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    3.5 Elven Campaign in The Gran March! The Elfgutter
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    Tue May 28, 2013 8:46 pm  
    3.5 Elven Campaign in The Gran March! The Elfgutter

    So a friend from back home (Alaska) and my roomate were itching to play DnD, but were upset that no one near had the time to play. I suggested we play online using Open RPG

    So far it has been a success. We all happen to have Xbox's so we use the Xbox live party chat feature during sessions.

    My roommate and I are the players and we decided to make our characters brothers. Our clan is in the Dim Forest that is located near the Gran March. We chose this area because we couldn't find a lot of canon on it and so we had flexibility in the creation of our town/society, etc.

    The basic premise of the campaign is that a tribe of Orcs nearby has been increasing in their activities and actively cutting the forest down. We were sent to investigate and learned that this tribe had actually become subjugated by another tribe. The tribe of orcs that our clan had become familiar with was the Tribe of the Rotting Eye, the tribe that subjugated them is the Tribe of the Evil Eye.

    They have swiftly erected forts along the Crystalmist mountains and are methodically eliminating any type of non-orc settlement in the Gran March.

    Now that a basic summary has been laid out, time to introduce the characters. (I'll post stats as well).

    Since we decided on a point-buy system we used 32 points being that there are only 2 pcs in the campaign. All PCs and Cohorts follow Corellon Larethien

    My character is Ilterendi La'Kilia (translates to common as Unbreakable Victory).
    Fighter 2/Ranger 2/Swashbuckler 3
    126 years old, 5'2" 94 lbs. Raven hair, Green eyes.
    Chaotic Good High Elf
    Languages- Elven, Common, Orc, Dwarf

    Str 10, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10 Cha 12, Com 15

    HP- 58
    AC- Varies wildly depending on feat usage but ranges from 22 to as high as 34
    Touch AC- 16 to 28 depending
    FF AC- 16

    Saves- Fort +8, Ref +9, Will +1
    BAB/Grapple- +7/+7

    Skills (with ranks in them)-
    Diplomacy +9, Handle Animal +7, Heal +1, Hide +10, Knowledge (geography) +3, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Listen +8, Move Silently +10, Ride +14, Search +10, Sense Motive +3, Spot +8, Survival +6, Swim +2, Tumble +8

    Traits (Unearthed Arcana)-
    Cautious, Detached

    Flaws (UA) -
    Shaky, Meager Fortitude

    Special Abilities-
    Elf traits, Favored Terrain (unearthed arcana substitute for ranger FE) Forest, Grace +1, Insightful Strike

    Combat Expertise, Improved Weapon Familiarity, Mounted Combat, Exotic Weapon- Broadblade, Deadly Defense, Weapon Finesse, Track, Dodge, Wild Empathy, Leadership

    Weapons- +1 Broadblade, MW Broadblade, MW Longbow, Lance
    Armour- +1 Mithral Breastplate

    Other- Heavy Warhorse, Scale Mail Barding

    Naia Minya (Cleric of Corellon 5)
    4'10" 95 lbs. 139 years old
    Blonde Hair, Green Eyes
    Female, High Elf, Chaotic Good
    Languages- Elven, Common

    Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 17, cha 10, Com 17
    HP- 33, AC- 21, FF- 20, Touch 10

    Saves- Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +7
    BAB/Grapple- +3/+5

    Skills- Knowledge (Religion) +5, Heal +7, Spellcraft +4, Concentration +5, Listen +5, Spot +5

    Traits- Specialized, Spellgifted
    Flaws- Vulnerable, Feeble

    Augment Healing, Spontaneous Healing, Divine Ward, Wpn Focus- Longsword (from War Domain) Sacred Healing

    Weapon- Longsword +1
    Armour- Full-Plate, Heavy Steel Shield +1
    Other- Light Horse

    That is my character and cohort statlines, the horses have the statlines from the monster manual, they are not special mounts.

    Now for my character's brother, played by my roomate.

