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    B1 In Search of the Unknown - A Campaign Alternative
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    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Sun Aug 23, 2020 4:44 am  
    B1 In Search of the Unknown - A Campaign Alternative

    B1 In Search of the Unknown - A Campaign Alternative


    Years ago Zelligar the Uncaring, a Necromancer/Alchemist of great renown, and his loyal henchman Rogahn the Bald, constructed a vast underground dwelling, laboratory and fortification they called Quasqueton. This labyrinth of rooms and passages was built far from any towns or settlements, deep within a forested land and dug into a crested hill that commanded an excellent view of the surrounding area. Zelligar valued his solitude since his experiments were dark and dangerous and while the life or death of any other than himself mattered not to him, he did not like interference in his affairs.

    It is said that the construction of Quasqueton took decades and cost the lives of hundreds of laborers. Zelligar found that animating the corpses of the slain greatly added to the efficiency of his workforce; his surviving workers began to slip away only to be hunted down by Rogahn and added to Zelligar's unliving crew. What other enchantments Zelligar used to construct his fortification no one can tell, but as they neared completion powerful beasts, demons and daemons and monsters of all sorts were seen aiding in the building of the seemingly numberless halls and chambers carved from bedrock deep within the forested hill.

    For years both Zelligar and Rogahn had disappeared from the knowledge of men. The few workers who survived told tales of the labyrinthine passages, the deep chambers, the finding of passages old and abandoned that joined with the fresh work of Zelligar's fortress-laboratory. They spoke of things best not seen by man, and some, those who had worked on the deepest levels of the complex, refused to speak at all, only hinting at terrible and unnatural things that sang in the darkness and stripped the souls from men.

    And then one day a band of bloodied mercenaries appeared in the nearest towns, with a husk of a man as their leader. Drained and withered, Rogahn stayed among the townsfolk, who were filled with questions, only long enough to buy supplies and any fresh mounts he could find before riding away, putting as much distance as he could between himself and his former home, Quasqueton.

    In terse words and sepulcher tones Rogahn warned the townsfolk that they were far enough away, that beasts and monsters now stalked the upper halls, but something woken by Zelligar from beyond the void between the worlds ruled the deep chambers, something older and far more evil than man. Beware the singers in the darkness he warned and rode away.

    That was years ago and both Zelligar and Rogahn are folktales now among the people of the surrounding land. The very name Quasqueton is forgotten by the people, but not by those who have studied ancient texts, who search for power no matter how dangerous, evil or unnatural it may be. It is known by few that Zelligar built upon that hill not by chance but by design. Power drew him there to a place where power once had dwelled and been swallowed by the earth in ages before man had even come down from the trees.

    Those seeking such power and lived have learned caution, and it is not they who will breach the doors of lost Quasqueton and walk its long forgotten halls. No, they have hired mercenaries and sought adventurers to be their stalking goats. With old maps and minor enchantments they have equipped the brave and foolish. Now Quasqueton awaits and what rewards or terrors may be found cannot be said for the adventurers are in search of the unknown. With luck the unknown may not find them first.


    This is an introductory adventure for a party of 6-8 1st level characters. If retainers or hirelings are used it is recommended that they be unskilled 0-level torch holder types. As the party delves deeper into the halls of Quasqueton the dangers will increase as should the experience level of the party, their wealth and the quality of any followers or hirelings.

    Quasqueton is both a modern dungeon built by Zelligar and a series of ancient tunnels and chambers built by mages and monsters of old and deeper down, because Quasqueton is a very deep dungeon, are places where man did not dwell, passages carved or shaped by things; horrors that should not be and are best not encountered, and rewards, well, the reward of survival, perhaps mere earthly rewards of gold and gems and items of great power, but the cost even for the survivors may be more than they ever receive in return.

    End Part 1
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Sun Aug 30, 2020 6:22 am  


    The wilderness around Quasqueton is dangerous but in a more natural way than the dungeon. There are no human settlements now closer than 30 miles and no roads or even large trails leading to the hill. There are animal trails and a small stream about two miles from Quasqueton which runs from north to south and empties in a marshy area. There is a chance that the players will find a beaten trail through the woods, not fresh, but as recent as a few weeks past, someone using bladed tools or weapons widened an animal trail in the direction of the hill. This chance becomes near certainty when the gates of Quasqueton are found since the cleared trail leads to the gate. Backtracking along this trail the players will find that it splits in two. One way leads back to the small stream, the other to a campsite.

