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Forum Rules. Please Read.

Welcome to the Canonfire! Forums. The forums have grown over the last few years and we would like to thank everyone for taking time to be a part of the growing CF! community!

To help maintain the friendly and open spirit of these forums, here are a few rules to follow.

Rules for Safe and Happy Posting

When posting on Canonfire! please keep to Greyhawk (exceptions are the Backalley) and follow the rules of the forum category you plan to post in.

Please refrain from posting meaningless or one word threads, linking to off topic sites and spamming. Note that spammers will be dealt with harshly.

Do not discuss filesharing programs or illegal downloads on the forums, nor post images or content that is the property of others. Posting excerpts of the IP of others for reference purposes only(for example, a small image or quoted portion of text) is acceptable, though we reserve the right to edit anything that we deem to have overstepped the bounds of what is intended to be allowed for. Violators will be warned and the post edited. Further violations will result in possible loss of posting privileges and/or banning the user from the forum.

Canonfire wants to be useful to all its members so please do not use profanity, graphic descriptions of sex or violence and inflammatory remarks towards real world cultures, race and religions in your posts.
Personal attacks, direct insults and harassment towards members will be edited or the entire thread entirely deleted, pending further action by the Canonfire! staff. Treat each other with respect and remember you are dealing with real people at the other end.

When posting a thread or a response please consider the length of your post and put LONG if you go over three paragraphs or CONTENT WARNING on your headers when you have questionable content in your posts.Also, when revealing information from privileged sources, such as modules consider adding SPOILER to the header.

While Canonfire! encourages healthy debate and discussion on Greyhawk related topics remember that Greyhawk has been around a long time, and many people hold strong opinions about the setting. There will no doubt be times when a discussion may turn into a disagreement, this is fine and is too be expected. However, if it turns into flamewar we may edit or remove the thread entirely.

Please *avoid* edition wars or making comments based on a particular style of play as these tend to invoke flamewars and don't really promote the spirit of Greyhawk in general.

Canonfire! staff reserves the right to remove any posts without notice. Canonfire! also reserves the right to ban anyone who willfully violates these rules.
- Moderator/Admin (in some areas)/Member -