Wed May 31, 2017 4:45 pm  
Exciting Sustare/Cook/Jaquays/Winter anthology

Pacesetter just announced a pretty serious adventure anthology y'all might be interested in called Legends of Adventure. Modules by Dennis Sustare, David “Zeb” Cook, Merle Rasmussen, Steve Marsh, Steve Winter, and Jennel Jaquays. Art by Darlene, Jeff Dee, Diesel, Jeff Easley, and Jennell Jaquays

Limited to 200 softcover copies. Hardcover preorder open from now to June 4th. They say it'll never be reprinted. Proceeds go to NTX founder Doug Rhea, just diagnosed with cancer.

On another topic, Eldritch Ent released what will probably be their swan song a couple weeks ago, Christopher Clark's sandbox Bastion: The Border Village of Namar. Currently on sale during rpgnow's OSRextravaganza or in a bundle with the other three modules in the series.