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     History of the South-East, Part 11: Hubris

    "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war."
    William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene 1, line 273
    ?When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.?
    Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    War was raging across the land.
    War was raging across the land. What had once been dismissed as distant, foreign, and northern affairs, waged by barbarians and a maniacal madman across the Barrens, had spread until it seemed that the entire world had begun to burn. Fields were aflame. Villages were razed. Smoke billowed across the horizon. Refugees had clogged the roads, impeding the passage of troops. Children cried. Women wailed. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters; they all marched unto what appeared certain death.
    There seemed no end in sight. 

    578 CY  The Schnai and Cruski had come to an understanding. They had fought one another for too long when there were true and greater enemies to put to the sword, and riches to be plundered from those too weak to deserve them. Their time was now. They had fought as one under the false Vatun, and now they would raid as one, as the true Vatun wished.

    The Barbarians Unite
    [As per their treaty,] the Schnai agreed to give up the land south of Glot along the east coast. The Snow Barbarians gained more gold and silver, while the Cruski regained their southern harbors. This made the raids into North Province and the Isles of the Sea Barons all the easier next year, and most of the able-bodied men were away on those journeys when the warbands of Stonefist (now Stonehold) rode into the tundra which the King of Cruski claimed. The few wandering tribes of Coltens there welcomed the invaders, while surviving Cruskii headed east as quickly as possible. The returning warriors were enraged at the boldness of the invasion, and it is likely that the attention of the Cruskii will be trained on a war with the Stoneholders in 579. Some 50 ship captains are already pledged to sail, and more are expected. [D57] 

    Were the southerner shores weak? No. But their coast was too vast to defend it all, the garrisons too widely spread, and too depleted in this time of need to be a serious deterrent to the raiders.

    [The] Lord High Admiral reacted promptly to the summons of the Overking ? this despite some severe raiding from the northern barbarians. Asperdi has recently dispatched a sizable contingent of ships and men to the North Province. In essence, this force represents a squadron of warships to control the sea, while a solid block of fighting men, most of them veterans of skirmishes with barbarian raiders, stiffens the forces of the Herzog. Led by the Admiral?s eldest son, Lord Captain Aldusc, known as a respectable commander and excellent strategist, the convoy reached Bellport about mid-year in CY 578. The warships are now reported to be operating along the coast. Included are no fewer than six large galleys and perhaps a score of other warships. The troops were divided after landing into main and reserve groups. [D63] 

    Magic is not the only force that can wreak havoc. Those of the Old Faith can tell you that those who dismiss the forces the natural world does so at their peril. Nature can and will do more damage than mere wizards, indeed, most wizards, arcane or divine. Those who live in the shadow of smoking volcanoes can attest to such, as can those who live on the banks of rivers, and the sea?. Hurricane "Ivid" is one such reminder. It ravaged the Solnor Coast, crippling the Sea Barons? majesty over the sea lanes of the north. Trade ground to a halt. So did piracy, for that matter. But that was the least of the coastal settlement?s concerns, as they fled before ?Ivid?s? landing.
    Most people of the Sea Barons recall this three-day storm, which some laughingly called "Hurricane Ivid." [Ivid] 

    579 CY  The Iron League; the Golden League; the Iron Alliance; what?s in a name? What matters is that the nations surrounding the Great Kingdom had grown wary of that once noble nation. To survive meant banding together, so Almor was invited to join the ?Iron Alliance.?
                Few years went by in which the navies of Nyrond and Aerdy did not clash in Relmor Bay. However, in 579 CY, reacting to increased militarism on behalf of Ivid and Herzog Chelor of South Province, Nyrond, Almor, and the Iron League banded together to form the Golden League, a military union that presented a declaration of war against the Great Kingdom in late Needfest. Not to be outdone, Aerdy followed up with its own decree, stating that Rel Mord would fall within the year and the treacherous King Archbold III would pay for the sins of his rebellious ancestors. [LGG]

                In 579 CY, the Iron Alliance expanded to formally include Almor, and together with its supporters in Nyrond was dubbed the Golden League. A series of naval battles in Relmor Bay soon followed, but by the end of 580 Ivid V gained a minor victory against the insurgents by preventing their further expansion and stalemating their armies. [LGG]               

                Semiregular skirmishes between Aerdy's South Province and Nyrond erupted into open hostilities in early 579, when Overking Ivid V made war against the so-called "Golden League" (Nyrond, Almor, and the Iron League).[LGG] 

