viscounty, the local economy went into sharp decline. Soon, many of the wealthier refugees who had been resettled in Salinmoor fled further east to the Duchy of Gradsul. Seeing the writing on the wall, many of Salinmoor’’s merchants took the opportunity to flee to Gradsul as well. This made a bad economic situation impossible. The Viscounty collapsed in all but name, threatening civil disorder.

Fearing the Sea Princes might take advantage of the situation in the Viscounty of Salinmoor and possibly expand across the Javan River, though never really a likely possibility, Tavish IV determined that the leadership of the Viscounty had to change. With little preamble, he removed the Lorchesters from power and appointed the Secunforths the new Viscounts. This move was not opposed by the Rhola of the Duchy of Gradsul, who had far larger concerns at the time than isolated Salinmoor. The Lorchesters were abandoned and left without allies. Outraged but beaten down by events beyond their control, the Lorchesters quietly petitioned to be allowed to retain the Lord Barony of Redshore, agreeing to swear fealty to the new Secunforth Viscounts. This was agreeable to Tavish IV, who imagined the Secunforths might benefit from an alliance with the Lorchesters, perhaps even eventually intermarrying. This never occurred. The Lorchesters would not hear of it. They would keep to their word but would offer the Secunforths nothing more.

Secure on their island domain of Redshore and enjoying a prosperity even the new Viscounts would not, thanks to their profits from whaling, the Lorchesters set about creating a fief within a fief, independent in all but the observance of the most basic feudal obligations. While satisfying and successful in the short term, in the long run, the Lorchesters doomed themselves to slow stagnation. An island, Red Shore boasts too large a population to be self-sufficient, particularly when the Lorchesters were determined to maintain their previous standard of living. With every bit of their whaling revenue going to maintain themselves, the Lorchesters had little to reinvest and nothing to spare should they ever suffer a serious reverse. Of course, the hurricanes of the Azure Sea are nothing if not the most quintessential reverses to be encountered in the area. Rebuilding time and again, each rebuilding effort proved a little more challenging, requiring that a few more corners be cut. A slow decline was inevitable.

Today, the Lorchesters are still the most wealthy family within the Viscounty of Salinmoor, to the include the Secunforths. That wealth, however, is not comparable to the family’’s past prosperity. Both the family fortunes and Redshore have sharply deteriorated. Still, within Salinmoor, the Lorchesters have the rare experience of real luxury and capital that might, if wisely reinvested within the Viscounty, help improve the overall situation there. This they absolutely refuse to do as they disdain the Secunforths and will not act to better their lot, even if it means not bettering their own. The Lorchesters are prisoners of their history, believing themselves wronged and pridefully refusing to accommodate, or even trying to fashion, a new reality.

The Roll of the Lorchesters -

Erlynt Lorchester, Lord Baron of Redshore (widower)
Erliss Lorchester, Knight of Redshore (son)
Erlise Lorchester, Dame Redshore (daughter)

Gervise Lorchester Sancress, Dame Redshore (sister/aunt, widow)
Culden Lorchester Sancress, Knight of Redshore (son/cousin)

The Andrigals

The Andrigals, Lord Barons of the West Riding, are the oldest of the noble families in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. They predate every other family, the Viscounty itself and even Keoland. They were among the first of the Suel to depart the Suloise Imperium, prior to the Rain of Colorless Fire, eventually settling in Salinmoor. Contemporaries of the Toli of the Hold of the Sea Princes, the Andrigals were altogether a lesser Suel house. As to their early disposition once they arrived in Salinmoor, none can say outside the family, because Salinmoor was then only thinly populated by the Flan. Subsequently, however, the family zealously converted to the worship of St. Cuthbert.

Notably, the Andrigal family never attempted to dominate the Viscounty of Salinmoor, being content to hold their lands in the west of the region abutting the Hool Marshes. Among the quietest of the noble families of Salinmoor, the Andrigals mind their own business for the most part. Perhaps, having lived in the area for so long, they have seen events ebb and flow to the point that little concerns them in the near term. They take the long view. Certainly, the family gets on well enough with the other noble families. While the Andrigals have no true allies, neither do they have any enemies.

