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    The "Witch-Queen" brooks no insolence!
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    Sun Feb 01, 2004 2:04 pm  
    The "Witch-Queen" brooks no insolence!

    My apologies for my alteration of a line from a certain video game, but it seemed fitting Happy

    What I'm here to talk about is none other than the witch-queen Iggwilv: Archmage, conqueress, mistress of demons, mother to a god! I became intrigued with this character as I've been reading more about the Flanaess (which I'm pretty new to). Her name seems to pop up in
    quite a few modules and is mentioned in sourcebooks, but she remains enigmatic (at least to me). Here's what I'e discovered about her in my research:

    - She is described, as an archmage and a necromancer, with a focus on planar conjuration (fiends in particular).

    - She conquered and ruled Perrenland with an iron fist from 481-491CY.

    - She imprisoned and dominated the demon lord Graz'zt, taking his seed to birth none other than Iuz himself. She also had a daughter, Drelzna who became a vampire and was general of her armies, as well as guardian of her secret treasure vault, which adventurers eventually found and looted.

    - She was imprisoned by Graz'zt when he broke free of her power. Perrenland was liberated.

    - She had an army of demons poised to strike Oerth, but she was stopped by adventurers who secured the Crook of Rao.

    - She was freed from imprisonment by Tuerny the Merciless sometime after the Greyhawk Wars. Together they hatched another plot to attack Greyhawk with an army of demons on Luna. She was once again foiled by adventurers.

    I know that some of the stuff here might be inaccurate or downright erroneous, which is why I'm posting so all you more knowledgeable "Hawkers" can grace me with more info on this interesting character. Here are some of my musings concerning her:

    - What is her class? They say she is a necromancer, but she deals more with demons than undead. Has there ever been stats published for her?

    - What does she look like? It's obvious that she's over a hundred years old. Does she look like a crone? does she look young from use of magic, and/or demonic pacts?

    - Where is she now? Possibly with Iuz, but I'm not certain. If so, is she content to help her son in his schemes or does she have other plans?

    - An adventure plot musing: She carefully plots another invasion (of somewhere) on the anniversary of her defeat (591CY) through the use of Drelzna who was never truly slain by adventurers. Hey, she's a vampire, which are notoriously hard to kill and some adventurers tend to
    exaggerate their exploits for a pint of mead. Makes me think of an alteration of a quote from the movie Army of Darkness:

    "So, did you kill her?"

    "Yeah...Well...maybe we didn't do every little thing we needed to do to destroy her, but she's pretty much dead."

    Comments, questions, anyone?....Bueller?... Happy
    "Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat (Those whom a god wishes to destroy he first drives mad)"
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    Sun Feb 01, 2004 8:14 pm  

    I would recommend that you get the AD&D book "Return of the Eight." There is a picture of Iggwilv on page 55 as well as a brief history of the "Witch of Perrenland." She is listed as an archmage and possibly a 25th level spellcaster with a supergenius intelligence.

    The entry also includes a bibliography of various references to Iggwilv in other D&D works.
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    Mon Feb 02, 2004 10:39 am  

    OMG Shocked

    Just my luck that the one product I decide to skim over is the one with the most info. Thanks, Rhineglade! Happy
    "Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat (Those whom a god wishes to destroy he first drives mad)"
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