    580 CY  Aerdy?s war with Nyrond and its Golden League was short. Neither side won. Neither side could claim to, either. But each side claimed victory, of a sort. The League held firm, and remained sovereign, although, through a series of naval battles in Relmor Bay, Ivid prevented the alliance from expanding or aiding its armies via naval support. Stalemate. The worst outcome imaginable; for Ivid, in his madness, believed that his having not lost meant that he had won, and that was a very dangerous outcome for the Golden League, indeed.
                Though this dreary war lasted through to the end of 580, it resolved nothing except to drain the coffers and manpower of both Aerdy and Nyrond, leaving them weakened when continental war erupted in 583. [LGG] 

    Intruders from Bone March
    The Bone March was displeased. Had the Fruztii not allied with Ratik, they?d have surely overwhelmed the little nation. Ratik could only fortify and man so many passes and still secure the wide expanse of the Loftwoods. If only the pact could be broken.  To break the alliance between Ratik and the Fruztii, the Bone March conspired with the North Province, for they could not enter Marner undetected. Thus, the Seal of Alliance stolen from Ratik's Baronial Vault.
    In 580 CY, intruders from Bone March attempted an audacious act of treachery by stealing the Seal of Marner, an object blessed by the gods of the Suel barbarians that was the symbol of the new Northern Alliance. The plot was foiled when the raiding party was captured in Kalmar Pass before making it back to Spinecastle with their prize. [LGG]

    [But] not before news of the theft drove a small wedge between the Fruztii and Ratikans. [LGG]

    The explorations the Scarlet Brotherhood were conducting concerning the Weeping Hexagram and the Ziggurat of Black had thankfully come to no conclusion. Before any could be reached, fate had intervened. When I say fate, I mean Fate?Istus. She sent spirit of her minion, Morgoroth, to put an end to such doings; and just to be sure, for she is always sure, she had set other on that same path. No artifact, no matter how minor, which may be linked to Tharizdun, shall be let to tempt His faithful. It had to be destroyed.
    [The Weeping Hexagram] was broken in 6096 SD when a party of outworlders led by a paladin of Hieroneous infiltrated Hesuel Ilshar and discovered the location of the hexagram. [SB] 

    581-582 CY         The Scarlet Brotherhood are not a particularly warlike people, despite their temperament. The Suel had clashed with the Aerdi in ages past, and had been herded before their greater ferocity. They had learned their lesson well, and would rather not risk such a confrontation again. Let lesser beings and the lesser evolved wage war, they reasoned. They were above such triffles. There were better ways to gain one?s goals against nations that could never hope to understand the Suel peoples? destiny, or the Suel?s natural and innate superiority, for that matter.
                Let others die. That was the purpose of hobgoblins and the lesser Suloise of Hepmonoland: to sacrifice themselves for the Greater Destiny of the Suel.
                And let others toil: The Flan and the Olman and Touv. And yes, the Oeridians, too.
                But realizing their plans was not going to be easy. Some, most, of the lesser cultures were reticent about realizing their place in the world.

                Some, like to descendants of the original Suels do:
                The Zarii are content with their lot; in exchange for goods and warriors, they receive exotic (to them) clot, weapons and food. They ferry agents of the Brotherhood along newly built roads to Lerga, travel to strange lands, fight and pillage; most don?t ralize that they are second-class people to the Brotherhood?barely astep above hobgoblins. [SB]

    Others, like to Tuov Kunda Kingdom, do not:
    Emissaries from the Scarlet Brotherhood were slain and sent downriver, which caused the Brotherhood to patrol the Jolan coast; Prince Ilamo Alamo looks forward to testing the blades of his warriors against the flesh of the white-skinned northerners. [SB] (6096-6097 SD)

    What did the Elves know of what was to transpire? Who can say? They see much and say little. Whatever they knew, they were taking steps. To the west, the Highfolk of the Vesve were taking up arms; Celene was closing its borders. And the Elves of the Spindrifts were taking steps to safeguard their mysteries.
    Elves Upon the Spindrifts
    For centuries the Spindrift Isles maintained their independence from all foreign powers, both through strength and through cunning. Perhaps the Scarlet Brotherhood made incursions into the Council of Seven in the years leading up to the Greyhawk Wars, but they were given no time to take advantage of their gains before the high elves took control of Lendore Isle. Elves have always been plagued with mysticism, and those of the Spindrifts had finally succumbed to the cult of Sehanine. The Final Calamity, it seemed, had arrived.
    It was a bloodless revolution, yet catastrophic for the inhabitants of Lendore Isle. They were informed that they must be exiled from the only home they had ever known, in order for the Spindrifts to serve as high elven holy ground. The high elves used powerful phantasms to overcome strong resistance, and threats of imprisonment persuaded most others to cooperate. The humans were given three days to prepare for their removal from the island. In that time, perhaps half of Lo Reltarma's population escaped through the Gate of Glass before the elves could deactivate it; the rest were either exiled to the mainland, the Sea Barons' isles, or other local regions, or were among the few allowed to remain as workers in Lo Reltarma. [LGG]