The lands of the West Riding are among the most primitive in all of Salinmoor and remain comparatively lightly populated. The Andrigals make no efforts to improve or modernize their holdings. They are content to keep to old ways and traditions that have served the family for generations. Their administration is paternalistic but not in any helpful sense. The local peasants are kept ignorant and submissive but are not otherwise abused. If there is anything to notice about the Andrigals, it is how easily they escape notice. If they did not attend the Viscount’’s court in Seaton or Burle, it would be possible to forget that they existed. The family appears to like it this way.

The Roll of the Andrigals -

Sormon Andrigal, Lord Baron of the West Riding
Thosise Andrigal, Lady Baroness of the West Riding (wife)
Kalman Andrigal, Knight of the West Riding (son)
Synortis Andrigal, Dame of the West Riding (daughter)

The Rynnows

The Rynnows swore fealty to the Lorchesters as Viscounts and later swore fealty to the Secunforths as Viscounts. Lord Barons of Angleburg and Seaton Hall, they have no particular attachment to either family but are loyal to the Viscounty. Their domain includes Anglers Island and Seaton Hall. The later holding lays just outside of Seaton proper, which used to belong to the Rynnows as well, but which they willingly surrendered to the Stoutlys when that family was ennobled. Of all the nobles of Salinmoor, the Rynnows have the largest number of allies as well as the most enemies, although the later term is overly dramatic as those standing opposed to the Rynnows do so more out of jealousy than any personal animosity.

The Rynnows and the Stoutlys of Seaton are the closest of allies. The Rynnows sponsored the Stoutlys for advancement by the Secunforths and gave up the Lord Barony of Seaton to them. The two families have subsequently intermarried. Through the Stoutlys, the Rynnows are also allied with the lesser nobles of Saltmarsh, the Lords Aerakin, Rasivath, Lassiter and Timertikos. The Lords of Saltmarsh seconded the advancement of the Stoutlys. This has caused both the Makasters and the Nulbars to see the Rynnows as rivals, even while the Rynnows display no ambitions to rise to higher estate or to play the role of power behind the thrown, something near to the hearts of both the Makasters and Nulbars.

The Rynnows are also allied with the merchant house of Panitker, who are themselves further allied with the Lorchesters of Red Shore. Much the same can be said of the Rynnows’’ relations with the Bevenin, Fastralli and Ambermead merchant houses. The merchant connections of the Rynnows are unequalled within the Viscounty of Salinmoor. The genesis of these strong relationships is entirely traceable to the Rynnows’’ long administration of Seaton, which has been the mercantile center of Salinmoor, just as it has been the capital.

In more than a figurative sense, the Rynnows are Saltmash, being in all ways typical in their outlook. Along with the Stoutlys and the Andrigals, the Rynnows are the backbone of the Viscounty with no axe to grind and no interest in much beyond seeing to their estates. This lack of ambition is, however, a worse problem for the Viscounty than would be an overweening ambition. By their seeming contentment and willingness to let matters be, the Rynnows, as well as the Stoutlys and Andrigals, are consigning Salinmoor to stagnation. Of course, the Ryynows don’’s see it that way at all. In their view, they are simply being practical and realistic.

The Roll of the Rynnows -

Prisenter Rynnow, Lord Baron of Angleburg and Seaton Hall
Meolyn Rynnow, Lady Baroness of Angleburg and Seaton Hall (wife)
Prise Rynnow, Dame Angelburg (daughter)
Prydan Rynnow, Knight of Seaton Hall (son)

The Stoutlys

The Stoutlys are the most recent addition to the Viscounty of Salinmoor’’s nobility. Rising through the ranks in service of the Rynnows, the Stoutlys served in the Excise Service of Seaton before becoming prominent members of Seaton’’s marine force. In the former capacity, the Stoutlys distinguished themselves as men and women of action, ready to risk themselves for the Viscounty, and the Rynnow Lord Barons of Seaton. In the later capacity, they similarly distinguished themselves not only to the Rynnows but to the Lords of Saltmarsh. In the process, the Stoutlys earned the trust and respect of both. It was then only a matter of time before they were ennobled. The Viscounty of Salinmoor has few enough bold and ready to take action on the Viscounty’’s behalf.