    Il-Vat Al'Miraj
    138 years old, 5'4" 118 lbs.
    Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Male
    Neutral Good, High Elf
    Languages- Common, Elven, Sylvan, Druidic, Draconic

    Druid 4/Wizard 3 (2 substitution levels of Elf Wizard from UA)

    Str 7, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 10, com 16

    HP- 40
    AC- 11 Touch- 10, FF- 11
    Saves- Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +6

    Concentration +11, Decipher Script +4, Handle Animal +7, Heal +8, Knowledge Arcana/Nature +12, All other Knowledge skills +5, Listen -1, Ride +2, Spellcraft +12, Spot -1 (he still hasn't spent his skill points after the most recent level, so these will change)

    Traits- Focused, Absent Minded
    Flaws- Inattentive, Unreactive

    Feats- Practiced Spellcaster X2, Versatile Spellcaster, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

    Weapons- MW Longbow, Fists (when using Fist of Stone spell)
    Armour- Padded Leather, Brass Dragon Full Plate (doesn't wear quite yet)
    Other- Bag of Holding

    So there is the statistical view of the PCs in the game. Later on I will post the backstory to the Elven brothers who seem completely unrelated in just about every fashion, down to hair color. Despite their varied differences they are close and work well as a tandem.


    Here is a stat block for Darious Nighthawk

    Darious Nighthawk
    Male Chaotic Neutral Human (Rhennee)
    31 years old, 5'10" 130 lbs. Black Hair, Blue (Azure) eyes
    Languages- Common, Elven, Dwarven, Undercommon, Thieves Cant
    Deity- Olidammara

    Fighter 2/Rogue 3/Swashbuckler 3/Dread Pirate (dishonourable) 6

    Str 10, Dex 20, Con 10 (14), Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 14, Com 14

    HP- 102
    AC- 25 (in combat ranges from 31-39)
    FF- 20, Touch- 15 (can range as high as 29 depending)

    Saves- Fort +13, Ref +16, Will +6
    BAB/Grapple- +13/8/3, +13

    Appraise +13, Balance +14 (+20), Bluff +18, Climb +15 (+21), Decipher Script +8, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist +9, Forgery +8, Gather Information +12, Hide +9, Intimidate +11, Jump +15, Knowledge (Local) +8, Listen +5, Move Silently +9, Profession (Sailor) +14, Search +8, Sense Motive +4, Spot +5, Swim +10, Tumble +14, Use Rope +8

    Traits- Dishonest, Distinctive (tattoo)
    Flaws- None

    Special Abilities- Insightful Strike, Grace +1, Sneak Attack +3d6, Seamanship, Acrobatic Charge, Steady Stance, Scourge of the Seas, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +1, Fearsome Reputation +4

    Feats- Weapon Finesse, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Buckler Defense, Leadership, Combat Expertise, Deadly Defense, Quick Draw, Two Weapon Pounce, Two Weapon Rend

    Weapons- +3 Keen Broadblade, +3 Defending Broadblade, MW Longbow
    Armour- +2 Mithral Breastplate (Glamered), +2 Darkwood Buckler

    Other- Cloak of Resistance +2, Amulet of Health +4, Manual of Quickness in Action +1 (read), Ship, and miscellaneous supplies

    Male Chaotic Neutral Dwarf
    85 years old, 4'3" 190 lbs. Red hair, Green eyes
    Languages- Dwarven, Common, Thieves Cant, Undercommon, Orc

    Rogue 4/Fighter 2/Invisible Blade 5

    Str 16, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 8

    HP- 83
    AC- 15
    FF- 15, Touch- 9

    Base speed- 30 feet
    Saves- Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +3
    BAB/Grapple- +10/5, +14

    Balance +10, Bluff +13, Climb +13, Disable Device +9, Hide +8, Intimidate +4, Jump +8, Listen +4, Move Silently +8, Open Lock +5, Profession (Sailor) +10, Search +8, Sense Motive +10, Sleight of Hand +5, Spot +10, Swim +8, Use Rope +2

    Traits- Plucky, Quick
    Flaws- Vulnerable, Poor Reflexes

    Special Abilities- Dwarf traits, Sneak Attack +2d6 (+5d6 w/daggers) Trapfinding, Trap Sense +1, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Unfettered Defense, Bleeding Wound, Uncanny Feint (free action), Feint Mastery

    Feats- Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Brutal Throw, Power Attack, Wpn Focus- Dagger, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Buckler Defense

    Weapons- Two +1 Returning Daggers
    Armour- +2 Darkwood Buckler

    Other- Miscellaneous adventuring gear, maps, navigation tools

    Darious also has several Lieutenants, their stat blocks are unimportant, but here are there names/classes/levels

    Loren Triden, Human (Suel) Male, Cleric of Olidammara 3
    Leo Halftongue, Human (Oeredian) Male, Wizard 2
    Elaine Nightengale, Halfling Female, Bard 2

    25 first level followers (sailors)
    15 Fighters, 5 Rogues, 5 Barbarians

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    Tue May 28, 2013 9:19 pm  

    Those are some interesting PCs and it sounds like an auspicious beginning. I haven't tried gaming via online chat, so I am glad to hear that it is working out for you.

