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    Canon TEXTS in Greyhawk
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    Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:46 pm  

    Just off-hand, you can find a few in the U-series modules, in Vecna Lives!, and in *cough* Castle Greyhawk.

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    Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:53 pm  
    Re: Canon tests in Greyhawk

    derfelca wrote:
    I need to create a library for my campaign and I would like to know if anypone has ever compile a list of all textbook (published by WOTC, TSE, etc...) that can be found in Greyhawk ?


    GVDammerung has a list of spellbooks of the Flanaess:
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    Mon Jan 08, 2007 7:03 pm  

    There is a book, Spells & Spellcraft by fantasy flight. I think it is out of print but it should be easy to find, and cheap. It is an excellent resource for books and libraries. Though they are not canon, i have found it useful for creating interesting tomes and libraries.
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    Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:29 am  

    In Dragon 253, Scott Casper published an article titled A Treasure Trove Of Tomes: Books Both Magical & Mundane From The Greyhawk Setting. While the article goes into great detail regarding the contents, history and in some cases, game mechanics of the tomes, here are the titles and authors.

    Doctrinal Commentary by Dantus Allegrini
    Goodmonth by Gironi Boccanegra
    Historical Reign of Ulek by Geohegan Munt
    Reflections of Our Mother by Rolutir
    The Book of Hours by anonymous
    The Courwood Travellers by Geohegan Chausard
    The Dance of Nerull by anonymous
    The Fables of Dimbles & Dinges by Ibn Al-Muqaffa
    The Peasant's Wedding by anonymous
    Levain's Romance by Gerval Bussey
    The Travels of Marek Polstar by Marek Polstar
    The Wye Canon by Jenkin Wye
    Crosse Ways of Ulek by Andreas Wythe
    Herbal Recipes & Remedies by Sactus Signa
    History of the Priests of the Church of St. Cuthbert by Dehm Brenner
    Ordained Makedom by Rottcher Baggett
    Colloqium Suloise by Agnel Grammatol
    Curabilis Pastorem by Gregorius the Green
    Siman & Elimar by anonymous
    The Skkelf Ala Saga by anonymous
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    Wed Jan 10, 2007 6:33 pm  

    I just edited the topic title to clarify it and hopefully draw more traffic.
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    Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:33 pm  

    Dragon 82's "Spells Between the Covers" article details a bunch of spell book/magical research tome titles and authors, drawing on the GH and FR names from the PHB, modules, Dragon articles, etc.

    Jason Zavoda's GH index also has a category type for "[BK] = Book" so you can comb through his index for the various books mentioned in GH sources, too.
    Allan Grohe (
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    Tue Jan 16, 2007 12:51 pm  

    The following used to be on the World of Greyhawk Fan Club site. I can't believe it's nowhere on the web anymore...

    Great Library of Greyhawk

    "Mordenkainen thinks of blueberries as food. He has written a 500 pp cookbook listing his favorite recipes, and spells, employing this blue food item. One of the premier ones is a recipe for blue-fin tuna. The Blue Bolts dish is rather shocking, though...."
    Gary Gygax

    "How to Stuff a Troll" by Count Reichart Petrides
    "Demon Lover" by Iggwilv
    "99 Ways to Create an Animus" by Ivid V
    "My Oerth Days" by Pazrael
    "Life in Dorakaa" by Earl Holmer of Walsworth
    "Sea Princes My Princess" by Elder Brother Hammandaturian
    "The Cup Making" by Al-Akbar
    "Cheap Ways to Create Soul Objects" by Vecna
    "My New Home: Oerth" by Elminster The Blue
    "Really Gnarly Stories" by Ranger Rath
    "How to Pack Properly" by Heward
    "Living Life to The Fullest: The Golden Years" by Iuz The Old
    "Finding Your Own Identity" by Kondadis Bubka
    "A Circle Of Friends" by The Druid Sathra
    "Seven Swords of Zagyg", by Gwenthar
    "Ondahl's Odorium: A guide to the smells of creatures" by Ondahl Ohmassden.
    "Journey of the Flea" by Nacciim Anduralls
    "Not Just Silver and Glass: A Guide to Mirrors" by Aryn Colyr
    "The Mirror Darkens" by Aryn Colyr - Murder mystery fiction involving a mirror of opposition.
    "Reflections of a Broken Mirror" by Aryn Colyr
    "The Glass Menagerie" by Aryn Colyr
    "Threw the Looking Glass..." by Aryn Colyr
    "Beat the Halfling Slowly" by Tammish "Grunts" Broken-Toe
    "Days of Milk and Honey: Skrellingshald Folktales of the Griffs" by Jaem Woord
    "Petal to the Metal: A Treatise on Poison Herbal Ungents for Bladed Weapons" by Baron Stark
    "How to Murder Friends and Dominate People" by John Carnivogie
    "Who's on First: Dopplegangers as Friends" by George XIII
    "Effective Compassion" by Vlad T. Impaler
    "Children are Goblins" by Zil Cozbi
    "Bad Cuisine of the Flanaess" by Cannibal Hector
    "The Idiot's Guide to Mass Destruction" by Euroz Horde
    "Take Off to The Great North" by & Doug McEnze
    "Don't Hate Me Bcause I'm Hideous" by Seahag Sally
    "All The Illithid Ways" by L'Arrie Riven
    "Giving Your Followers a Hand" by Vecna
    "Eight is Enough" by Mordenkainen

