The Freelancers of the Waves: Sea Rovers
Date: Sat, March 14, 2009
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To sail forth seeking those that have expelled us is a grand idea; provided you do not surrender to your own despair.

--- Alnama Erorina Bildis

The Freelancers of the Waves: Sea Rovers
Alnama (Striders of the Sea)

By Crag

Oerth has an abundance of navigable expansive bodies of water hence no singular fleet has emerged capable of the imposition of naval dominance. Endless financial opportunities abound for the freelance sailor to seek their fortune and escape the labour of the land. Far from shore awaits freedom and wealth enough to satiate the most gluttonous of appetites but it is not for the timid. However freelance mariners must still abide within understood codes of conduct to be successful. Freelance mariners regardless of their expertise prefer to achieve their objectives through the threat of violence rather then costly conflict. Most freelance ships choose to use personalized emblems rather than the more ostentatious methods associated with some national navies. Some affluent naval powers emblaze their heraldry within vibrantly coloured sailcloth however even the most destitute national fleet proudly hoists its colours aloft.

Known as the Alnama in the elvish or sea rovers in the common tongue are a loose community of half-elven agitators that use violence to lash out at elven society but also to hopefully encourage change within elven society. Some sea rovers claim their community has ancient origins but most believe the sea rovers are a recent creation in response to the loss of the Lendore Isles to the mysticism of Sehaine. The sea rovers seek to embarrass and show the impotence of the isolationist doctrine promoted by the mystics of Sehaine. Through the use of violence the sea rovers hope to convince the elven population that reunification and isolation of the elven race as espoused within the cult of Sehaine is ultimately unattainable.

The majority of sea rovers are half-elven although an elven and human minority does exist within their ranks. Sea rovers regardless of race sail under the “Traherel” (tree in the sadness of winter); commonly known as the withered tree. While most sea rovers espouse lofty principles to rationalize their actions some embittered exiles use the principles as a thinly veiled excuse for violence. Besides the lofty principle to save the elven race from self-delusion; no consensus exists as to how the sea rovers are to accomplish their goal. Authority within the sea rovers is based upon personal prestige. The lack of strong leadership within the community hampers elven efforts to cripple the sea rovers. However this same lack of a coordinated leadership also causes sea rover attacks to be rather haphazard affairs. Sea rovers use ships, both of elven and human design although captured elven vessels are considered an important measure of status within the sea rover community.

Sea rovers support themselves through their acts of résistance which include attacks against elven military vessels, elven mercantile shipping, the ransom of elven dignitaries and raids on elven coastal communities. Some sea rovers have expanded the definition of acceptable targets to include human vessels suspected of collaboration with the cult of Sehaine. Sea rover activity is concentrated within the Solnor Ocean and the Myare’ Mysticum. Though most merchants view the sea rovers as simple pirates; the sea roves do have their sympathizers. The sea rover community professes to have sympathizers within Dullstrand, Sunndi and the Realm of Fallen Leaves. The majority of sea rovers do not want to overthrow elven culture but force the elven leadership to recognize their worth within elven society. Whether acts of violence can become the catalyst for the reformation of the Cult of Sehaine and elven society remains highly dubious.

The Keraerki(a.k.a. Silenced Song)

The Keraerki is a successful sea rover that proudly flies the Traherel and sails the Solnor Ocean. Berthed at Dullstrand this Coryanar (elven explorer) prowls the Solnor Ocean in search of elven vessels. Under the command of the half-elf Ginier Therarotas, he has a reputation for exceptional wit. Ginier Therarotas particularly enjoys conversing with captured religious and diplomatic dignitaries; releasing his philosophical adversary once their conversations have ended. Ginier Therarotas believes in the stated goals of the sea rover community but is increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress achieved. Ginier Therarotas has considered leaving the Solnor Ocean to prey upon elven vessels within the Myare’ Mysticum. Although his less cultured first mate Loldoric Bedald has suggested it would make more of an impact to ransom captured religious and diplomatic dignitaries rather then converse with them.

The Crew of the Keraerki

Ginier Therarotas, Captain of the Keraerki
Loldoric Bedald, First Mate of the Keraerki

Possible Adventure: Perhaps the verbal dialogue of Ginier Therarotas has reaped fruit; an emissary has arrived from the Realm of Fallen Leaves proposing a conference to discuss philosophical differences. Ginier Therarotas has agreed to attend but some factions, including the more militant sea rovers object for a variety of reasons. Ginier Therarotas as an attending member has even received threats lest his prestige add gravitas to the process. So bitter is the division within the sea rover community few outside of their individual crews are fully trusted. Ginier Therarotas feels this dissention will naturally abate after the conference but his loyal First Mate Loldoric Bedald worries over his safety and seeks additional guards. Ginier Therarotas considers Loldoric Bedald a terrible worrier but has given his consent provided the “guards” can comport themselves with decorum as a lapse in etiquette could damage his reputation at the conference.

The Mirald

The Mirald is an inexperienced sea rover that flies the Traherel and sails the Solnor Ocean. Berthed at Dullstrand this Cog is an embarrassment for its elven captain who desperately yearns to acquire an elven ship. Under the command of Fislyn Syllannadul, this elven maid lacks the lithe grace of her race. Fislyn Syllannadul has always been more comfortable around half-elves and humans where her coarse features are less apparent then among elven companions. Considered quite homely among elves; she has become enamored of the attention she receives from humans although she never acts upon romantic overtures. She is resentful of her outcast status within elven society because of her defense of half-elves and humans. However she also has a great need for praise and acceptance from the elven community. Her crew knows the cause of her outcast state and is fiercely protective. The Mirald has joined a small minority within the sea rover community which seeks to prove their value to elven society by engaging naval threats to the Lendore Isles. The Mirald will not engage other sea rovers but has so far defeated a pair of Scarlet Brotherhood merchant vessels.

The Crew of the Mirald

Fislyn Syllannadul, Captain of the Mirald

Eldian Badulf, First Mate of the Mirald

Possible Adventure: The Mirald has heard rumours of a captured Elsharyl (Transport and Warship); being studied within the Lordship of the Isles with hopes its design can be applied to improve their own ships. This rumour has caused concern among both the sea rovers and the Lendore Isles. Fislyn Syllannadul seeks assistance to steal the Elsharyl from the Lords of Duxchan and humiliate the Scarlet Brotherhood. Fislyn Syllannadul dreams such a daring success will bring her the respect and esteem of both communities. She intends to retain possession of the Elsharyl but will allow her companions in this endeavor an equal share of all other treasure recovered.

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