    Looking forward to reading about your characters' exploits. Smile

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    Fri May 31, 2013 12:37 am  

    Ilterendi La'Kilia (Ren)

    Though still rather young for an elf, Ren has seen much of the world, especially for his tribe. Despite his father's wishes to have Ren follow in the footsteps of the great Champion of Corellon Larethien that is his father, Arato Seldarine, Ren set off on an adventure. He was enchanted by the tales this wayfarer had spun, Darious Nighthawk was his name. This human was unlike any he had encountered before, sure humans were brash, confident, cocky even, he appeared to be more so than normal. It was almost as if Nighthawk was the embodiment of these traits, and in his adolescence Ren allowed himself to be taken in by the human. It wasn't long before they became fast friends and set off on a grand adventure, the likes of which Darious spun tales about.

    Ren's tribe was fairly small, and located within the Dim forest, when he set out for adventure things in the region seemed relatively calm. Wherever the pair went it seemed that Darious either knew someone, or was able to gamble and bet his way into food and lodging, a very carefree lifestyle this one had. There was more to the man however than the brash confidence on display for all to see, there was a hunger for gold, and a lust for power, Ren didn't see it at first as he simply attributed this to the man being just that, human. The first part of their journey brought them to the principality of Ulek, and it was here that Darious introduced Ren to some dwarves he was acquainted with. One of the dwarves in particular, a smith, stood out. He went by the name of Rurik Magnusson, dwarves were a stout folk, but this dwarf's arms were enormous bounds of muscle. His red mohawk was different as well, along with the tattoos that adorned his muscular frame, so many one would mistake his upper body for having a shirt on when he did not.

    Darious was apparently owed a favor by Rurik, and he called in that favor, getting the dwarf to forge some weapons for him. The two blades that the dwarf forged were very similar to the odd shaped swords Darious carried on his belt. Wide bladed short swords, slow and encumbering. Upon completion Darious gave them to Ren, and insisted the elf learn how to use them. "Where we are headed lad, you're gonna need them," and Nighthawk began training the boy in the very unique style of combat that he claims to have developed. The balance of the weapons was odd at first, but once accustomed to it, they felt natural, and indeed Ren an adept swordsman could see their benefit, if one had the skill and the brains to use them properly.

    "That Dwarf is a master of his craft, these must have cost some coin Darious, how can I repay you?" Ren asked him after a sparring session the day before they were to head out.

    "I simply want you to be able to defend yourself where we are going friend, trouble could be around any corner and these can keep you alive. You'll make it up to me, I know it."

    What Ren was unaware of is that Darious was simply putting the elf in his pocket, something that he would find out later, but too late at that point. They pressed on towards the Azure sea where Darious said that he had a ship. Along the way they were waylayed by highway men, but working together in tandem they left no opening for their adversary, got in close and dispatched them rather easily. Darious found a note of some kind and hid it away underneath his armour, confident the elf did not see. Ren however did notice the act...


    I am falling asleep as I type this. I will finish Ren's background story over the weekend.

    I also intend to post a synopsis of what has happened in the campaign thus far.

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    Fri May 31, 2013 8:08 am  

    Looking forward to reading more, Noah.

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    Fri May 31, 2013 11:09 am  

    Nighthawk looted the bodies of the fallen, finding a large pouch of orbs, about 500 in all. The pirate's eyes lit up at the find, "no more having to stay with the common folk Ren, we will live like kings for a time!" Not that it particularly mattered to Ren where they stayed, but he smiled to the human anyway. For the remainder of their journey, which took them south to Keoland, they did indeed live like kings when in town. Darious was very free with the coin that they had earned from the highway men.