Things changed when the Stoutlys became Lord Barons of Seaton, however. At first, new responsibilities were tackled enthusiastically and the Stoutlys moved aggressively to address Seaton’’s long standing problems and difficulties. However, for every matter put to rest, another was uncovered or developed. At the same time, the Stoutlys found none who would match their drive, those who might being either otherwise occupied or simply lacking the energy. This included the Rynnows, who counseled caution and deliberation almost to the point of inaction. The Stoutlys were gradually, eventually worn down. While a fire still burns in the Stoutlys for action and betterment of their situation and that of the Viscounty, it is banked as they can find none willing to help.

Second only to the Rynnows, the Stoutlys are well connected within the Viscounty and they are the most well thought of. They have intermarried with the Rynnows with whom they are strongly allied. At the same time, they are on the best of terms with the Lords of Saltmarsh. The Makasters and the Nulbars, who are jealous and suspicious of the Rynnows, harbor no such ill feelings toward the Stoutlys, seeing them for the stalwarts they are in the Viscounty’’s service. The Stoutlys are similarly well regarded by the Lorchesters and the Secunforths. For their part, the Stoutlys wisely trust neither the Makasters or Nulbars and are cautious when dealing with the present and former Viscounts. In this later respect, they look to the Rynnows and follow their lead, keeping mostly to their own affairs.

The Roll of the Stoutlys -

Willem Stoutly, Lord Baron of Seaton
Syra Stoutly, Lady Baroness of Seaton (wife)
Thom Stoutly, Knight of Seaton (son)

The Makasters

The Makaster family are the Lord Barons of Burle. They have served every Viscount from the inception of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. When the Secunforths became Viscounts, replacing the Lorchesters, the Makasters transferred their loyalties immediately and smoothly. The Makasters were able to do so easily and well because they have no true loyalty to any but their own family. They have been and are the power behind the throne. When the Viscount needs a dirty job done, the Makasters willingly undertake it and do not scruple to complete it successfully, one way or another. In this fashion, as loyal henchmen, they have made themselves invaluable to the Viscounts, who do not need to dirty their hands with unpleasant tasks.

At the same time, the Makasters have gathered power for themselves, always prepared to take on more of the day to day running of the Viscounty. Under the Lorchesters, who know them for what they are, the Makasters were kept on a short leash, useful if otherwise disagreeable retainers. Under the Secunfoths, who have little interest in or much affection for the Viscounty of Salinmoor, the Makasters power has grown considerably. If not for the influence of the rival Nulbars, the Makasters would be the defacto rulers of Salinmoor. They have almost achieved this anyway. As long as they are not bothered and no disasters occur, the Secunforths are fairly well content to let the Makasters handle the drudgery of seeing to the Viscounty’’s administration.

For good reason, no one trusts the Makasters, except for the Secunforths who more don’’t care than anything else. Even their former masters, the Lorchesters, have become thoroughly disgusted with them. While not openly shunned, the Makasters are only tolerated, and they know this. In consequence, the Makasters are the strongest proponents of the Secunforths and, until they can make their own bid for the Viscounty, they act to shore up Secunforth rule. There should be no confusion, however; the Makasters are not public spirited in the least and care not a wit for Salinmoor except that it is presently their route to power, privilege and position. For these reasons alone, they may be counted upon to act in the interests of the Viscounty and the Secunforths.

While not proven, it is widely suspected that the Makasters have strong ties to the criminal elements in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. While they do not control them, it is believed the Makasters assist and profit from the thieves guilds in Seaton and Saltmarsh, as well as Burle. An even closer relationship is suspected between the Makasters and the smugglers and pirates who operate out of Salinmoor. In these relations, the Makasters have more to offer than their influence on the administration of the Viscounty. It is known that the Makasters, almost to a person, are wizards or at least schooled to some extent in the arcane arts. Like their general reputation, their involvement with magic is highly suspect. The tales told of their wizardly pursuits are uniformly dark.

The Roll of the Makasters -

Thivis Makaster, Lord Baron of Burle (widower)
Sovaile Makaster, Dame Burle (daughter)
Sorin Makaster, Knight of Burle (son)

The Nulbars

No family has risen higher or fallen father than the Nulbars. Once, the Nulbars were Dukes and Duchesses of Monmurg. When Keoland lost the lands of the Sea Hold to the Sea Princes, the Nulbars were dispossessed of their lands and their titles. As Dukes of Monmurg, they had committed the twin crimes of acting the part of equals of the Neheli Dukes of Dorlin and the Rhola Dukes of Gradsul, when their pedigree was as lofty as neither and where they owed their high estate entirely to both. Their pride preceded their fall, which was their final offense. They could not hold that which had been given over into their charge. Instead, they had to be repeatedly rescued from their own incompetence. When they fell, neither the Neheli nor the Rhola were inclined to succor the "Duke of Monmurg" in exile.

