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    HUGE Greyhawk LOT
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    Mad Archmage of the Oerth Journal

    Joined: Dec 09, 2002
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    From: Ohio

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    Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:05 pm  
    HUGE Greyhawk LOT

    I am selling the following due to being unemployed and in need of funds to keep the bills paid for the next month or so. All of the items below are polybagged. I would prefer to keep the entire set together if at all possible. I am willing to ship to anywhere so long as shipping is paid for with insurance on the item.

    Anyway that said, take a look. If you have questions, needs pictures or the like you can email me at duicarthan -at- gmail-dot-com.

    World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting: box: excellent, book and map condition: excellent/ NM
    From the Ashes box set: box: good -very good, books and map condition: Excellent/ NM
    City of Greyhawk: box - fair, books very good, maps were laminated by the previous owner.
    Tomes - Return to the Tomb of Horrors: box - very good, books - excellent/ NM

    WG 5 - Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure - very good
    WG 6 - Isle of the Ape - very good
    WG 7 - Castle Greyhawk - very good
    WG 8 - Fate of Istus - very good
    WG 12 - Vale of the Mage - good

    WGM1 - Border Watch - excellent/ NM
    WGQ1- Patriots of Ulek - good
    WGR1 - Greyhawk Ruins - good/ very good
    WGR2 - Treasure of Greyhawk - very good
    WGR3 - Rary the Traitor - excellent
    WGR4 - The Marklands - excellent
    WGR5 - Iuz the Evil - excellent
    WGR6 - City of Skulls
    WGS2- Howl from the North

    Player's Guide - very good
    The Adventure Begins - excellent
    Return of the Eight - condition - very good/ excellent
    The Scarlet Brotherhood - excellent, map - good/fair - signed by Sean Reynolds
    Slavers - excellent
    Star Cairns - excellent/very good
    Crypt of Lyzandred - excellent/very good
    The Doomgrinder - excellent/very good

    Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff - excellent
    Return to White Plume Mountain - excellent

    Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - very good, map intact, never removed

    Gates of Firestorm Peak - very good
    Guide to Hell - very good
    Chronomancer - good
    -Rick "Duicarthan" Miller
    Editor-in-Chief, Oerth Journal

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    CF Admin

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    Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:39 pm  

    Email sent, Rick!
    Allan Grohe (
    Mad Archmage of the Oerth Journal

    Joined: Dec 09, 2002
    Posts: 342
    From: Ohio

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    Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:49 am  

    k got it and shot one back.

    Offers still up for now. So contact me if you're still interested everyone.
    -Rick "Duicarthan" Miller
    Editor-in-Chief, Oerth Journal
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