    It bothered Ren however that such a large sum was found on random highway men. Was it mere coincidence? There had to be more to it, and what was on the note? Ren decided one night while the human was asleep that he would see for himself what was written on it. After Darious drank the night away playing some cards with other humans in the tavern, Ren stole into the Human's room and his natural grace kept him from making a sound. It didn't take long to locate the note, but the language it was written in was foreign to Ren, a form of common that he was unfamiliar with. From what he could make out however it was some sort of contract, and 500 was listed as well as another number, 2000. Perhaps a bounty? He was unsure, for now he would keep his newly gained knowledge to himself. Why his supposed friend was keeping this information from him bothered him greatly.

    Tommorrow was the day that they would reach Splitrock and that is where Darious said his ship would be, that his crew was waiting for his return. Ren removed himself from Darious' room and returned to his own, there the elf went into his meditation. 4 hours later he came to from his trance to find Nighthawk in his room, staring at him. This startled Ren, but he did well to hide it, "why were you in my room last night Ren? For this?" and Nighthawk tossed the note down on the floor in front of him. Ren was still not used to the "nickname" Darious had given him, and shifted uncomfortably upon hearing it. "Why did you hide this from me friend Nighthawk?" He asked as he stood to his feet, and began to gather his things. "It's a bounty, calling for a price on my head." Ren was confused, "why would such a price be on your head?"

    Darious then began to explain his version of the events that unfolded in eastern Nyrond. According to Darious he had slept with a Nobleman's wife and was being hunted or it. He spun a convincing tale, even outlining the features of the woman in great detail, and the events that took place were explained so vividly one could not discern if it was lie or truth. After Darious' explanation Ren seemed satisfied.

    "We make for your ship then today?" Ren inquired, "indeed lad, we make for the ship, and afterwards a grand adventure on the Azure Sea. You will not regret coming along Ren." Darious smiled and that gleam returned to his eye again, there was something unsettling about that look, but Ren payed little mind to it, as he was busy gathering up his things for their adventure.


    The backstory is not yet complete, but I am off to a pig roast, more to come over the weekend.
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    Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:20 pm  

    Had quite a few events transpire over the weekend that kept me from finishing the story. Had a pig roast, and then found out that my niece serving in the military was involved in a bombing. She rushed into a building to save a Jordanian soldier and managed to get him out, then I guess the bomb went off. Turns out she's more or less ok, no permanent damage except to her hearing, but she did save that man from dying. I'm proud of her.

    Anyhow, carrying on.

    Darious and Ren set out for the ship and their journey was uneventful, that is until they came within view of the ship. As they approached something was off, Darious immediately motioned for Ren to keep out of sight. "My boys aren't here," he pointed to the abandoned camp along the shoreline. "They would never leave their post," he said with much concern. It was perhaps the first time that Ren had seen the man concerned about anything. "I don't see anyone around, save for the men on your ship Nighthawk." Darious nodded in agreement, "Something is wrong though friend, I can feel it." He pointed to the abandoned skiff on the shoreline. "They wouldn't leave camp unless it was to retreat to the ship, and they would have taken both skiffs back."

    Darious knew, those men on his ship were not his own. These men were probably the ones hunting him. What he had told the elf was more or less true, but the real reason he was being hunted was because of that ship, it was not actually his. He stole the ship and immediately headed west hoping to get away, apparently he had failed. "More of the men that are hunting me are aboard that ship lad, and they no doubt have some of my men captive... Can you swim?" Ren nodded to Darious and followed as he led them away from the cove where the camp and skiff were. Once Darious found a location he was certain they could slip into the water unseen.

    It was quite a swim and taxed Ren heavily, but he managed to make it to the ship with Darious and luckily they had been unseen. The only thing either of them took was their weapons, leaving all of their equipment and armor behind. Darious told Ren to wait near the bottom of the ship as he climbed up and scouted the situation, and to begin his ascent after a minute or so. Sure enough there were men that did not belong to his crew there, he counted 15 in all. A large number for just the two of them, but this was his ship and he'd be damned if he let them take it back. Darious motioned towards Ren as he ascended signalling that there were "8" men. Ren nodded, and as he caught up to Darious they boarded the ship and immediately set to work. The bounty hunters were taken by surprise and three of them were felled instantly, Darious taking two and Ren another.