With literally nowhere to go, the Nulbars came to Salinmoor, taking advantage of the offer extended by the last Lorchester Viscount to give refuge to those displaced by events in the Hold of the Sea Princes. The Nulbars became Lord Barons of the East Riding, ironically that portion of Salinmoor abutting the Duchy of Gradsul. In this, the Nulbars were substantially assisted by the wealth they had accumulated in Monmurg, which they carried away with them to the greatest extent possible. They needed all of it. The East Riding was one of the poorer regions of Salinmoor and it took money to make it into anything more. Much money not spent making the Nulbars both respectable and comfortable in their exile was spent in vain attempts to curry favor at the royal court in Niole Dra and the ducal court in Gradsul. Still more money was squandered sponsoring supposed uprisings or missions to retake Monmurg. Often, the Nulbars were simply fleeced, by mercenaries, tricksters and by false friends at court.

Finally, the money ran out, not that there had ever been enough to achieve their aims once they were forced to give up Monmurg. Per force, the Nulbars have taken up the task of being Lord Barons of the East Riding. They have not, however, given up their dreams of returning to Monmurg. As Lord Barons, the Nulbars seek to advance themselves within the Viscounty of Salinmoor, seeing it as a stepping stone on the path back to Monmurg. To this end, they attempt to curry favor with everyone but especially the Secunforths, into whose line they hope to marry and thereby come to be Viscounts. The ambitions of the Nulbars are actively opposed by the Makasters, who rightly percieve the Nulbars as serious rivals to their own designs on the Viscounty.

In general, the Nulbars are regarded as only slightly better than the Makasters. They are too obvious and obviously care about the Viscounty only to the extent that it can further their ambitions to regain Monmurg and their lost dukedom. The irony is that the Nulbars have lost almost all touch with political reality. Neither the Neheli nor the Rhola would willingly see the Nulbars returned to Monmurg should it ever be retaken. Worse for the Nulbars, they have been almost entirely forgotten by both royal houses. There continuing existence was only brought to mind when, with Kimbertos I having retaken Westkeep, the Nulbars petitioned to be confirmed as Dukes of Monmurg and allowed to take possession of Westkeep. Their request was denied and they were reminded that they lost all claim to the ducal seat when they lost the dukedom, to say nothing of when they accepted a lord barony and swore fealty to the Viscount of Salinmoor. Almost the worst insult was that this message was delivered by one of the Brotherhood of Harbingers, and a junior one at that. The Nulbars were not even granted a personal audience with anyone in authority.

The Roll of the Nulbars -

Thoresse Nulbar, Lady Baroness of the East Riding (widow)
Detlev Nulbar, Knight of the East Riding (son)
Donis Nulbar, Knight of the East Riding (son)
Markan Nulbar, Knight of the East Riding (son)
Danise Nulbar, Dame of the East Riding (daughter)

The Lords of Saltmarsh

The four founding families of Saltmarsh - the Lassiters, the Timertikos, the Aerakins, and the Rasivaths - have all been elevated to the nobility of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. As former adventurers, they were first knighted and subsequently elevated to lordships, being given charge of appropriate lands around the city. They have not been made Lord Barons on a par with the other nobles of Salinmoor. Saltmarsh is suitable for a lord barony but not for four such estates. The Secunforths are in no hurry to elevate one of the four lords of the city above their peers. That none of the four families have further distinguished themselves since being named lords only makes this position all the simpler to maintain.

The Lassisters are the most immediately acquisitive of the four families that comprise the Lords of Saltmarsh. They are active within the Saltmarsh Merchants Guild through which they derive at least half of their considerable income. They are also active civically. Despite this, there is an undercurrent of suspicion surrounding the family. They have easily made as many enemies as friends in Saltmarsh. In a town as boisterous as Saltmarsh, this does not come as too much of a surprise. Neither would revelations that they had dealings with the pirates and smugglers who frequent the town. It is something more that seems to hang like a dark cloud over the family, some secret known only to them.

