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An epic critical threat

Tiny Paragon Animal Familiar
Hit Dice: 30d8 ( hp 910)
Initiative:+10 Speed:90 ft.(18 squares)
Armor Class:58 (+2 size, +10 Dex, +12 armor +10 Nat, +12 luck, +12 insight), touch 36, flat-footed 48
Base Attack/Grapple:+0/+20Attack:Claw +36 melee (1d2+23)
Full Attack:2 claws +36 melee (1d2+23) and bite +31 melee (1d3+23)Space/Reach:2-1/2 ft./0 ft.
Special Attacks:Deliver touch spells
Special Qualities:Low-light vision, scent, improved evasion, empathic link, share spells, scry on familiar, SR 45, resistances, DR 10/epic, fast healing 20, magic items
Saves:Fort +19, Ref +23, Will +18
Abilities:Str 18, Dex 30, Con 25, Int 32, Wis 27, Cha 22
Skills:Balance +27, Climb +25, Hide +61*, Jump +27, Listen +20, Move Silently +53, Spot +20
Feats:Weapon Finesse, Alertness, Lightning Reflexes
Environment:Baba Yaga’s Hut
Challenge Rating:22
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): Vladimir can use greater dispel magic, haste, and see invisibility three times per day. He can use telepathy to communicate with intelligent beings within 30' of him and can use zone of truth at will, all abilities are at 15th caster level.
Special Qualities:
• Fire and cold resistance 10.
• Damage reduction 10/epic.
• Spell resistance 45.
• Fast healing 20.
• Vlad's natural weapons are treated as epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Special Items: These items were made for Vladimir by Baba Yaga herself and as such can be scryed on if stolen.
Tiny Bracers of Epic Armor +12, dependant function, only useable by a tiny animal.
Collar of Great Stealth, dependant function, only useable by a tiny animal. +30 bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks. Grants concealment (20% miss chance) at all times (as the blur spell). The collar also grants nondetection (DC 51 to all divinations on cat or its items).
Skills: Cats have a +4 racial bonus on Climb, Hide, and Move Silently checks and a +8 racial bonus on Jump checks. Cats have a +8 racial bonus on Balance checks. They use their Dexterity modifier instead of their Strength modifier for Climb and Jump checks. *In areas of tall grass or heavy undergrowth, the Hide bonus rises to +8.

Vladimir is the familiar of Baba Yaga although this won't be readily apparent upon meeting him. Vlad is helpful to those who treat him nice and will unabashedly ignore others. Vlad downplays his great intelligence and will pretend that he is no smarter than a normal cat when conversing with smarter folk but will act with cryptic wordiness to confuse less intelligent people. If pleased, Vlad is more than happy to give adventurers advice about Baba Yaga's Hut although the veracity of his information can be suspect at times due to the extradimensional aspect of the Hut's rooms. Of course Vlad likes to follow adventurers silently and watch them stumble into certain areas or get lost whereupon he will come from hiding to help again. Other times however Vlad will go directly to his mistress and report, especially if their visitors are running afoul in the Hut. Baba Yaga gives Vlad free reign to wander the Hut and due to his protections not even she can always keep tabs on his location. Vlad likes to avoid the more dangerous parts of the Hut in favor of cozier rooms with alot of furniture to hide among, including those of Baba Yaga's adoptive daughters Natasha and Elena who fight over Vladimir for his attention. Vlad will never attack physically unless as a last resort. Since his knowledge of the Hut is only exceeded by Baba Yaga he can easily flee with haste and lose an aggresive party in no time.