    Ren was also caught off his guard a little because instead of 8, there were still 12 men standing. Too late to back down now however as they brought their arms to bear towards the pair and the melee ensued. Seizing the initiative both Ren and Darious made quick work of two more surprised hunters. Moving back to back in the midst of the ship they entered into a defensive stance, forming a ring of blades so to speak. Nine of the ten remaining hunters moved in on the pair seeking to find a weakness in their stance. Ren took a few cuts from the enemies' blades, unable to fend off so many attackers at once, but Darious seemed a master of defense. The human even seemed to thrive in these odds, but he did take an arrow to the leg as the one hunter who didn't move in unleashed his bow into the fray.

    With the next few seconds Ren managed to fell another foe, while Darious dropped his defensive guard and struck with abandon, killing three of the enemy. They quickly saw the hole it left in the pairs' defense however and moved in to take advantage. Darious was slashed across his back twice and took another arrow, this one to his side. Ren became separated from the pirate and took a few more glancing blows, but having kept his defensive guard up managed to avert most of the punishment. Darious tumbled past the men surrounding him and charged the archer, running the man through with one blade, and removing his head with the other. This however left Ren completely stranded, and despite the elf's best efforts he fell unconscious to the deck....

    Sometime later Ren was coming to, "wake up lad, wake up." He did so to find Darious over him and bandages wrapping his body, "you said there were eight!" He responded furiously, then began coughing which wracked his body in pain. "I didn't see a couple of 'em until it was too late lad, honest mistake. By my count there was 10, and I figured we could knock that number down to 8 before they were ready!" Darious was bluffing of course, but Ren despite his better judgement bought the Human's story. "What happened?" Darious recounted the events that had transpired when Ren was cut down, and how his crew had been planning to fight back, and when they heard the fighting above deck, rushed to join the fray. If it wasn't for them perhaps the elf would have been lost. "The ship is ours again friend, and now I can fulfill my promise to show you some sights, and seek out adventure. We recovered our stuff from the shoreline while you were catching your beauty rest, and we are now underway." That gleam returned to Nighthawk's eyes again and for some reason, perhaps it was the first time Ren truly noticed it, it unsettled the Elf.

    "Well get some more rest friend, I'm going to return to my cabin and chart our course." Darious patted the elf on the shoulder, smiled, and took his leave. This left the elf with much to ponder about his "friend."


    I also posted up a stat block of Darious Nighthawk, edited into my first post.
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    Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:03 pm  

    They were heading east by southeast across the azure sea, towards an island that supposedly contained the vast bounty acquired by Raul the dreaded one. Raul was a pirate captain who roamed the seas roughly 300 years ago, a cruel and ruthless man who was feared by many. Many a kingdom hired privateers to track down and kill the man, but it was not long before no captain in his right mind would accept the contract. Throughout Raul's career it is said that he took all of his treasure and kept it hidden away on a remote island. The island seemed impossible to find, and many have tried, and this Darious said to Ren was their destination.

    "But how can you be sure you know where it is, even if it exists at all?" Ren inquired, and Darious simply smirked. "I have a map Ren, I found it a few months ago and it details the exact location of the island!" Darious pulled it out and showed the elf, explaining how he deciphered the map. The human was very excited while discussing everything, Ren could tell that he had put a lot of thought into tracking this down. "He had a huge cache of treasure it is said, as he captured the bounty of well over 100 ships during his time, not to mention all the raids he led on the coastline." It was all very exciting, provided this was true, "He must have took measures to protect such treasures," Ren stated simply and Darious nodded in reply. "There will be defensive measures in place my friend to be sure, but nothing we couldn't handle I am sure of it."

    So away they went, sailing for weeks on the open water. The gods had blessed them with a good wind and excellent weather for the trip and aside from a few merchant ships on the horizon, nothing of note happened upon them. Ren had never been aboard a ship before, it was fun for him, something new and different. The crew passed their time playing cards, upkeeping the ship, and drinking the nights away. Ren met Darious' first mate as he called him, Redgar. That was it, no last name, no clan name, just Redgar, and that is unusual for a Dwarf. Then again a dwarf on the open seas seemed out of place in and of itself. Ren and Redgar spent many nights talking, mostly the dwarf teaching Ren about the ship and how it operated, what it took to maintain it and they exchanged stories. Redgar's stories always involved Darious, it seemed the Dwarf was the man's best friend, but Ren never heard a tale of his homeland or his people. From what Ren could tell however Redgar was an excellent sailor, and kept the men in fine spirits during their trip.

