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    stats for Gord the Rogue
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    Wed Jan 21, 2004 7:50 am  
    stats for Gord the Rogue

    I've been looking online for the past week or so trying to find anything I can about the 1st or 2nd edition game stats for Gord the Rogue. I still have yet to find anything solid, mostly things about his gear.

    Do you all have any resources I might look into?
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    Wed Jan 21, 2004 10:21 am  

    Here is what I could find. Hope it helps.
    Gord (Carl Quadrapus) "Blackcat"
    Thief Acrobat, Align: Neutral, S:17, D: 18, Con:16, I: 16, W:14, Chr: 15, Com: 14, Born: Greyhawk City, Languages: Common, Thieves Cant, Beggars Cant; +1 to hit and damage with dagger and long sword, no penalties for using both weapons simultaneously; Due to his agility, he can out-fence Gellor and out wrestle Chert.
    Proficiencies: Non-weapon - boating, woodcraft, tracking, disguise, gambling, horsemanship, rope use; Weapon - long sword, dagger, crossbow, garrote, lance;

    He taller than 5'1" (probably around 5' 6") and of moderate build. He has white teeth, wavy black hair (every so often a stray lock will hang into his face) grey eyes and a roguish smile. Due to the effects of the chrysoberyl ring, he appears much younger than he really is.

    Equipment: dagger - cuts through stone, hits all non-magical armor as if AC 10; it is the length of a short sword, Sword +4 - has truesight, He carries a pair of knives in his boots. elfin chain mail shirt +1, amulet of non-detection, gold ring set with a cabochon cat's-eye chrysoberyl - resurrects nine times, each time, the wearer will awake in the Demesne of the Cat Lord, those specially attuned to it may polymorph into any cat form.; carries a bag of holding. He has a scroll of banishment retrieved from the vampire Plincourt. He is given a spell scroll from Melf. He uses poison on occasion (when doing thievery). He has a short rope garrote, a grappling hook, and a long thin rope. He has a box of holding at his residence.

    He is the great grandson of Rexfelis. His father was the sole heir to the seventh house of cats, the house of panthers. His parents had left him in the charge of a sorcerer friend who turned herself into Leena. Gord and his parents were targeted by a malevolent force and his parents and Leena were killed when he was a child, Leena dying when Gord was 11.

    He is twenty-one by end of Saga of Old City. He and Chert bought a house in the River Quarter near the Strip. He owned a big roan stallion named Blue Murder, for a time. He then moved to a fifth floor apartment near the wall in Craftsman's Ward adjacent to the Foreign Quarter. He is named Gentleman and Esquire to the house of Fizziak. During City of Hawks, he goes into the Land of the Shadow and meets the Shadowking. He risks his life to regain his family necklace, but was forced to surrender it to leave. The sapphires had disappeared from the box a few years before Leena died. They found their way into a high priest of Nerull's necklace, then to the lich Imprimus of the Shadowland. They are the badge of the Prince of the ninth (seventh?) house.

    He is slain once by a devil swine in the Vesve and arrives at the manse of the Catlord. He has relations with Tirrip the tigerwere at the Manse of the Catlord.

    He is given Windeater, a small swift stallion, by Mulha of the Al-babur. By Sea of Death is between twenty-eight and thirty years old, although he appears to be twenty-one due to the effects of his Cat's Eye ring. His Okmani name is "Pharzool". His Al Illa-Thuffi name is "Farzoel". His magic long sword is dissolved by the acidic blood of a creature in the tunnels below the Sea of Dust. He picks up a new +3 or +4 sword in the Forgotten City. He leads a group of escaped slaves out of the Sea of Dust. He is forced into a death duel with Obmi by Vuron. He wins. Vuron makes him choose where the final Theorpart will go, with the catch that Leda take the place of Eclavdra. He gives it to Vuron and she leaves with him.