    The Campsite

    At some point a few weeks before the PC's arrive someone, several someones, established a small camp at the base of the hill. It has been destroyed and only torn and muddy canvas, broken wooden casks and some metal debris such as a dented pot, iron chain, a cask of iron spikes (48 rusty iron spikes salvageable from the dirt and forest loam). Exploration of the campsite will reveal that a building once stood in this place, the fallen stone walls covered by bushes and vines but its foundation, still forming a square with the campsite in its middle, shows the dimensions of a mid-sized structure. Even if the campsite is not explored in detail there is a 1d3 chance of one of the players hearing the sound of burbling water and only a dozen feet into the woods a small spring can be found.

    NOTE: Before setting off on their quest the PCs will be supplied with 1 pack mule for every 3 PCs. 1 full month of iron rations per PC. 1 medium-sized tent for every 3 PCs. Sundry camping gear which the DM may decide to detail or allow the PCs to request, but anything within reason should be allowed. The one item of true note is a compass-like device which always points in the direction of Quasqueton, but whose pin spins in happy little circles within the dungeon itself.

    A wilderness encounter table has not been included. This is a forested area and forest animals and animal-like monsters dwell within it. The players characters cannot expect any animals or goods left unattended to remain unmolested but the main focus of the adventure is the dungeon and not the wilderness.


    It is recommended, but such advice can easily be ignored, to have the players generate 3 player characters each before starting the adventure. 1 PC can be left behind to hold the horses and guard the camp, while two others journey into the dungeon. If one or even two PCs are killed during a game session a third will be readily available to take up the fallen torch and keep the game moving forward without too much backtracking. Then one or two new PCs can be rolled up and be ready to be worked into the campaign.


    LEVEL 1

    NOTE: Keyed areas are simply marked 1. , 2. , etc... on the map, but are listed in the text as L#A# (Level#Area#)

    NOTE: Passageways: All Passageways on level 1 are made of smooth, largish blocks of stone of varying size. Floors and walls are slightly slick. Passageways are unlit but have wall sconces to hold torches every twenty feet on opposite walls. Unless otherwise noted.

    NOTE: Doors: All doors on level 1 are wooden with iron pull-rings on either side. Hinges are set into the wall and copper hinge-plates protect the wood around the hinges. All doors have keyholes and are locked. Unless otherwise noted.

    L1A1). The entranceway to the dungeon appears to be no more than weathered cliff face of blackish slate, except that a section of dirt and vegetation has been cleared in front of a shallow cave-like opening and a stone-faced door, the exterior rough unhewn rock , the interior smooth and finished, stands open. Examination of the door will reveal 3 rusted iron spikes driven into the rock preventing the door from closing.

    The passage is an even 10feet wide and 8feet high. The air is damp and musty and tinged with the smell of corruption. The passageway is unlit though sconces for torches are set every twenty feet on opposite walls. During the early morning sunlight will illuminate the first 20feet dimly but further than that and the hall is black as a very black pit.

    L1A2). (Trapped Door). A sturdy wooden door with tarnished copper hinge-plates and a rusted iron pull-ring with a small key-hole beside it. This door has old cracks running down its face, but they do not weaken its structural strength. It is a very large door, as are all the doors in the dungeon, made of thick heavy wood. It opens inward but is jammed shut. There are black stains running down the edge of the door from just above the keyhole (blood) and at the foot of the door are several wormlike objects that are a fuzzy-green with white showing through (the severed fingers of the corpse at L1A3).

    TRAP: The pull-ring is trapped with a magic trap (it will radiate magic if detected). Anyone touching it will receive 1d6 electrical damage and a 50% chance of being knocked on their **** and stunned for 1d3 Turns. This damage and effect will occur each and every time the pull-ring is touched.

    The door may be pushed open with a combined strength of 24. It is not locked, merely swollen shut. If attempts are made to break down the door axes, maces or sledgehammers will make the door gong like a drum and awaken or alert and guards or inhabitants from L1A3 to L1A13. It will take 3d6 Turns to knock open the door

    Attempting to burn down the door with a normal fire will be unsuccessful as the door is damp from the moist atmosphere and the hall is poorly ventilated. Such a fire will force any PCs who need to breathe air out of the tunnel and send a plume of black smoke from the passageway out the front door to hang above the hill like a big bat-signal in the sky.

    Once the door is open examination of it will reveal that there are gouges along the hinges where iron spikes were driven-in and removed and dark black streaks (blood) along the inside of the door from just above the keyhole.

