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    Captain Aelfrick of the Verbobonc Lancers
    Item - The Cube of Light and Dark
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 7 - Bakluni House
    The Silver Wolf-The Honor Of The Crown: Homecoming
    CruelSummerLord writes "His friends were surprised at the strong family resemblance between the two gnomes. They were also surprised at how somber the interaction between them was. Much like dwarves, gnomes could often be more open and warm with their kin than with other races. Airk’s friends couldn’t sense that between him and Gilduros. Everything between the two brothers just seemed…solemn."
    The Silver Wolf-The Honor Of The Crown: Long Paths And Longer Memories
    CruelSummerLord writes "“We thank you for helping us deal with the giants,” Borrinn said, “and you’re welcome to half the treasure as payment. We also wish you safe travel on the rest of your journey…and I also wish more Flintholders knew more of their own history.”"
    The Silver Wolf-The Honor Of The Crown: The Call Of The Mountain
    CruelSummerLord writes "The monsters were passing between two tree-covered hills, approaching a tree-lined gully, paying little attention to the hills on either side. The goblins took the lead, eager to keep the bugbears between them and the hill giants. Hill giants often disliked goblins, and bugbears were frequently mediators between the two races. Goblins often revered bugbears as leaders, while hill giants tolerated them well enough. Breaking up that relationship was key to the companions’ ambush."
    The Silver Wolf-The Honor Of The Crown: Order Of Precedence
    CruelSummerLord writes "Soon, with the humanoids all but defeated, the last few years of the Wars turned more into a conflict between humans, dwarves and gnomes. All three races fought both each other and their own kinfolk, and betrayals were rampant among all the races. While most of the humanoids were driven out of the mountains and into the Pomarj peninsula, the allies’ infighting ensured that some of them managed to stay or even return."
    David Leonard's Greyhawk Musings
     ?Eternity is a glorious word, but eternity is ice.?
    Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun 

    ?Outside, though perhaps morning, it is still night, but a night of a thousand thrusting colors laid over the shaking stars. The shattering ice still sounds like a drumbeat.?
    Dan Simmons, The Terror

    The Zeai, Under a Boreal Sky
    Few flourish on the fringes of the Flanaess, where jungles choke out all settlements over time, where the sun bakes the sands as hot as coals, and where the wind howls, and the very air freezes the blood should one cease moving and rest for more than a moment. Tales tell of a tall, slender folk of ebony hue that dwell on the southwest edge of the Sea of Dust, pursuing a nomadic life where the caustic dust gives way to fertile soil. Some say another human race lives under the shadow of the Hellfurnaces on that black desert's eastern border, a short, stocky people who cover their bodies with an odorous wax to protect against the caustic dust and burning sun.
    Far to the north, the Uirtag tribes of the Burneal eke out a meagre existence amid the pines; and further north still, the Baklunish Guryik folk dwell in in the shadow of the Land of Black, but theirs is a coast made tolerable by the temperate currents of the Dramidj Sea.
    The Zeai are not so blessed; their Icy Sea is locked in undulating ice nine months of the year. Their shores are as barren and windswept and their sea. Few trees grow here, and those that do are short, and sturdy firs. There is beauty, as well. Southerners imagine a world of white, but the snows and ice are replete with colour, as is the night sky, which glows and rolls as does the ice.
    One would think theirs is a bleak existence, fraught with bitter cold, and mired under dunes of snow, but theirs is a land of plenty, blessed by vast schools of char, fatty seals, and shaggy muskoxen, all ruled over by the great white bear. In the summer, they feast on the cariboo that amass in the thousands upon their shores, on whales and fish, and the flesh and eggs of the innumerable birds that flock to that supposedly inhospitable haven. Grasses, stems, tubers, berries, and seaweed (kuanniq).
    But their sustenance is limited in the months before sunrise.
    The Zeai have a saying: ?The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls." 

    A Land of Plenty
    Who are they, these Zeai? Blackmoorians? Flan? No. Neither. They are those Rhizians that pressed on even as the Cruski settled upon the North Shore, until they beheld the herds of mammoth and seal and walrus and the millions of sea birds wheeling about it and the rocky cliffs of the Tusking Shore, leading up to it, and the shoals abut the Brink Isles, and found these to be good lands to rest upon, for a time.
    They landed, and were immediately set upon by the Uirtag, who meant to protect their northern harvests. The Rhizians repelled them, again and again until they came no more. The Rhizians persued the Uirtag inland, it was then that they first beheld the looming menace of the Black Ice. Soon after they learned also of the City of the Gods and the Egg of Coot, and never again ventured into that country. They do not speak on why, only warning that it is now wise to do so.
    In time, the Guryik rounded the Black Ice, and the Zeai marvelled at the craft upon which they navigated their northern waters. Qajaq, and umiaq, the Guryik called them, and in the teaching the Rhizians the art of their making, and on the use of the harpoon. They also taught the Rhizians that no man survives the Ice without dogs and sleds (qamitik), and the Rhizians soon learned the wisdom of these words.

    Despite their newfound plenty, the Zeai remember Vatun?s teaching:
    Winter is a time for culling the weak so that the strong may survive. Snow shall cover cowards and they shall be forgotten by all. The people of the north are the true survivors and will inherit the world when the Great Winter comes to cover the land. LGG ? 185

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