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    Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:50 am  

    Hello, This is the first time I've posted. I just picked up the players handbook 4e and surprised that I actually like it. Making my first PC, a wizard. (equipped with a endless supply of magic missiles mind you.) the group I'm playing with is setting it in Greyhawk around the Pomarj. Any good settlements for level ones you suggest near the orc infested peninsula?

    Another note, I'm playing on a program called Fantasy Grounds II. Not sure if anyone has used this virtual tabletop program here, but I highly recommend it. I would love to sit down and rp with a group of friends, but sadly I've moved away from that group, and the nearest group I can find is 30-40 miles away. The group I'm playing with includes 2 people from the UK, one from Belgium, and two from the US.

    Our DM is pretty sharp, but as I can see in here, trying to find posted modules converted to 4E is pretty much nil.
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    Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:26 pm  

    Good luck trying to find 4e Greyhawk mods.

    But if you want to adventure in the Pomarj, I highly recommend Safeton. The Living Greyhawk campaign did a few things with that area, and it's also one of the only two sizable settlements in the vicinity (the other being Narwell). If you don't mind the extra distance, though, Hardby (on the other side of the Bay) has also been developed pretty well, not inly in canon sources but also in Dragon (or was it Dungeon?) and in Living Greyhawk literature.

    Happy orc hunting!
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    Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:50 am  

    Thank you for your response, I have a stack of dungeon mags and dragon mags ill have to dig through. Not my idea of rules edition to play, but he chose 4.0, I chose Greyhawk the best frik'n fantasy world ever made. Appologies Tolkien.
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