    L1A3) (Magic Mouth) There is a large pool of damp congealed blood on the floor (the floors are damp and slick but not awash with water so the blood has not dried but neither has it washed away) in the alcove, on the walls, a bit on the ceiling and in the passageway between L1A3 and L1A4. The upper torso of a thinnish man in torn leather armor is tossed into the corner. At first glance he looks more like a bundle of rags. He has no lower body, head or fingers on his right hand. If anyone steps into the passageway opposite the alcove or into the alcove itself a pair of stone lips (magic mouth) will appear and speak the following words:

    "Who Dares Enter This Place And Disturb the Sanctity of its Inhabitants?"

    Then with only a slight pause a voice from L1A4 will be heard to say:

    "Htead Niatrec Ot Demood Srerolpxe Yhdrahloof Fo Pourg A Ylno!"

    Then from L1A3:

    "You're Saying It Backwards Again, You Idiot!"

    Then from L1A4 (with an apologetic voice):

    "Sorry, Sorry, My Bad. Woe To Any..."

    Then from L1A3:

    "Wait, Wait, I'm Supposed to be Saying That Too!"

    "Woe To Any... O Bugger It."

    And the stone lips in L1A3 Disappear.

    If searched the torso has only a ruined set of leather armor on its half-person.

    L1A4) If the PCs slip into this alcove without stepping into the passageway or L1A3 a pair of stone lips will appear on the back wall. It will remain silent for a moment and then say:

    "You're Supposed to Talk With Him Across the Hall First."

    If the PCs fail to leave the alcove the voice will say:

    "Off With Ya. I have Nothing More To Say."

    And if the PCs still haven't left it will begin to whistle tunelessly.

    In the alcove PCs will see the severed lower body of a thinnish man dressed in dark trousers and wearing soft leather boots. Dark stains are congealed on the floor and walls. The lower body is tossed in the corner of the alcove. The boots are salvageable and might be sold for a few silvers. A sheath is built into the side of the left boot and contains a throwing knife.

    L1A5) A set of thick iron bars block the passage. If the PCs have listened to the message from L1A3 the bars will be raised. If not they are lowered and locked in place. It will require a combined strength of 60 to lift and hold the gate. If strength is withdrawn and the point value is less than 60 the gate will come smashing down with a change to do 1d12 damage to anyone underneath and a 25% chance to pin a PC to the floor.

    NOTE: The Magic Mouths will reappear whenever anyone approaches from the front gate, but have grown lazy and surly in the years they have been left alone. They won't bother lowering the iron bars again and will only yell rude insults at anyone passing their alcoves from now on.
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Mon Aug 31, 2020 12:53 pm  

    A Note On Magic Mouths

    The magic mouths at L1A3 and L1A4 control the iron bars which block the passageway at L1A5. Upon finishing their warning they are meant to raise the bars for 5 Turns then drop them again. (The bars will automatically raise for 5 Turns if anyone passes the alcoves at L1A6 & 7 heading toward the front gate). Unfortunately the magic mouths have become slightly deranged during their years of solitude and have developed a bit of a pugnacious attitude and something of a Scottish accent.

    After their initial attempt to follow their original instructions as to what to shout at intruders they simply give up and leave the bars raised permanently, but now shout insults at anyone who passes them by,

    Here are some of what they may shout and an insult generator.

    1). Run Away, ye Pansys!
    2). An where dae ye think you're goin'?
    3). Back to ye own country!
    4). Suck mae wally!
    5). Freedom! Freedom!
    6). Up yers, ye coot.
    7). Ye bloustie ol'callyack
    8). Ach, stick it up yer trakkans
    9). Stitch this, jimmy!
    10). Ere's a kiss for ye, ya off-lookin minger

    Insult generator:

    Most of their insults begin with Ye or Thee, then roll 1d100 three times.

    1-2). bampot
    3-4). bassa
    5-6). bauchle
    7-8). bawheid
    9-10). boggin
    11-12). bowfin
    13-14). clag-tail
    15-16). clapped-in
    17-18). clatty
    19-20). cuddie
    21-22). diddy
    23-24). doaty
    25-26). dobber
    27-28). doolie
    29-30). doowally
    31-32). eejit
    33-34). feartie
    35-36). ginky
    37-38). glaikit
    39-40). gomeril
    41-42). gommy
    43-44). hackit
    45-46). haggis
    47-48). heidbanger
    49-50). hing-oot
    51-52). honkin
    53-54). jessie
    55-56). keech
    57-58). lavvy-heid
    59-60). maddy
    61-62). midden
    63-64). midgie-raker
    65-66). minger
    67-68). numpty
    69-70). nyaff
    71-72). oof-lookin
    73-74). plookie
    75-76). puggled
    77-78). scabby
    79-80). scadge
    81-82). scaffbag
    83-84). scunner
    85-86). shaan gadgie
    87-88). skelly
    89-90). soapdogger
    91-92). tosser
    93-94). tumshie
    95-96). wally
    97-98). wally, wally
    99-100). Reuse previously rolled word or double use next word if first roll.
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:41 pm  

    L1A6) As the PCs approach this alcove they will hear a loud groaning as of someone in pain. A glance inside will show an empty alcove except the ever familiar stone lips of a magic mouth on the back wall. It will give a deep groan as the PCs watch and force itself to say;

    "Passss worddd" before snapping its lips shut.

