Thunder Bow of the Rovers
Date: Thu, October 01, 2009
Topic: Peoples & Culture

The Thunder Bow of the Rovers is a minor but venerable artifact of the Rovers of the Barrens

The Thunder Bow of the Rovers, thought to have been used by the Chief of the Wardogs in the great battle of Opicm River, is carried in a winter wolf skin bow sock. It is a double recurved composite short bow, about four feet long, made from red buffalo horn, hide glue, prairie dog sinew cables lining the back, and a core of antelope toe bones. The string is of doe rawhide. It is a minor but venerable artifact from the northern Flan known by the outside world as the Rovers of the Barrens. On one limb it has a bundle of eagle feathers, and the other feathers of owl and sprigs of sage. At one tip it has a golden knapped glasssteel point lashed in with blue rawhide, making it an effective short spear or lance. As of yet, it has proven indestructible.

While it is, like most magical bows, deadly accurate; its special qualities come into effect only when used with a charge into battle. When thus carried in the left hand, and swung about the back to the right- or vice versa- with hoots of an owl, the carrier becomes unable to retreat from battle until there is a victory- such as the death or retreat of his enemy. But during this time all allies of the carrier within hearing distance of the hoots gain in morale, and without save, all of enemies that hear the cry fumble their next attack.

Endnote: Modeled largely after Dog Soldier Thunder Hawk's bow described in “A Few Horse Tales”, Primitive Archer Fall 2002.

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