    581 CY  A small band of mercenaries had been coerced by Istus to do her bidding. They did not know that Fate had bid them?indeed, they were unaware that Istus herself had set them upon their path?but bid they were to penetrate the defenses of the Hidden City of Hesuel Ilshar and steal the Weeping Hexagram, putting an end to the Scarlet Brotherhood?s investigations into its relationship with the Ziggurat of Black.
    A Small Band of Mercenaries

    In 6096 SD, a small band of foreign mercenaries reached the Brotherhood?s hidden city, penetrated its defences and seized a mysterious artifact that had been discovered months before.

    The paladin?s holy sword broke the hexagram into three pieces when the two made contact, but the Brotherhood was able to intervene before the artifact was completely destroyed. Now they study the pieces and their fragmented powers, and seeks way to repair the item. [SB]

    Had the Oerth been spared? Surely only Istus knows whether it was, and by how near a margin. If only Istus understood gratitude. But alas, hers is a web of innumerable strands, and lives a such short things to one so seemingly capricious.
    Shaken by the infiltration, the Brotherhood tracked down and killed the mercenaries before they escaped the peninsula, but the artifact?the black hexagram that wept blood during the daylight?was destroyed. [SB]
    Griffith Adarian
    The short-lived war was but a prelude of what was to come. But as with all wars, it wounds far more than those soldiers who lived and died and were left tortured by what they had seen and done; it scarred all whom it touched.
    Griffith Adarian is a tormented and tragic figure, but his own miseries have made him more determined than ever to bring all the help can to the Adri. [CoG]

    Griffith?s secret lies in the special magical amulet he wears. [?] The relic is akin to a soul gem, in that it harbors the memories of an elven warrior lord of incredible antiquity, an elf who lived and died when Oerth was very young had only just come to it, a time when forests covered almost all of the Flanaess. Griffith found this object in a hidden, dense heartland of the Adri Forest, a secret place where no others knew, and which he has never been able to find again.
    The ancient memories rise into Griffith?s mind when he dreams, as he does most nights, and he relives fragments of the elf?s centuries of life in that dim, distant, and grim past.[CoG]

    The gem [?] contains immense power, although Griffith is loath [?] to call upon it, for by concentration and calling the upon the name of the elf, Rachleach (Rak-lee), Griffith is possessed by him. [CoG]

    He becomes the elf. His weapons become the elf?s, and great and powerful were those the elf wielded.
    Griffith [?] called upon [the power of the gem] just once, when a force of some 300 warriors of the Great Kingdom assaulted the forest with axe and fire following the hot summer of 581 CY, hoping to smoke out many of the forest folk who [wished] only for their own way of life and independence. The troops were headed right for the heart of the forest, and were accompanied by an evil patriarch [?] and evil mages using acid and fire to lay waste to nature. Griffith?s heart was so pierced that he called on Rachleach?s power and rode forth, slaying scores, and scattering the forces of Aerdi to the winds?and the forest bears and wolves who pursued the survivors. [CoG]
    The Circle of Eight had been the Circle of Five for too long. Mordenkainen kept an eye open for those wizards he deemed fit of mind and temperament to bring its ranks back to that he had long been accustomed to. But who? He thought long and hard on the subject, choosing candidates slowly. Until then, the Oerth was just going to have to sort itself out.
    A truly important, though seldom noticed, event occurred when an avatar of Vecna, the Whispered Lich of legend, struck down the entire Circle of Eight, a collection of archmages that included such respected names as Bigby, Tenser, and Otiluke. The Circle had acted subtly as a balancing agent for years, preventing any one power from dominating the Flanaess. Though the Circle?s leader, Mordenkainen, returned his colleagues to life, the Circle was weakened when the Greyhawk Wars finally erupted. [Gaz3e]

    Rumors tell that Kieren [Jalucian, Principal of the University of Magical Arts, in the Free City of Greyhawk] was invited to join that august order after the destruction of Otiluke and Tenser, but that he refused due to his duties as master of the Guild of Wizardry (on top of his position with the university). Now that he has passed on his role in the guild to another, it may only be a matter of time before he opts to join Bigby, Otto, and the others. That is, if Mordenkainen, who has openly derided Jalucian as a "hopeless idealist," will have him. [LGJ#5]