    If questioned the magic mouth will say;

    "Tooooo Mannn-eee... Tooooo Mannn-eee..."

    It will then try to disappear and remeld with the wall (and secret door) but fail and reappear with a deeper groan and then pinch its lips shut. It will not speak again, but will let a groan escape every few minutes.

    If the players try to detect a secret door and succeed they will find one at the back of the alcove. It appears to be of the same stone as the surrounding walls, but there are indications of a hidden keyhole (this lock can be picked but is already unlocked) and hinges along the one side. The door is actually made of stone though only half as thick as the walls. There is nothing to pull on this side of the door but if 50+ points of strength are used to push at the door it will give an inch then slam shut. The PCs will each have a 1in6 chance (a 6 on a d6) of noticing a faint putrid smell when the door is momentarily opened but it is quickly lost amid the general smell of damp and mold that permeates the corridor.

    This door is very strong and bound together with magic, which lessens its weight allowing it to be opened as a normal wooden door. Trying to destroy the door is impossible without monstrous strength (such as that of a giant) or with magical weapons. Even then it would quite an undertaking to chip away the stone with an edged weapon, though a magic mace or sledge would have better results).

    Once opened this door can only be locked again with a key

    NOTE: The Password is 'Zenopus' but the door is already unlocked.

    L1A7) As the PCs approach this alcove they will see a pair of stone lips appear. The lips will say;

    "Password!" in a loud, clear and authoritative voice.

    If given the password (Password is 'Suponez') there will be the sound of a click, the magic mouth will disappear, and the secret door will be unlocked (though not revealed unless it is discovered by searching for secret doors). It can be pushed open.

    If given the wrong password the mouth will begin shouting very loudly;

    "INTRUDERS! INTRUDERS!" over and over again for 3 turns before resetting.

    Once opened this door can only be locked again with a key

    This door is very strong and bound together with magic, which lessens its weight allowing it to be opened as a normal wooden door. Trying to destroy the door is impossible without monstrous strength (such as that of a giant) or with magical weapons. Even then it would quite an undertaking to chip away the stone with an edged weapon, though a magic mace or sledge would have better results).
    Even a casual glance into the alcove will reveal a small round object in the corner, though a light source is required. On examination it will be revealed to be the head of a man with the top of his head caved in and the slightly slick insides of his empty skull revealed. The man has a weasely face and beady brown eyes. His scalp appears to have been torn open and pushed aside before his skull was broken and partly removed.

    L1A8) The corridor and alcoves here are awash with congealed blood. The smell of putrification and corruption is overpowering and PCs will need to save vs their constitution on a d20 (their con or less) or suddenly be overwhelmed with the need to vomit (DM's feel free to edit this out if it is too graphic for your game). Examination of the alcoves and corridor immediately in front of both is a disgusting and messy job. Anyone doing so will be covered in decomposing blood and be left literally red-handed, the smell will also linger. But those doing so will discover;

    The head of a two-handed axe with the haft broken off near the head. It can be repaired easily.

    A scattering of coins 7gp, 23sp, and 15cp.

    A torn leather pouch with 1gp, 2cp still in it. If the pouch is carefully examined a small inner pocket will be discovered contain 5 small diamonds worth 25gp each to any semi-honest merchant.

    A dagger with its tip snapped off (-1 to hit)

    The broken foot-long blade-half of a longsword (good as an iron spike at least).

    A blood-soaked book with all but the middle 3 pages ruined. It will make a normal man's head spin to try and read it, but it is the remains of a spellbook. It contains the following spells:

    Level 1; Flaming Missile
    Level 1: Light
    Level 2: Fire Web

    The rest of the book is ruined and cannot be deciphered,

    L1A9). From the entrance the short flight of stairs rises to just over the height of a man. The stairs themselves are bloodied but the general dampness of the air and slickness of the stones has gradually allowed the blood to pass and collect in area L1A8.

