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    Wed Aug 26, 2020 12:37 pm  

    by .Galger

    When we think Ket, our first thought is to the Baklunish people. The Greyhawk setting makes no apology in basing the Baklun and their nations on an albeit fantasy based facsimile of real world Middle Eastern peoples, cultures, and beliefs. The Kettish setting is filled with romance, mystery, intrigue, plot and hidden knowledge among a beautiful and passionately intense people. For those weary of campaigning in a european arthurian styled locale, Ket provides an extra dimension of escapism, as the gateway to the exotic mysterious Baklunish West!

    Ket is located between the southern Yatil Mountains and the Barrier Peaks, controlling a natural gateway between Eastern Flanaess and the Baklunish West. Due to this unique position Ket is first and foremost a thriving trade hub that has coveted trade agreements and routes spanning the Flanaess. Ket is a unique cultural borderland that flings together both eastern and western cultures. From a Kettite perspective Ket is the central trade hub of the whole Flanaess, trade is so integral to Kettie society that the Merchant Clans have the most influence.

    Ket is ruled from its capital of Lopolla by an absolute monarch or “Beygraf”. The Beygraf is the secular ruler of the country. The first Beygraf installed the Mullahs into offices of administrative, judicial and military authority, under the leadership of the Beygraf. The Beygraf holds the military title “Shield of the True Faith”, while the Grand Mufti of the Yatil’s is looked to by the Mullahs for spiritual matters. The Mullahs are mostly faithful to Al’Akbar, with a minority favoring other Baklunish deities.

    Country Specific Resources:
    Dragon Magazines: 52,55,57,67,195,249,263,264,265,269,271,306,315
    Dungeon #131: A Hateful Legacy

    Adventures in this country include:
    - Ket being a Trade hub/gateway: Trade is about money, powerful entities will ensure their personal interests are protected and expanded. Espionage, plot and skulduggery - Ket is perfect for spy and agent adventure arcs.
    - The Bramblewood forest fills more than half of Ket - Banditry continues to plague trade in the southern Bramblewood, and in the dark recesses much worse is rumored to exist.
    - The mullahs are always plotting against each other in the struggle for power. To distance himself, a scheming Mullah brings in “hired help” (the party) from the “outside”. After being manipulated into performing some foul service, will the party be considered “a loose end” by their strange new aloof employer?
    - Ket has copper & gold mines in the southern Yatil mountains. Ideas here range from banditry, to escort missions, to a mine breaking into a lair or worse the underdark.

    Adventure in nearby areas include:
    - Expeditions to the Dry Steppes: An archaeologist in Ket hires the party for protection, danger abounds as hidden interests try to stop him exploring a discovery he has made.
    - Mountain adventures in the Yatils: such as the party being hired to escort a pilgrimage through the Yatil mountains to “The Head of the True Faith” the Grand Mufti of the Yatils.
    - Border Trouble: Rebels are active in eastern Ket (the Falwur district), alleged to be supported by Knights of the Watch. A covert mission into neighboring Bissel to establish the truth reveals the true extent of the Knights plot to instill dissent in Ket.
    - Ket's key location between West and East allows for campaigns centered here to adventure in the plains of the Paynims, Tusmit, Perrenland (through a mountain pass), Bissel, and Veluna.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:46 am  

    Fan based resources:

    Oerth Journal #27 = Ket
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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