    During the year between Sea of Death and Come Endless Darkness, he and the escaped slaves traded down in the Amedio Jungle and brought back wealth. On their way back, a year later, the evil powers have sent sirens, sea hags, and storms. When a raven is sent to spy on them, they play dead in the Azure Sea. They have sailed on the Sovereign Sea Lion, then Stormeater, then Sea Blade, now the Silver seeker. Rexfelis taught him the art of summoning felinoids. He leaves his gold, on the ship, gives his elfin chain shirt to Dohojar, and his adamantine long sword from the Forgotten City to Barrel, and catches a ride on Leoceanius. Kharistylla gives him a pale green pearl of free action and water breathing. She tries to seduce him. He has a tiny coffer of holding. He has a golden amulet of Elemental action - it is an oval of golden amber with a spider inside that he recovered and loaned to Rexfelis. Rexfelis returned it and Gord gave it to Kharistylla. It allows free action and element breathing, as well as the ability to open a gate to the Catlord's realm.

    He is made Lord of Panthers and a Lord of Balance. His fortune was that, should he reach maturity, manage to survive without being polluted by evil, or made narrow by rigid conceit, then he would be Balance's champion. He had to be kept ignorant of this fate until the proper time - Rexfelis' meeting of the Lords of Balance. He stays in the house of Rexfelis' seventh son. He has a battered wooden coffer that will open when he speaks either of his parents' names. It has a false bottom with portraits and biographies of Karal and Ataleena written in Catscript. Saying the name a second time will open the false bottom to reveal a necklace with nine sapphires.

    The black Suel blade turns up in his equipment, it is an evil sword that he has named Blackheartseeker. He has a magical rope that will constrict, make a knot, or recoil on command. He has many bags of holding and many magic rings, including a ring offlying. He is empowered to resist vacuum and to convey this ability to others. Basiliv warns him of the trap on Gravestone's fiftieth stair. By Come Endless Darkness, his THAC0 is one worse than Gellor's. He owns a Talisman of Balance.

    By Dance of Demons he is the best thief-acrobat on Oerth. He is at least 30 years old. He is dark haired, he looks young. He is five foot five inches tall. Balance enspells all of his equipment. He is made capable of seeing in the infrared, ultraviolet, visual and low light. He is given ESP ability, the capacity to travel by thought, and psionic invisibility by the Hierophants. The Shadowking gives them shadowplate +5. It has no encumbrance, so thieves can use their abilities as if they were wearing no armor, but in total darkness, or shadowless light, it will disappear. He is also given elfin chainmail, and rings of protection + a lot. He is given healing abilities, immunity from disease, bless, and detect lie from the Clerics. He is given some permanent magic resistance either in the form of Anti-magic or a permanent Minor Globe of Invulnerability. He has visited some of the Elemental planes, the Positive and Negative Material planes. He has been given an intricately worked belt buckle that enables him to travel to every plane with a touch and a thought. These buckles can partially cloak their magic, making them difficult to trace. Lord Entropy fully cloaks him. He has been implanted with knowledge of the generalities of the Abyss. He and Gellor have the Banner of Basiliv, which they use to confuse Infestix. They also have the Quadrate Pillars of the Elements. He is now capable of curing himself a limited amount. He slays the material form of Infestix and takes the Initiator. He slays Iggwilv and Iuz, and then uses the two Theorparts to blast Zuggtmoy, slaying her. At that point there is a deep laughter. Leda vanishes. He and Gellor go to an Abyssal plane that is intolerable even to demons so that they may think. He gets depressed. They slay and wound many demons (see outer planar events) take the Unbinder, and leave. They hop from plane to plane, from the ether to the astral, to the Sea of Thought, to a Balance created haven. When he is placed on Yarth, he marries Leda.
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    Wed Jan 21, 2004 11:46 am  

    Hey Rhineglade,

    Very interesting! May I ask where you obtained that excerpt from? And any idea what level thief/acrobat Gord is supposed to be?
    Apprentice Greytalker

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    Wed Jan 21, 2004 11:52 am  

    It is a site called "Gord's Greyhawk." Here is the address:

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    Wed Jan 21, 2004 12:42 pm  

    Rhineglade wrote:
    Here is what I could find. Hope it helps.

    Thanks alot. And I too agree with TwiceBorn, anyone know his levels? I assume that he's a Thief with the Acrobat kit. Confused Wink
    CF Admin

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    Thu Jan 22, 2004 12:51 pm  

    Actually in 1e there was a subclass of Thief called the Thief Acrobat (this was before kits in 2e).
    Allan Grohe (
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:47 am  

    Very interesting. The link seems to be dead though.

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    Tue Jul 13, 2021 6:16 am  

    JasonZavoda wrote:
    Very interesting. The link seems to be dead though.

    It's hosted here now:
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