    After a few weeks of decent weather and a healthy wind Redgar came into Darious' cabin as Ren and him were sharing some Elven wine that Darious had chanced upon. "Sire, there is an island ahead, I believe it is the one." Darious immediately jumped to his feet and made way for the bow of the ship and sure enough an island fitting the description lay before them. "This is it Ren, you wanted an adventure and there it lies before us!" It didn't take long for the ship to reach the island, and the crew was at the ready when the anchor was released. Both skiffs were dropped, one carried Ren, Darious, and one of Darious' lieutenants, and 3 men. The other carried Redgar, another lieutenant, and 3 more men.

    They made for the nearest beach, which lie within a cove. As they entered the cove they saw another ship, it seemed ancient and as if it were barely held together. There was a tattered flag upon it's mast and upon seeing it Darious remarked with excitement, "That Ren is the flag of the dreaded one! We are here!" Soon the crew was disembarking onto the beach and it was here that Ren experienced something altogether different, it had taken some time for him to get used to the sea and now that he was back on land he found that while no longer moving with the tide of the ocean he felt disoriented. It took a little for him to gather himself and Darious laughed, "sea legs my friend, you'll get used to it."

    First they investigated the wrecked ship, and upon searching it discovered a sea hag who attacked them on sight. She was no match for Darious, Ren, and Redgar however and they cut her down swiftly. She had gathered some of the treasure it had seemed and it was quite a bounty, Darious estimated that the pearls, gems, gold and silver combined was worth about 4,000 gold. That alone was worth the trip, what could be buried on the island itself!? The three proceeded on into the cave on the island, and moved ahead carefully and with purpose. Darious and Redgar with practiced ease got rid of any traps in front of them and there were quite a few. They had several skirmishes with the undead as well, upon discovering that the dreaded one's crew was reanimated Darious sent Redgar for Lorel, one of his lieutenants, and a cleric of Olidammara. With Lorel's help they were able to dispatch the undead with relative ease.

    Along the way to the inner cavern they found various treasures, gold, silver, platinum, electrum. Many of the coinage was of assorted variety, some even were unable to be recognized they were so old. Finally they came upon a massive door at the end of the cave, having dispatched zombies, wraiths, shadows, and skeletons along the way. "This is it Ren, the legendary vault of the dreaded one, we have made it!" Almost as if on cue Redgar and Loren seized Ren and after a brief struggle subdued the elf. "What is the meaning of this Darious?" Ren was bewildered, but Darious simply ignored him, making his way over to the door he pulled out a piece of parchment. He turned what appeared to be dials in a particular order and what was the outer layer of the door receded up above. Behind it left a crypt like opening and nothing more. "So much for treasure," Ren spat as he tried to free himself. "Don't struggle friend, there is treasure behind this door, but we need you to access it." Ren was confused but before he could inquire as to why, Darious and Redgar forced the elf into the opening and Darious said a few words in an unfamiliar language. The door slammed shut again and Ren was left in the dark, trapped. Something began to tear at his very soul and soon he ceased conciousness.

    When he again opened his eyes he was back on the ship and he felt sickly and weak. His hands were no longer bound, but it didn't matter as the elf could not even lift his arms. Darious came into the room, "ah you're awake... no don't speak, save your strength son. I'm sorry but I didn't quite expect you to survive that ordeal." There was genuine concern in Darious' eyes, or was it genuine? Ren was not able to tell anymore, everything he thought about the man was changed, different. This greedy, selfish human had sacrificed his supposed friend for gold! "You were not supposed to survive, but when you did I could not bring myself to leave you there, I know you will never forgive me Ren. I can live with that, but I do owe you a debt of gratitude, for you have made me a very wealthy man. I'll repay that debt someday, I swear it." With that Darious left the room to curses muttered by the elf, and in came Loren.