The Roll of the Lassiters -

Egan Lassiter, Lord of Saltmarsh
Tormont Lassiter (brother)
Herinne Lassiter (sister)

The Timertikos are accounted first among the Lords of Saltmarsh, long having held the position of Lord Mayor as a secondary title. That this has occasioned something of a rift with the Lassiters is obvious. For their part, the Timertikos attempt to downplay any rivalry but something in the manner of the Lassiters, despite an outward civility, keeps the Timertikos wary and on edge. Of all the Lords of Saltmarsh, the Timertikos derive their income in the most traditional manner - from their land holdings - and are accounted the wealthiest of the Lords. This and their able administration of a rough and tumble city has made them the leading candidates to eventually be elevated to Lord Barons.

The Roll of the Timertikos -

Erolin Timertikos, Lord of Saltmarsh (widowed)

Palyn Timertikos (son)
Tikaa Timertikos (daughter-in-law/wife)
Pallis (son)
Tikan (son)

Paline Timertikos Aeltyn (daughter)
Loris Aeltyn (son-in-law/ husband)
Emmber Aeltyn (daughter)
Cranel Aeltyn (son)

The Aerakins have suffered the recent deaths of their patriarch and his heir. The newest Lord of Saltmarsh has then been thrust into that position well before his time. Also being the youngest of the Lords of Saltmarsh, he has more than a slight credibility problem. Still, he is treated as befits one of his standing in the community. Of all the Lords of Saltmarsh, the Aerakins are the least well off. Neither their lands nor their business ventures have proven particularly profitable. This has left the Aerakins little choice but to pursue opportunities for adventure that hold out the prospect of a good financial return. In this, they alone of the four Lords of Saltmarsh continue the tradition of the founding Lords, who were fortune seekers and adventurous companions all when they first came to Saltmarsh.

The Roll of the Aerakins -

Toren Aerakin, Lord of Saltmarsh
Miklos Aerakin (brother)
Ammril Aerakin (brother)
Mercule Aerakin (sister)
Fostrith Aerakin (sister)
Ammrys Aerakin (sister)
Kitkin Aerakin (sister)

The Rasivaths are the only demi-humans to be numbered among the Viscounty of Salinmoor’’s nobility, although there are rumors that the Andrigals have intermarried with elves. Halflings, the Rasivaths have intermarried with the Viscounty’’s native halfing population of hairfeet, stouts and shoal halflings. These connections have insured the family’’s prosperity. It has also occasioned the Rasivaths becoming the unofficial liaison between the Secunforths and the demi-humans among their subjects. The Rasivaths have willingly accepted this role and prospered the more for it. They often act as mediators, arbitrators and go-betweens for the other noble families. Extremely cautious, the Rasivaths support the Secunforths’’ benign neglect of the Viscounty. The demi-human population is not discomfited in the least that the human residents choose to allow Salinmoor to remain a backwater, and the Rasivaths see the advantage in it of being left to live their lives pretty much however they choose.

The Roll of the Rasivaths -

Sara Rasivath, Lady of Saltmarsh (widowed)

Omineth Rasivath Bushollow (daughter)
Tobin Bushollow (son-in-law/husband)
Tobit Bushollow (son)
Talie Bushollow (daughter)

Benifer Rasivath (son)
Kala Rasivath (daughter-in-law/wife)
Nilsin Rasivath (son)
Terit Rasivath (son)
Pequn Rasivath (son)
Tara Rasivath (daughter)

Carollith Rasivath Waveglider (daughter)
Merrin Waveglider (son-in-law/husband)
Perris Waveglider (daughter)
Bilitt Waveglider (son)

Adock Rasivath (son)
Hannit Rasivath (daughter-in-law/wife)
Hannet Rasivath (daughter)
Orbin Rasivath (son)

The Merchant Families

While wealthy merchants are frequently referred to as "nobles," the use of the term is applicable only within a given town or village and is a term of respect. It does not indicate actual elevation to the peerage of the Viscounty. All the same, the principle merchant families of Salinmoor are accorded every respect. As much as the true nobility, the Viscounty of Salinmoor cannot prosper without them.