    Jallarzi Sallavarian
    In 581 CY Jallarzi Sallavarian replaced the powerful wizard Buchnard, who vanished in 579 CY while exploring an unknown demiplane. His fate is not known. Buchnard was fairly young when he disappeared but he was rumored to have become an archmage and was well-known in royal courts from Keoland to Nyrond. [PGTG] 

    If war and hurricanes were not enough, the Red Death continued to plague the Flanaess. Where did it come from? It first reared its scythe in Rookroost years ago before reaping untold thousands. It burned itself out, then; but it rose again. And again. And each time the people looked to its rulers and its prefects and asked, ?Why?? They demanded that those very same persons help them, and when they did not, the people?s rage burned as hot as the buboes that welted upon their flesh.
    Despite creeping insanity, [Ivid V] ably defended his realm from the combined forces of the Golden League (579-580) and civil unrest during the Red Death plague of 581. After years of political maneuvering and scheming, Ivid finally brought far-flung provinces together in an attempt to launch a great war to reestablish the former glory of the empire of the Aerdi. [LGG]

    582 CY  The Great War had come to the Flanaess, though few knew it. Of those who did, few paid it much heed. It began far afield. It was a northern affair. It was none of their affair. Barbarians raiding. They were an unruly lot, and they would scatter in due time, as they always had.            

    583 CY  If only Ivid had been dealt a defeat in 580 CY. But he had not been. And so, as Nyrond turned its attention to its north, where the Stonefist had begun to raise havoc, Ivid saw his opportunity to annex sanctimonious Nyrond, once and for all.
                None knew just then, that both nations would be laid low in the aftermath of what was to come.
    Nyrond Strikes North
    By 583 [?] war would return to haunt Nyrond. Confident that a personal victory over untrained barbarians would do much to bolster his flagging popularity in Nyrond's northern regions, Archbold led a huge army through the Nutherwood, hoping to strike a telling blow against the ?Fists? inhabiting Tenh. Fighting lasted for an entire day. The barbarians fell back to more heavily fortified lands, but the cost to Nyrond was great. More than three thousand soldiers fell before nightfall, and Archbold himself suffered grievous wounds, not least of which to his pride. He had gambled Nyrondal cavalry against the hordes of Sevvord Redbeard and won, but it did not seem like a victory.

    Whether due to madness?as some have suggested?or political ambition, the Overking of the Great Kingdom chose that moment to enter the arena of war. The mad ruler had long coveted Nyrond and Almor, but the two nations had always stood united against his legions. The recent troubles in Tenh, though, provided the Overking a perfect distraction for Nyrond: King Archbold was away in the far north with a large contingent of his army, and the remaining troops, though not helpless, would be matched two to one by the Overking?s forces.
    Other factors convinced Ivid V that Nyrond and Almor were ripe for harvest. For some time, the Overking had courted the humanoids of the Bone March, but being bloodthirsty and primitive, they saw no gain in his offers. Now an ambassador flew north on one of the Overking?s personal carpets to make a new proposal. In exchange for alliance, the orcs of the Bone March would gain both land and loot?all from Nyrond. [Wars]

    With sizeable but unreliable armies, the Overking struck in several directions at once. His Glorioles Army crossed the Thelly River and entered the Glorioles. After hacking through stiff resistance there, the army broke south into the County of Sunndi. Ivid?s Aerdi Army marched slowly toward Chathold in Almor. His Northern Army entered the Adri Forest near Edge Field, bound for Innspa in Nyrond. Meanwhile the Grand Field Force of the South Province marched into the Iron Hills, again intent on taking the city of Irongate. [Wars] 

    Almor Makes Its Stand
    The nation of Almor has had a perilous past. Long under the dominion of overkings, it never established the security in independence which such nations as Tenh and Nyrond could claim. Small, underpopulated, with borders subject to dispute by Aerdy and even by Nyrond at times, Almor existed as a buffer state only. An example of the precariousness of Almor is its claim to Innspa. The rulers of this land were unable to prevent Innspa from proclaiming itself an independent city, and that sent signs of the weak-willed nature of Almorian leaders to the rest of the Flanaess. With powerful neighbors, that was simply not the right message to convey. [Ivid]

    By 583 CY, the heavily bulwarked Ahlissan presence in the area coupled with extreme attrition among the elf and dwarf protectors of northern Sunndi made for a disastrous combination. With the full might of the Glorioles Army, Herzog Chelor pushed south all the way to Pitchfield, burning the count's estates and ravaging the central countryside. Thousands of Sunnd perished in battle against one of Ivid's most skilled armies. For a time, it seemed as if the entire nation would be lost. [LGG]