    Loren was able to keep the elf alive during the voyage, but it was understood that without better help that the elf's failing health would take his life, and Darious had decided to return Ren to his people. The voyage back was long and lonely, Ren refused to speak to any of the filth that came into his quarters. He wanted with all of his being to run Darious through, but he barely had the strength to eat his food. He was returned to his people and that was the last he had seen of Captain Nighthawk. It took nearly a year for him to recover from his wounds, and although for the most part Ilterendi had regained his health, whatever had happened to him had left him shaky and wrecked his immune system. It left him cautious and detatched. Unalynn Gladomain the high priest of Corellon of his tribe had asked Ren what had happened many times, but the Elf kept it to himself, saying only what Darious had mentioned to her. He came down with an illness during their adventure and it was one that Darious' priest Loren had no answer for, and as such he was brought home.

    Darious did leave a note:

    "Ren, I know you hate me, and wish to see me dead. I also know that what I left you cannot make up for what I have done, but all the same I wish you the best in this life. I will make it up to you, I promise, but only if you let me... friend."

    Among the small amount of coin, there was a magical suit of mithral breastplate, and one of his weapons had been enchanted. "This is your gift to me Darious? Two swords, and some Armour? Your gratitude and debt?" He was disgusted, but he took up the weapons and the armour, training with them, regaining his strength. One day he would run the pirate through with that blade, one day he would get his revenge. Until then he decided that it was best to follow in the footsteps of his father, he would join the Order of Corellon, and become his champion.

    This concludes the backstory for Ilterendi La'Kilia
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    Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:45 pm  

    Notable NPCs in the campaign

    Elves in Ren and Miraj's tribe-

    Arato Seladrine (M)- Ren and Miraj's father, Champion of Corellion Larethian
    Unalynn Gladomain (F)- High Priest of Corellon Larethian
    Walorin Darksbane (M)- Master at arms/of the hunt
    Thonan Moonshadow (M)- Keeper of the Lore
    Victaonna "Foeslayer" Forgedawn (F)- Captain of the Watch
    Darstina Woodsoul (F)- Stores master
    Ianhorn Glimmergaunt (M)- Elder
    Ardiana Glimmergaunt (F)- Ianhorn's daughter
    Naia Minya (F)- Gladomain's apprentice, Ren's cohort
    Sgiathatch Elendil (M)- Ren and Miraj's Grandfather

    Other notable NPCs-

    Darious Nighthawk, Human Male, Pirate
    Ragnar, Dwarven Male, Darious' firstmate
    Rurik Magnusson, Dwarven Male, Weaponsmith
    Udoice, Tallfellow Halfling Male, Mayor of Esmerin
    Tumblebelly Rumblebelly, Ogre Male, Udoice's servant
    Horonin, Human Male, Farmer
    Caramon (Sha'Quessir)- Brass Dragon wyrmling who aided the brothers
    Rianthasala, Talea, Elrion- Caramon's siblings

    Ogland IV, Orc Male, Leader of the Evil Eye tribe
    Leogeon Monsterheart, Orc Male, 2nd in command to Ogland IV
    Unknown Orc Male- Cleric of Gruumsh
    Unknown Orc Male- Barbarian/Frenzied Bezerker
    Unknown Half-Orc Male- Sorceror

    Notable groups-
    Aelavellin (Sword Knights) of Corellion
    Tribe of the Evil Eye
    Tribe of the Rotting Eye
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    Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:52 am  

    I know it's been awhile but school has kept me busy, we have had a couple sessions and I am putting together a post for them this week. Sorry for the delay
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    Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:35 am  

    Ilterendi settled into the tribal life, it took him some time to recover but when he did he trained under the master-at-arms Walorin Darksbane with a fervor. He also took to the hunt along with Walorin and quickly became one of the tribe's elite hunters. He regularly volunteered for patrols and would drag his brother Miraj along whenever he could ply the aloof elf away from his books. Ren also visited the temple of Corellon Larethian regularly, he would help them in various tasks and was devout in his prayers. It was his many appearances at the temple that he met Naia Minya and became dear friends.

    For several years things went smoothly, but then one day when he and his brother were on patrol they came across some orcs. That was nothing new to them of course as they had many skirmishes with the tribe of the Rotting Eye. Ren even learned the orcish tongue so he could better understand his foes. This day was different however, as there were orcs that bore colours unknown in this part of the land. From some observation and Miraj's vast knowledge of anything and everything under the sun they discovered that these orcs were of the Tribe of the Evil Eye, and it was apparent that they had subjugated the Tribe of the Rotting Eye. The elven brothers retreated and immediately went back to notify the tribal elders of their discovery. The orcs were clearcutting the forest and it had to be stopped.

