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    Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:49 pm  

    by ArtharnTheCleric

    Tusmit is a land of contrasts. Between the True Faith in the north and Exalted Faith in the south. Between the cosmopolitan and corrupt capital and towns, and the simpler and honest rural heartlands. Religion plays a major role in politics and everyday life. Tusmit survives by playing its neighbors off against each other, and its internal politics are no less complicated.

    Tusmit has been in turmoil lately, with the country coming to the verge of a civil war pitting the forces of the Pasha Muammar Qharan against those of the former Pasha Jadhim-Orem. Muammar Quaran was able to reaffirm his authority in the end, but more trouble is looming on the horizon.

    Country specific resources:
    - Gary Gygax’s later Gord the Rogue novels “Sea of Death” and “Night Arrant” provide some extra color.

    Adventures in this country include:
    - Sefmur: The capital is a hotbed of corruption and intrigue. Mercenaries and assassins or thieves for hire abound, because missions and jobs for them are always on offer. Emissaries from neighboring realms are constantly spying and plotting, and being spied on and plotted against.
    - Tusman Hills: The grand mufti of the True Faith, travelled to via the hills, is usually visited by a new pasha for approval, but he has not. Messages and dignitaries may need to be delivered as a result of this politicking.
    - The elves in the northern Udgru forest are restive. What are their complaints or who is stirring them up?
    - Droughts and natural disasters can often have unnatural causes, and be part of politics and intrigue, requiring adventurers to hunt down their sources.
    - Djinn magic: The Baklunish Empire was renowned for having had the ability to control djinns and their magic. Relics and artefacts with such power would be sought by many, for good or evil purposes.

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    - Ekbir: The new pasha’s alliance with Ekbir will lead to more intrigue. Especially with Zeif looking to regain Tusmit as a province after a 250 year wait.
    - Ket: Ket is in an expansionist mood having recently occupied Bissel to the south. Their eyes may turn west if there is any weakness, or maybe if some is stirred up?
    - Paynims: The horsemen to the south are constantly looking to raid their soft northern cousins for rich spoils, requiring soldiers, mercenaries and adventurers to counter them.
    - Yatil Mountains: Home to large numbers of humanoids and other creatures such as dragons, the latter more in the north. Humans, dwarves and gnomes mine rich deposits of ores and gems. Lairs include an ancient temple of Tharizdun, the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and Mordenkainen's Obsidian Citadel.

    Adventurers seeking dungeon crawls and monster hunts will probably be disappointed, unless they head for the Yatils and don’t come back. Tusmit is a hotbed of intrigue and plots, requiring characters to navigate them to stay out of trouble or even alive.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Wed Nov 25, 2020 7:36 am  

    Fan based resources:

    - Tusmit featured in Living Greyhawk, which can also provide a guide as to adventure ideas (, now hosted on Greyhawk Online (
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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