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    Canonfire :: View topic - An epic monster for use only if you hate your players
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    An epic monster for use only if you hate your players
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    Sat May 21, 2005 3:55 pm  
    An epic monster for use only if you hate your players

    I created this one long ago in a brazilian forum and its terms were mostly in english, so here it is. I must note, however, that this beast is an opponent I will never use against my group due its insane ability in destroying magic itens (I already have a tight rein about this in my campaign). The corrupted template is from Book of Vile Darkness and the rust dragon is depicted on the Draconomicon 3E.

    Undeveloped, cheap, background: Incabulos' war steed (when riding a nightmare is not enough), a mercenary unit employed either by Maglubiyet or Gruumsh armies in Acheron, just a wandering monster Embarassed

    Azinhavre Corrupted Wyrm Rust Dragon - CR 23 AL:LE
    Gargantuan Aberration (Extraplanar)

    Hit Dice: 36d12 + 360 (594 Hp)
    Initiative: +8
    Speed: 60 ft, fly 200 ft (clumsy), burrow 45 ft
    AC: 50 (+44 natural -4 size) Touch 6, flat-footed 50
    BAB/Grapple: +36 / +63
    Attack: Bite +51 (4d8+15 + 18 vile)

    Full Attack (add +2 on dire charge): Bite +47 (4d8+15+18 vile + Rusting Ref DC 42), 2 claws +42 (4d6+7+18 vile ; Rend 8d6+22), 1 tail slap +42 (4d6+22+18 vile), 2 wings +42 (not in flight; 2d8+7+18 vile) or Crush (Ref DC 42 in all area PCs or be pinned, 4d8+22+18 vile each round thereafter, must maintain by grapple check) ; tail sweep is not used unless in unlikely circunstances.

    Obs: Against opponents whose metallic gear was destroyed, consider Azinhavre makes power attack +17: Bite +30 (4d6+32+18 vile +rust), claws +25 (4d6+24+18 vile + rend 8d6+22), tail slap +25 (4d6+56+18 vile), wing +30 (2d8+36+18 vile)

    Space/Reach: 20 ft/ 15 ft

    Special Attacks:
    - Disruptive attack (Su) (+18 vile damage per blow)
    - Rend
    - Enhanced power (+4 on ALL Save DCs attacks)

    - Rusting Bite (Ref DC 42, armor corrode, may target weapon or object carried instead of hitting PC ; any metal item may be affected, except major artifacts)

    - Breath Weapon (Reflex save DC 42 or up to DC 52 with heighten breath feat; 22d4 line of acid OR cone of reddish-brown liquid that corrodes any metal item in contact only major artifacts are immune) ; heighten breath feat delays another breath use for 1 round for each +1 allocated to its DC, max +10. Note that evasion/improved evasion does not work against the cone of corrosion as there isn't a 1/2 damage effect.

    - Spell like abilities (Wall of Iron 3/day, Acid fog 1/day, repel metal or stone 1/day), Frightful Presence (Will DC 34)

    Special qualities:

    - Blindsense 60ft, darkvision 120 ft, keen senses

    - Fast Healing 10, SR 38, DR 20/ magic & 10/Chaotic

    - Immunity to sleep, acid, paralysis,

    - Rusting Scales: when hit by a metal weapon, it corrodes the item without save unless it's a +5 weapon or better, in this case it still needs to make Reflex save DC 42 or corrode anyway)

    Saves: Fort +30 Ref +20 Will +22

    Str 41 Dex 10 Con 31 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 14

    Skills: I won't bother with this.

    Feats: Superior Initiative, Dire Charge, Improved Initiative, Quicken Breath , Power Attack, Snatch, Rend, Awaken Spell Resistance x4, Enlarge Breath, Heighten Breath


    1st Round or surprise round:

    Quickened, enlarged, heightened breath (90 ft Cone of corrosion Ref DC 52 negates; 1d4+15 rounds for another breath). This affects ALL items carried by the targets; from rings to swords, helmets to chain mail.

    + Flying Dire Charge on spellcaster or a character dependant on metallic items who will be hit with power attack as noted before. In either case, Azinhavre attacks with Bite + 2 Claws (+ rend) + 1 Tail slap (no wing attacks because of flight)

    + Frightful Presence (Will DC 34)

    Obs I: Max dmg on spellcaster = 4d8+ 20d6+73+ 72 vile (average: 233, with 72 being vile) + Rust Ref DC 42
    Obs II: Max dmg on formely metal-using targets = 4d8+ 20d6+158+ 72 vile (average: 318, with 72 being vile damage) + Rust Ref DC 42
    Targets: Top priority will be monks, missile-oriented characters and spellcasters, for Azinhavre trust on his scales to destroy incoming attacks (no matter if a little damage is suffered on the first blow).

    Other maneuvers:

    - Acid Fog + Wall of Iron as concealment + delaying tactics (remember the fast healing 10) to isolate or delay enemies.
    Kneel before Rahu!

    Victor Caminha

    Mon May 23, 2005 11:53 am  

    Holy hanna! Rusting and vile damage. Pretty nasty, I like it!
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    Mon May 23, 2005 11:59 am  

    Holy hanna! Rusting and vile damage. Pretty nasty, I like it!

    (forgot to login)
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