    Months later, as Ivid's Northern Army converged on Innspa and Almor seemed certain to fall before the might of the Glorioles regiments, Archbold called upon his lords to provide him with an army never before seen in Nyrond's long history. Crops would wither in the fields, bandits would be free to prey upon the roadways; to Archbold, the very survival of Nyrond was at stake. [LGG] 

    Ivid launched an attack upon Nyrond, Almor, and the Iron League states, but the conflict served only to bring ruin to the heartlands of the Great Kingdom and destruction to many tens of thousands of citizens. Ivid made terrible enemies of his kinsmen. [LGG]

    Osson?s Raid

    Osson of Almor
    Commandant Osson had little difficulty assessing the grave situation facing Almor. The Great Kingdom could squash the tiny country through sheer numbers-and apparently intended to do so. Though the dilemma was clear, the solution was not. Recognizing that Almor could not be defended against such a foe, Osson decided to take the offensive committing a daring raid into the Great Kingdom?s lands to keep its forces from attacking.  [Wars]

    The plan would have met with insurmountable objection from older and ?wiser? knights had the prelate wavered even momentarily in support of his young protege. [Wars] 

    Knowing that neither of his armies could long withstand the full attention of the Great Kingdom, the commandant hoped to divert Ivid?s armies away from Almor. [Wars] 

    Osson first struck south, passing through the Thelly Forest. With speed and surprise on their side, the horsemen brushed away Ahlissa?s ill-trained troops and plunged into the South Province. [Wars] 

    Instead of returning to Almor, Osson led his horsemen into the Rieuwood. [?] At the Battle of Rieuwood, Osson initiated the tactic of false retreat that was to become his hallmark. Believing the cavalry routed, the Aerdians gave chase, only to blunder into a deadly trap. The Glorioles Army was decimated. [Wars] 

    Osson chose [to] a march on the See of Medegia. For Almor?s sake, Osson [reasoned], the cavalry must continue to pressure the Great Kingdom. [Wars] 

    Osson?s army crushed the forces of the Holy Censor and seized the land from Pontylver to Lone Heath. Spidasa, the Holy Censor, fled to Rauxes to beg his imperial majesty?s forgiveness. Compassion failing him, Ivid V arrested the chief cleric and sentenced him to the Endless Death. [Wars] 

    Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti [, the] new ruler surprisingly proclaimed his support of the Great and Hidden Empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood. This proclamation not only pulled the Lordship from the alliance, but effectively trapped Commandant Osson of Almor in Medegia. [Wars] 

    There's something to be said about old sayings. They are steeped in truth, and thus have unparalleled wisdom. Take "the enemy of my enemy is my friend;" although not always true, such elder wisdom can very well be true when uttered. So said those nations abut Ivid's. They  understood that to stand apart could mean their downfall; so, they gathered for the signing of the Eastern Pact.
    As 583 came to a close, the king met in Oldred with representatives of Almor, Onnwal, Idee, Sunndi, the Pale, the County of Urnst, and Irongate. There, all but the Pale signed the Eastern Pact of Alliance, a treaty meant to ensure the containment of Ivid's armies. [LGG] 

    583-588 CY         Some evils are slower resolving, so slowly in fact, that few see its face until it is too late. The Thelwood changed in character, its trees dying, calcifying. Before long, its stately oaks and elms were as white as bone, and as foreboding, so much so that it began to be called the Bonewood. Evil sorcery was suspected. But what sort? By who? Or what? And why? And to what end?

    Bonewood: Once known as the Thelwood (a spring within it is the northernmost source of the Thelly River), this small forest straddles the border between the present-day Principalities of Rel Deven and Ahlissa in the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. The forest rapidly altered in character in 583-588 CY, when its trees changed into bonelike material. Dark sorcery was immediately suspected, and most inhabitants fled to the city of Rel Deven. The place has acquired a woeful reputation ever since. [LGG]




    Special thanks to Jason Zavoda for his compiled index, ?Greyhawkania,? an invaluable research tool.
    Primary sources for this history were the DMG 1e, The World of Greyhawk Folio, and The World of Greyhawk Gold Box, From the Ashes Box Set, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, Ivid the Undying, The Living Greyhawk Journals, Dragon Magazine.


    The Art:
    war by wlop
    Scarlet Brotherhood detail, by Ken Frank (?), from The Wars Box Set, 1991
    Mordenkainen detail, from Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk, 2007

    The selected art is the sole property of the artists.
    All source material presented within this history is owned and copyrighted by WotC.
    The use of this material is not intended to challenge the rights of WotC.
    This document is fan content and presented solely for the personal use of those individuals who game within the Greyhawk Setting.

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