The Panitker Merchant Family

The Panitker merchant family operates principally in Seaton, Angleburg and Redshore. Politically, the family is closely allied with the Rynnows. It has easily the most extensive network of traders in the Viscounty of Salinmoor where most of its trading is in general bulk goods and manufactures. The Panitkers do not specialize, nor do they produce the goods they trade. The oldest of the Viscounty of Salinmoor’’s merchant families, the Panitker family is envious of the success the Bevenin family has achieved in sponsoring merchant adventurers. While accounted the most profitable of Salinmoor’’s merchants, the Panitkers can no longer claim that title by as wide a margin as they once could.

The Roll of the Panitkers -

Mantifer Panitker, Guildmaster of House Panitker
Ceile Panitker (wife)
Solast Panitker (son)
Nordent Panitker (son)

The Bevenin Merchant Family

The most aggressive of the Viscounty of Salinmoor’’s merchant families, the Bevenins operate principally in Seaton, Burle and Redshore. They are most closely allied with the Lorchesters. Purely traders, the Bevenin have excelled at imports and exports more than any other merchant family, closing the gap between themselves and the Panitker merchant family. The Bevenins owe their success to best seizing the opportunities inherent in the Viscounty of Salinmoor’’s excellent position to launch expeditions across the Azure Sea and Jeklea Bay. The Bevenins have sponsored merchant adventurers on expeditions across the waters and the risks have paid off, so far. If the family continues to succeed, they will soon be the wealthiest of Salinmoor’’s merchant families and may begin to think of competing with some of Gradsul’’s merchant houses. They are already planning for that day.

The Roll of the Bevenins -

Benistrel Bevenin, Guildmaster of House Bevenin
Noryse Bevenin (wife)
Kimbert Bevenin (son)
Kimmber Bevenin (daughter)

The Fastralli Merchant Family

The Fastralli merchant family specializes in jewelry. They import and export precious and semi-precious stones, as well as precious metals. While heavily invested in the jewelers guilds in each of the Viscounty of Salinmoor’’s towns, the family’’s principle bases of operation are in Seaton and Saltmarsh. As something of a sideline, the Fastralli deal in luxury goods of all kinds. Given their stock in trade and the Viscounty’’s limited economy, the Fastralli are heavily dependent on the patronage of the Secunforth’’s and secondarily the Lorchesters. They are correspondingly conservative in their politics. All the same, there are so many rumors that the Fastralli are involved in fencing pirate cargoes that it is widely believed there must be more than a little truth to these stories. Of course, the Fastralli deny this.

The Roll of the Fastralli -

Oona Fastralli, Guildmistress of House Fastralli (widow)

Elim Fastralli (son)
Sonja Fastralli (daughter-in-law/wife)
Jillum Fastralli (daughter)
Sarashell Fastralli (daughter)

Natan Fastralli (son)
Bethel Fastralli (daughter-in-law/wife)
Kethlem Fastralli (son)

The Ambermead Merchant Family

Of all the merchants of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, the Ambermeads have the most direct connection to the land. Their mercantile endeavors are founded on the success of Salinmoor’’s Madeira wine. Due to the popularity of the wine, the Ambermead’’s have the highest profile of any of Salinmoor’’s merchants outside of the Viscounty. They are known throughout Keoland, at least among those who fancy fine wines. Wisely, they have invested much of their money in Gradsul and Niole Dra, aware that the fortunes of the Viscounty of Salinmoor are not predictable and have not been good. They keep this investment strategy to themselves, however, for obvious reasons. Just as obviously, they have a more than vested interest in seeing Salinmoor prosper. They have given up almost all hope of this, however, and are happy enough that the Viscounty doesn’’t completely collapse. Of all the merchants of Salinmoor, the Ambermeads have the money, connections and the motivation to see improvements made to the Viscounty. The Secunforths are unfortunately uninterested. The principle holding of the Ambermeads are in Seaton and Saltmarsh.

