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    Easily Adaptable Low Level Adventures for Greyhawk
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    Thu Feb 02, 2023 2:23 pm  
    Easily Adaptable Low Level Adventures for Greyhawk

    Once again a chat on CanonFire Discord is worth recording for posterity. The Zavoda Principle - “Don’t let it disappear off the top of the screen”

    @Samwise and @NorkerRascal were discussing low level adventures that were easy to use in an adaptable campaign that would this avoid a “railroad” but be easy to throw good adventures at a party wandering about. They had a few suggestions to use.

    The sample dungeon from the Holmes set.
    The Alchemist's House from U1 (not the whole module)
    Escape from Prymp, by Scott Casper (Needs a map, but east to draft)
    A restocked version of Lost Mine of Phandelver. Good map.
    Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) 1, 3, 28, 31, 35A, 39
    Paizo had the Falcon's Hollow adventures - Hollow's Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, Hungry are the Dead, with Into the Haunted Forest set near enough to qualify as an intro, and Carnival of Tears for some fey nastiness
    Down the Blighted Path, which is a PF1 module is also nearby for a transition out with dwarves if you want
    scourge of the howling horde as a lead in to the vanguard series with scourge of the howling horde
    shattered gates of slaughtergarde is level 1-7, maybe a bit too variable and quirky but decent low level stuff
    sunless citadel and forge of fury are just plain excellent - so good they got remade for 5e
    a dark and stormy knight is another ultra short intro, one of the free adventures wotc posted back in the day
    the 3.5 monster manual 1 web enhancement, hobgoblin outpost, is also decent enough
    the hollow's last hope are individual short modules, but they string together if the pcs want to revisit stuff
    the sentinel is really a bunch of barely connected short episodes
    Roarwater Caves, from Dungeon
    dungeon 91 legend of garthulga (forest, but refluffable i would think), 96 hollow threats (coastal), 92 the swarm (dwarves in a mountain), and 130 within the circle (yuan-ti)
    Dungeon 135 has funeral procession, a bit longer but set in "new" saltmarsh
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    Fri Feb 03, 2023 9:35 am  

    Damn, I could be here all day:
    • & Magazine #4, “Gnoll Tower” (anywhere)
    • CGA1 A Case of Meazels (set in Greyhawk City)
    • The Cult of Pestilence (set in Greyhawk City)
    • DF25 To Light the Shadows (haven’t run, but thinking Pale)
    • DRAGON #78, “Citadel by the Sea” (I placed in North Province)
    • Encounter #1, “Death Mask” (I placed in Nyrond, with the mask’s recovery sponsored by the cult of Wee Jas)
    • Ewsdek’s Regret (set in Onnwal)
    • Footprints #15, “Haunted Inn of the Little Bear” (I placed in Great Kingdom)
    • Footprints #21, “Lake of Sorrows” (haven’t run, but thinking Ratik)
    • HM1 The Disappearance of Harold the Hedge Mage (I placed in Nyrond)
    • PC1 A Little Local Difficulty (set in Furyondy)
    • PC14 Bandits! (set in Medegia)
    • Prison of the Hated Pretender (haven’t run, but thinking Dimre)
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