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    Canonfire :: View topic - ??? about the Forgotten Temple of Thariz... you know who.
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    ??? about the Forgotten Temple of Thariz... you know who.
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    From: The FAIRest VIEW in the PARK

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    Tue Jun 14, 2005 12:10 pm  
    ??? about the Forgotten Temple of Thariz... you know who.

    I'm currently running WG4 (because the senario fits extremely well into the campaign I'm currently running). Anyways, I've read through the module numerous times, and each time I'm kinda srumped at the end.

    Possible Spoiilers here, beware!


    When the PCs reach "the cyst," and they go through the rigmarole what is actually happening, are they waking the big T? Is there more beyond this (possibly described in another module)? EGG doesn't (at least in my impression) come right out and say anything, of if he does, it's buried under layers of proceadure in accomplishing this goal. There is a line that says something to the effect of: "The PCs have done everything, and seen everything only one more thing remains... to blow the horn..."

    and then what?

    Is the rest up the the DM from there, or is there somthing somewhere else that describes what is happening?

    Thoughts? Help? Other?

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    Tue Jun 14, 2005 1:16 pm  

    Well, in RttToEE, blowing the horn in the end ritual was to create the dimensional gate to access the door of Big T's prison (guarded by a Solar)... I have WG4 as well (at home), and I think the ritual aspects for RttToEE were drawn directly from WG4.
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    Tue Jun 14, 2005 2:36 pm  

    Here's how the horn ("Wailer for Tharizdun") works:
      Sounding the horn in the DUNGEON LEVEL activates the four-part idol.
      Sounding the horn in the OCTAGONAL CHAMBER of THE UNDERTEMPLE while the floor glows opens the archway to THE BLACK CYST.
      Sounding the horn in THE CYST opens the secret door to the SECRET ROOM.
    Black Hand of Oblivion

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    Sat Jul 09, 2005 5:08 am  

    I think WG4 was written as it is purposely. More could have been written detail-wise, but I think it was intended that WG4 should be mysterious(even to the dm), and not provide all of the answers.

    The Cyst is not a gate to T's prison unless you want it to be. The form floating therein is described as it is purposefully. Pc's might think they know what it is, but have no clue as to how to free the trapped entity, or whether it is possible to do so. If players are savvy enough to think that the form is T, then they might simply worry that it could potentially be easy for worshippers of T to release him by conducting the rituals that enabled them to enter the Cyst in the first place. Just something for them to agonize over in my book. Laughing The form might just be a trapped shadow demon or a night walker if you choose. Or it could be something altogether different and unique, perhaps a powerful immortal servant of T or one of his avatars.

    I prefer to view the floating haze shrouded form of utter blackness as actually being T(just because the thought of it is terrifying to the pc's, particularly clerics or paladins- its there right before them, yet they are powerless to do anything about it), but it is still an imprisoned T. It is a view into Tís prison, but nothing more. After all the time and effort T worshippers have put into trying to free their deity, this is as close as they have managed to get- just being able to get a hazy glimpse of their god. No pc's, or even T worshippers are going to be able to free T without the keys made by the gods who imprisoned him in the first place. And I think those gods might have some way of knowing if anybody has started messing with those keys at any rate. I don't plan on running an "Artifact of Evil" campaign event, but someone out there might.

    For my campaign, the WG4 site is a foreboding edifice of evil, with a mystery at its core that does not bode well for the forces of weal if T worshippers come across a means of implementing what is there. For me, the whole temple site functions as a focus for T worshippers who are able to gain full access to clerical powers (i.e. pray for spells without any limitation) while within the temple structure. I also added one item to the adventure, The Spiral Staff, which functions as a link to the site and grants it's bearer full access to clerical powers when away from the site. I also granted this ability to the possessor of the tome entitled "Lament of Lost Tharizdun". These are minor additions, but ones that make for many a plot string of much consequence for any dm wishing to involve the forces of T in their campaign. The pc's recovered both of these items when I ran the adventure(the staff was captured from a lich priest of T), but soon thereafter lost both of them. Just one more thing to make the players cringe, and one more potential plot string should a choose to use it.

    T is just a bogeyman in my campaign, albeit a really, really scary one.
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