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    New Game, New Character
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    Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:55 am  
    New Game, New Character

    So I'm going to be starting in a New Greyhawk game in the next couple of weeks and have been working on a back story for my new character. What do you think?

    My name is Zipheron and I am Flan.

    I was born in Nevond Nevnend, the capital of the Duchy of Tenh, once a Free and Independent Realm, but Independent no more. I was born in the year 2714 as the Flan Track time; 564 of the Common Year.

    When I was a young boy – no more than seven winters – my father sent me away with Ezedorin, for I had “the Gift” – the ability to use magic. My father knew not where Ezedorin would take me, for my training would be in secret. Ezedorin belonged to a long forgotten sect of our people, those who remembered “the old ways” of magic. Magic which had forged our long forgotten Empires.

    We traveled first to Calbut – Ezedorin and I – and then north, as though to Purmill. But we soon turned east, using a secret and hidden trail into the Griff Mountains. For four days we traveled, first on foot, then by means magical, to an ancient Tower – in a Forgotten City – long ago was it a Fortress stronghold for our people. There I was to study the ancient Arts of the Thaumaturge, where I excelled at the Art of Necromancy . . . and more.

    For seventeen years I remained there – within the Tower of Tzirihiah – in the Forgotten City of Tostenhca, studying in seclusion and learning forgotten lore; mastering the Art. And I learned much, for among my people the Novices begin their studies with Master teachers, while those who have progressed to the level of Initiate study with teachers that are . . . other than human.

    Yes, I know what you are thinking; Tostenhca, the Accursed City. Tostenhca the Lost City. Tostenhca, thrown down by the wrath of the Wizard Keraptis some two thousand years agone. But our people had always known its location. To our people it had never been “lost” and we had no fear and so, we returned.

    Some of the legends you have heard are true: the Kobolds, the Golems and, yes, the Undead. All of the legends are encouraged. All of these serve to guard the Tower of Tzirihiah and our way of life. My people have ever been Oerth's preeminent Necromancers, for Lord Vecna was not alone in conversing with Mok ‘slyk . Lord Vecna was not alone in serving Him. He, who other men call “the Serpent” – one of the Ancient Brethren, a race of Gods – instructs the Masters of the Tower and has taught our people much, more than you might imagine. And now, it is time for me to use what I have learned.

    Six years ago, our homeland – the last of them – was invaded by the accursed Suel Barbarians from the north, from the land men call Stonehold. It was not long after this that these invaders were joined by the humanoid hordes of Iuz – the Hated One – long an enemy of my people.

    It was not long before the noble Duke Ehyeh III was forcibly ejected from his lands and our people with him. And now the arrogant Palish clergy have invaded our lands as well, not eight months ago. I cannot sit idly by and watch any longer. My appointed time is upon me.

    Masters Shezriel and Ezedorin believe that it is too soon for us to act. But I ask you, if not now, when? After hope has perished for once and all? Even now the situation is grim, the prospects dire and the cause may well be unattainable. To wait any longer, that is the foolhardy course. Master Shezriel has argued against it, as has Master Ezedorin, who has been as a father to me. But my time is come.

    I am young yet, this is true and my powers are not yet at their peak; another truth. But I am compelled. Unbeknownst to my mentors I, too, have stood in the presence of Mok ‘slyk. I, too, have learned directly from Him. And I know that He approves and guides me in my course, for it was He who sought me out, so as to instruct me in my Arts. Just as happened with Lord Vecna, centuries agone. I know the truth – that it is time for the Flan to take back what is ours.

    For this reason I have come to the City of Greyhawk, to seek out men willing to aid me in my cause; for glory or for riches. We of Tostenhca have plenty. From here, I shall travel to Radigast City, to consult with the Duke, to uplift and encourage him. For we are descended from Greatness, from Powerful Empires of old, from Noble Tostenhca and Mighty Caerdiralor itself!

    For this reason shall I rise up and smite our enemies, to take back what is rightfully ours! I am supported by the Almighty Mok ‘slyk! I am a mage possessed of Necromantic powers and more, much more, for I am . . . a Shadowmage!

    I am Zipheron, son of Ziriniah . . . and I am Ur-Flan.

    And there you go! Let me know what you think.
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    Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:18 am  

    I like it, MS. There's a great sense of mounting intensity translated in the words as I read them. Once again, your story impresses me. Smile
    Shadows and Dust; Just Another Soul.
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    Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:49 am  

    Evil Mwahahahahaha Laughing
    Servant of Azmekidom the Most Prudent Despot, The Unapproachable One

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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:51 pm  

    He sounds like a less-than-good character who has allowed an evil entity to seduce him with promises of vengeance and glory. Sounds like a potential young Vecna. Wink

    To which flood are you refering when you mention the "...antediluvian Tower"?


    Joined: Oct 06, 2008
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    From: South-Central Pennsylvania

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    Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:01 pm  

    Ooops! Embarassed

    I'll blame it on the wonky thesaurus! Happy

    Of course, there was that one time when Procan was really pissed at Beory. Wink

    Thanks guys! Cool
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    Grandmaster Greytalker

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    Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:05 pm  

    See all mages are evil. Good intentions Hah...

    I actually enjoyed the story. Its time for the Flan to rise again.

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