The Roll of the Ambermeads -

Tobias Ambermead, Guildmaster of House Ambermead

Quinn Ambermead (brother)
Lenis Ambermead (wife)
Lennier Ambermead (son)
Quinesc Ambermead (daughter)

Fasterel Ambermead (brother)
Kaylan Ambermead (wife)
Donia Ambermead (daughter)
Jerrier Ambermead (son)
Bory Ambermead (son)

The Pirate Clans

The pirate clans of Salinmoor are not families as there are no blood relations among them as a general rule. They are, as self described, clans only in the very broad sense. In practice, the crew of each individual pirate ship is akin to a floating thieves guild. Because their interests are in raiding, and secondarily smuggling, multiple pirate clans coexist with relatively few problems ashore, unless they are drunk, which they frequently discover themselves to be.

Most pirates of choice operate out of the Hold of the Sea Princes. Even when the Scarlet Brotherhood was, in theory, fully in charge of the Hold, the pirates continued to operate by the simple expedient of moving their operations away from Brotherhood strongholds. With the Brotherhood’’s grip on the Hold slackened, the pirates are back in business and actively helping to push the Scarlet prigs out of the Hold entirely, teaching another invader a familiar lesson. Once again, the heroes of the Hold are pirates.

The majority of the pirates of the Viscounty of Salinmoor are, in truth, as much smugglers as pirates. They will raid with the best of the sea wolves but will act as smugglers without a second thought. Distinguishing them from the Sea Princes, most of Salinmoor’’s pirates have the connections ashore that allow them to be successful at smuggling. Most of those connections are located in Saltmarsh, the capital city of smuggling in Keoland.

As distasteful as it would be for any of Salinmoor’’s nobility to admit, smuggling and piracy make a very real contribution to the economy of the relatively impoverished Viscounty. Were every smuggler to be caught and hung and every pirate sail away never to be heard from again, the Viscounty of Salinmoor would more than suffer, its economy would be pushed to near collapse. This is how fragile affairs have become. The Viscounty needs every bit of revenue from every source to continue to be economically viable. While perhaps only a few of Salinmoor’’s nobles actually profit directly from smuggling or piracy, all of them indirectly benefit. Smuggling and piracy bring money and trade, albeit illicit, into the Viscounty. This has a trickle down effect that unless replaced would be sorely missed. In this sense, roguish Saltmarsh can make a claim to being essential to the entirety of Salinmoor.

The Redwake

The Redwake is a feared pirate vessel, well known in the Hold, the Pomarj and along Keoland’’s coast. Usually searching for prizes rather than smuggling, the Redwake is captained by Adria Ironheart. Cold blooded and mercenary, Adria is without honor, morals or scruple. Her word means nothing and she respects only force. She is also a slaver and is among the chief procurers for Keoland’’s illicit slave trade. It is for this last reason that she makes Saltmarsh her principal base of operations. The Keolanders will not be looking for someone of her stripe so close to home but will expect her to be operating out of the Pomarj or the Hold.

Adria is fiercely cunning. While not classically intelligent and throughly corrupt, Adria has a lively curiosity. She has sailed farther than many of her contemporaries, as much out of wanderlust and a desire to see what is over the horizon as purely for profit. The Redwake has prowled Hepmonaland’’s coast, made the Densac Gulf run through the Olman Islands and visited places which are on no maps in the Flanaess. Adria and the Redwake have traveled to faraway places, met new peoples and pillaged their shipping, their ports and their villages. Along the way, Adria has developed perhaps her only redeeming feature - an abiding hatred of the Scarlet Brotherhood, who almost uniquely have put a price on her head. The exact details of what caused such animosity are sketchy but the Redwake has been seen to break off from an easy prize to attack passing Brotherhood shipping.

The Crew of the Redwake -

Adria Ironheart, Captain of the Redwake
Indogu the Leopard, First Mate of the Redwake

The Revenger

The Revenger is Gib Lockwood’’s ship. Gib is a third generation pirate captain and like his father and grandfather, both named Gib, has named his ship The Revenger. In so doing, he has managed to confuse to an extent his exploits and theirs in the minds of many, giving him an enviable reputation. He uses this reputation to intimidate foes and to recruit crewmen. In reality, he hardly needs this ploy. Gib Lockwood is as well known in the Hold as along Keoland’’s coast and for good reason. He is an outstanding seaman and as crafty a pirate as sails the sea. Using violence only when necessary, Gib will run from a fight without a seconds thought. Often those giving chase to the fleeing Revenger will find the tables turned when Lockwood leads them into a narrow channel only to watch them run aground on a hidden bar or reef he knew to avoid or almost magically captures the weather gage, seemingly able to smell changes in the wind and the sea. In such cases, Lockwood turns and dispatches his pursuer before leisurely proceeding to take for a prize the ship or ships they were escorting.

