Sun Mar 13, 2005 9:01 pm  
Collector's Trove Presents David C Sutherland III Collection

Collector's Trove Presents David C Sutherland III Collection

Howdy Folks,

The Collector's Trove Presents the David C. Sutherland III Collection (LOTS 111-222)!

The Collector's Trove has been authorized to auction this and many other items from the collection of David C. Sutherland III. These items were acquired during the last 30 years of David's professional career, much of that time spent as an employee of TSR, the company that founded the roleplaying game industry.

Each lot comes with its own unique Letter of Authentication personally signed and dated by David C. Sutherland III.

Sadly David's health is in sharp decline and he can no longer work. His prognosis is terminal. His hope is that by auctioning off these items he may secure some additional funds to defray health care costs and supplement his estate for his wife and two daughters. Mainly David wants these items to go to someone who cares for them.

David as you know is a longtime artist in the gaming world. Producing countless works at an incredible rate. He has helped illustrate the games of our imagination for generations of players. Wargames, roleplaying games, strategy games, and board games. David has done it all with the care and intensity that only a true fan of the historical, sci-fi, fantasy game genre could uphold.

The seminal artist of the Dungeons and Dragons and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game and the fantasy world of M.A.R. Barker's Tékumel, David helped shape the very roots of the roleplaying games we all know and love. His work is the canvas of our youth and fond sentiments. Many of the top writers and artists involved with the roleplaying games industry owe their inspiration and calling to him.

David's involvement in the art of games goes back to 1974 and the breadth and depth of his work is a roadmap for the history of the industry.

Now you have the opportunity to be a curator of a portion of this legacy!

I look forward to seeing your bids!

I will begin listing items on eBay at 9 PM CST, Sunday, March 13th. The auction will last 7 days ending on Sunday, March 20th. Bookmark this page to get the first crack at them!

Futures Bright,