    As the first PC or PCs ascend the stairs they see a scene of some carnage. First one than another body hoves into view. They are at a small cross-section of corridors with one path straight ahead and two others on either side dwindling off into darkness or stone walls with the hint of other openings revealed along the way by the light of their lanterns, magic or torches. Directly ahead the corridor has two doors at either side and the crumpled form of a man in armor is huddled near to the left-hand doorway.

    The body of another armored man is head-first toward the stairs and the PCs can see his bloodstained head and ravaged face,; the flesh torn and mangled as if an animal had gnawed at it.

    Two more bodies are on the floor about 10ft to the right, both armored men, tangled together in death.

    One man in dark robes is propped against the wall near the right-hand door in the corridor straight ahead of the stairs. His arms and head dangle lifelessly and he is bent at the middle but still upright.

    If the PCs poke, prod or shoot any of the bodies before approaching closer than 5ft the body will utter a low, guttural moan and begin to push itself to its feet. This will take 1 combat round in which the PCs may attack freely and at +4 to hit.

    If the PCs approach closer than 5ft there is a 50% chance that the body will lurch forward and make an attack on the PC using eithers its pummel or bite attack. Otherwise the body will utter a low, guttural moan and begin to push itself to its feet. This will take 1 combat round in which the PCs may attack freely and at +4 to hit.

    After the first of the Living Dead has been roused all 5 of the bodies will rouse at the same time and attack the nearest PC.

    These creatures a new type of monster created by Zelligar called 'Living Dead'.


    Living Dead
    No. Encountered 1d100
    Size: M
    Movement: 15
    Dexterity: 3
    Armor Class: 10 or by armor type
    Hit Dice: 1
    No. Attacks: 1 (pummel or bite)
    Damage: 1d8 Pummel or 1d4 bite
    Saving Throw: 16
    Morale: 12
    Experience Points: 48

    a). Always attacks last, Takes 1 combat round to awaken if not moving, Cannot run
    b). Immune to poison, fear, charm, paralysis, & cold based attacks
    c). Arrows, bolts and piercing/thrusting weapons only do 1hp damage if they hit.
    d). Natural '20' considered head-shot and immediately kills living dead
    e). Multiple Living Dead will attempt to Overbear
    f) Immune to clerical Turn ability (as they are not undead, but are more akin to a very weak flesh golem).
    g) Electrical attacks heal damage and can even temporarily increase the Living Dead's HPs. HPs can be increased to double normal amount. Lasts for 1 day.

    Zelligar sought to create an army of flesh golems cheaply and experimented with his necromantic abilities to raise the dead. These were his first attempts and were mildly successful, but far too weak for his needs. Still, the made useful servants.

    L1A9) continued...

    All Living Dead have 8hp. They are recently converted to the Living Dead and are a bit slow to respond to noise so any noise made by the PCs before reaching L1A( is ignored.

    Body #1) A living dead in chainmail armor clutching a broken sword (the top half of the blade is found at L1A8). He has suffered terrible wounds to his face and throat and is missing the little finger of his left hand. He is AC5

    A gold ring is on his right hand. Worth 2gp but his family in Greyhawk would pay handsomely for its return.

    His chainmail is slightly damaged and rusty but still serviceable.

    Body#2) A Living Dead with head wound. He appear to have been a Rhesean, at least the white and red stripes of his pants declare him to be. He is in serviceable chainmail but bears no weapons. He mumble something about "brainnzzz" as he attacks but is other silent. He is AC5 In combat a natural 18, 19, or 20 will strike his damaged head and kill him on the spot.

    A worn, but serviceable chaimail shirt.

    Body#3) A Living Dead in chainmail with a sheathed dagger at his belt and a coin-purse. This body still has a few pieces of equipment left in a brown sack hanging over its left shoulder. He is AC5. Half of a long plaited beard of golden hair dangles from his face but the other half has been torn out by the roots. He is AC6

    A slightly damaged (brings AC to 6 instead of 5) chaimaail shirt.

    A dagger +1 (non-magical, but very finely made)

    Coinpurse with 18gp, 5sp, 12cp

    In the sack can be found a metal canteen of water laced with raw alcohol, 1 week's worth of Iron Rations, a 10ft length of wire, a 50ft coil of role and an Iron Hamee.

    Body #4) A Living Dead in ruined chainmail. No weapons. His armor has been yanked to pieces and ruined. He is AC10

    Body#5) A Living Dead in dark robes. The robes have tiny glyphs sewn cunningly into them that are not visible under casual examination. The robe is magical and gives +1 to saving throws versus fire or fore magic. The body has had its throat torn open and is unarmed. He is AC10
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