Gib Lockwood calls Saltmarsh home port because his father and grandfather did so before him. To avoid easy capture, he maintains a secret base somewhere in the nearby marshes, coming into Saltmarsh only after having refitted to disguise his ship. His crew may grumble at this caution but Lockwood has never come near to being caught. In part, this is because Gib will often lay low for months on end, bidding his time with smuggling operations to turn a gold piece.

The same canniness that has kept him from swinging for piracy has kept his smuggling operations undetected. As a smuggler, Lockwood is something of a dashing figure known for his bravado. Rather than fight his way out of a tight spot, he can as often as not talk his way into the clear. As a matter of principle and practicality, Lockwood will not prey on vessels in the waters directly off the Viscounty of Salinmoor, nor will he intentionally do anything to compromise his welcome in Saltmarsh. Of all the pirates operating out of Saltmarsh, Gib Lockwood is as close to civic minded as one might find, even if that isn’’t all that close.

The Crew of the Revenger -

Gib Lockwood, Captain of the Revenger
Morgan McConnis, First Mate of the Revenger

The Shark's Fin

Innis McKenn is the captain of The Shark’’s Fin. A throughly reprehensible individual with a predilection for murder, McKenn claims to be a pirate and will readily fight anyone who would dispute that claim. While he has taken his share of prizes, McKenn earns most of his ill gotten gold as a smuggler. In this endeavor, he is ably assisted by the one person on Oerth who he comes close to considering a friend - Ned Shakeshaft, the head of Saltmarsh’’s assassins. Because McKenn and Shakeshaft have a mutual "understanding," not the least being that neither is certain who would kill the other in a fight, McKenn makes Saltmarsh his base of operations when he is ashore. A successful smuggler, McKenn can’’t ever keep a copper. His vices are too numerous and too expensive. Not very bright either, it would be a mistake to sell Innis McKenn short. As he puts it, "I gort ta killin gigt." If the rumors that McKeen can swim with sharks as one of them are true, this would be an understatement.

Supporting such supposition is the presence of a sahuagin priestess among the crew of The Shark’’s Fin. McKenn is among the few of any kind known to deal repeatedly and successfully with the sahuagin. McKenn appears to respect the sea devils and they seem to return the favor. Of course, this has lead to the wildest of rumors. It is often said that McKenn and his whole crew worship Sekolah, the shark god of the Sahuagin. Others claim it’’s the demon prince Dagon. Still others aver McKeen sacrifices to Panzuriel, god of krackens. Closer to the bone, there are those who insist that McKenn has taken the sahuagin priestess as his lover. No one has put any of these matters to McKenn, at least not and lived to report of his retort.

The Crew of the Shark’’s Fin -

Innis McKenn, Captain of the Shark’’s Fin
Redhook, First Mate of the Shark’’s Fin
S’’thkatthlaan, Sahuagin priestess and McKenn’’s "pet"

The Elven Emissaries

Both the wood elves of the Dreadwood and the sea elves of the Azure Sea have a vested interest in what goes on in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. Neither group is anxious to see there develop a situation that would be contrary to the preservation of their preferred habitats. While this is a more immediately pressing concern for the wood elves, the sea elves regard the schools of fish and the other resources of the Azure Sea as theirs to watch over. While not fundamentally opposed to the advancement of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, neither group of elves are ill pleased by its present somewhat backward condition.

To better understand what is and may transpire in Salinmoor, both the wood and sea elves have dispatched emissaries from their respective courts to the Viscounty. Each has presented themselves to the Secunforths, who have shown their typical disinterest but have acknowledged the embassy. The wood elf emissary has taken up residence in Burle. His sea elf counterpart resides in Seaton. Both have been open to overtures from Salinmoor’’s nobility and merchant families but each has been innately cautious. While relations are presently very good between the Viscounty and their elven neighbors neither side has really asked much the other. Yet.

The Emissaries -

Mrynde - Emissary of the Wood Elves of the Dreadwood
Oceanus - Emissary of the Sea Elves of the Azure Sea

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