    After meeting with the elders it was determined that Walorin would take a troop of the tribal elites and put a stop to it, Ren and Miraj were to accompany him. They moved swiftly through the forest as only elves can, especially knowing the lay of the land. It was not long before they could see the orc retinue, and Walorin along with the brothers devised a plan. Ren would charge the apparent leader and Walorin would lead an ambush on the flank, Miraj would provide cover for them with his magic.

    Ren charged into the group of orcs on his steed Tiri Elendil, a black mare trained for battle by Ren himself. Taking the orcs by surprise he quickly struck their captain, Tiri kicking him with her hoof. The Orcs turned to the lone assailant and began to close in, then came a hail of arrows, felling a couple of the brutes. Shortly thereafter a column of flame came out of seemingly nowhere, enveloping the orc captain. Still the large orc stood and snarling he drew his weapon, countering Ren's assault with a display of his own. The melee ensued, some of the orcs moving in on Miraj, the vast majority turning to take on Walorin and the elven elites.

    It didn't take long for Ren to begin his defensive style of combat and once his defenses were up the orc captain could not find an avenue of attack, as the elf and horse seemed to become one. Try as he might he could not penetrate the elf's guard, not even when going after the steed as just when it looked like he might fell Ren's horse one of the elf's blades would flash in and deflect the blow. Miraj continued his spell blasting, incinerating orcs around his brother. Walorin and the elites were not fairing well against the orc lumberjacks in melee combat, and the orcs even began turning the tide once they got inside bow range. Their physical strength giving them the advantage in the chaotic melee.

    Ren kept knicking at the captain's defenses, slipping his blade in to strike a vital area, then immediately resuming his guard, leaving his opponent with no chance to land his blade. Miraj moved in to help Walorin's group while Ren continued his battle with the Orc Captain. It wasn't long before the battle was over, and indeed they won the field but at a high cost. 6 of the 8 elites accompanying Walorin fell in battle, and Walorin himself was badly hurt. The brothers said a few prayers for their fallen comrades and gave them the proper elven funeral rights. Miraj and Ren lent their steeds to Walorin and the remaining elites as they did so. Returning to the village several hours later.

    The elders were once again meeting, and Ren and Miraj figured into their plans, as it turned out the princess had been taken captive by the orcs when the militia was away fighting, the council decided that a small group could sneak in, recover her and get out where as an army could not get to her. Ren and Miraj volunteered for the mission, and they promised Ianhorn Glimmergaunt that they would recover his daughter, and so the next day the brothers set out to find Ardianna Glimmergaunt. Their journey would take them into the heart of the lands the orcs had begun to claim as their own, outside of the Dim Forest in the Gran March. Ren was an adept tracker and it was not hard to pick up the trail which brought the brothers to a fort. They observed the Evil Eye cleric performing a ritual with the Rotting Eye orcs, and those that did not comply were put to death.

    They could also see massive pens of prisoners, Ren searched among them but could not find the princess, he decided to open the pens and tell the prisoners to run for their lives. The chaos that ensued gave him some cover and he searched the camp further, his search brought him to a large tent and he moved inside still under the guise of invisibility. There he overheard a conversation discussing the elven princess between a massive orc who seemed to be in charge and a cleric of gruumsh. Ren knew the tongue and could understand their conversation. Not only did they speak of the princess, they spoke of something they called the Elfgutter, and Ren learned they were referring to the blade the large orc carried in his possession.

    After the cleric left the tent Ren whispered into the ear of the large orc, “if you wish to live you must release the princess.” The orc swung in Ren's direction but the elf was agile and easily dodged the wild attack. After looking around some more the Orc stormed out of the tent in a huff, knocking over the desk that had some tactical maps on it. Ren quickly gathered one of the maps and followed the orc. This one could move rapidly and never seemed to slow, once free of the encampment Ren made his way back to Miraj. Ren told his brother that he would track this orc and that Miraj should return to the village and notify the elders of the re-emergence of the Elfgutter, one of their race's ancient foes. Miraj agreed and Ren began tracking the orc, who was nearly able to move as quickly as Tiri Elendil could, and never seemed to tire.

    More to come soon
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