Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:04 pm  
Trollbar in three parts

To all,

I see that my latest articles got posted. I had to break it up into parts, had too much material to cram it all into one article. I wanted to touch on developing a known location from Iuz the Evil, expand on one of the Boneheart wizards, and go back to one of my favorite evil tomes from Dragon Magazine and wrap them altogether. Let me know if the effort was successful.

I kinda liked the Boneheart wizard Cranzer. He seemed to have a sense of style about him that I wanted to write about. I liked that he deliberately wore different clothes than the typical black robes. I think I read on one of the forums that someone else felt that that aspect of the character lent itself to making him the more dapper of the evil wizards. I would make his ghastrobe be a customized deal, with it able to project various scents at the whim of its owner (i.e. the ghast smell in combat, a pleasant potpourri when guest are around, etc).

I made up a brother for him, to use as kind of a sequel should a party of adventurers rumble one or the other. Even in Iuz's lands, bonds of brotherhood would make for a good motivation for a villain to take an interest in your PCs.

Finally, I liked the idea of using a huge blob to run rampant through farmlands, causing famine. That sounds like a worthy plot of Incabulos. So I added some more detail on the Dungeon of Bleeding Walls.

Let me know how this all shakes out for you. Thanks for reading and feedback!