    "1001 Uses for Owlbear Teeth" by Kondradis Bubka
    "50 Ways to Skin a Displacer Beast" by Grahluk Lemminkainen
    "A History" by Coerlan Attlander
    "A Lich in Time Slays Nine" by Acererak
    "A Tiger Nomad Speaks Out: Don't Kill Your Mother" by Olav Timberlight
    "A Tour of Dullstrand" by Roger Moorehouse
    "Acererak: Demi-This!" by Azalin
    "An Honest Traveler's Strange Tales of the South" by L. Marquel
    "Ancient Cryptomancy" by Phandal
    "Annals of the Family Vordav" by anonymous
    "Arcane Manipulations of the Entourage" by Mage Otto
    "Arcane Pussiance of Memory" by Archmage Rary of Ket
    "Archery Tips for Children" by Hy Losenthal
    "Art of Communications and Sigils" by Flamsterd
    "Aspiring to Dragonhood: Confessions of A Pseudo-Dragon" by Carp
    "Black Ice: Their Music and Their Story" by Elmostithus the Bard
    "Blackmoor or Blackless - You Decide" by Celadon Winfiddle
    "Blood: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore" by Jander Sunstar
    "Brightening Up the Dim Forest" by Trustatha Selintri
    "Canticle of the Blinding Light" by anonymous
    "Cat Stories: Tiddles Bits" by Tobin
    "Catalogue of Aerdi Sea Squids" by Lyne Fishcatcher
    "Centaurs Are Hung Like Horses" by Chak Stronglegs
    "Classifying Adri Forest Pine Cones" by Griffith Adarian
    "Components and Reactions of Phosphorus" by Daern
    "Confessions of a Drow Nanny" by Piper
    "Confessions of a Furyondy Court Jester" by Nylie
    "Cooking With Bat Guano" by Lance A. Boyle
    "Cosmogony of Magnetic Fluids" by Archmage Mordenkainen
    "Crabbing in Relmor Bay" by Galen Youngfoot
    "Crystals - A Picture Book" by Elmo Firefreak
    "Curative Music" by Mage Otto
    "Dark Sides of the Memory" by Archmage Mordenkainen
    "Deep Sea Fishing in the Aerdi" by Bocephus Bilgewater
    "Demonology of the Savant" by Savant Iquander
    "Disgusting Fruit of the Menowood Forest" by Asjak Illithidar
    "Don't Believe Anyone from the Bluff Hills" by Penelopes Dracolia
    "Doors and Passages of Arcane Worlds" by Lethchauntos
    "Drow: Out of the Closet" by Prien Darkroots
    "Dwarves Get No Respect" by Grym Rustkettle
    "Efficient Uses of Dragon Ear Wax" by Ro 'Bear' Flintoc
    "Encyclopaedia of the Non-Substances" by Asimak
    "Epic Saga of Great Conjurers" by Falsely attributed to Mordenkainen
    "Evolution of the Arcane Willpower" by Mage Tenser
    "Extreme Powers of Observation" by Kwalish
    "Eyes Vision and Arcane Sight" by Mage Alphon
    "Fighting Techniques for Savage Coast Women" by Shal Brondolooglinkirda
    "Fish of the Ritensa River" by Guilana Mortidus
    "Flann-aerich'nyt" by anonymous
    "Flowers of Kara-Tur" by Tabotan Lu-Che
    "Fungus Types of the Udgru Forest" by Thobicus Sheerwind
    "Gain Weight: An Effective High-Fat Diet" by Stubbs Trefaldar
    "Giants: Just Big Egos" by Baxum Feggestahd
    "Gnats of the Vast Swamp" by Codextra
    "Gnomicspheris" by anonymous
    "Gord's Gourd: A Musical Interlude" by Gord
    "Gulf Fishing in the Densac" by Krote Whistlepoor
    "Half-Dragons: Abominations or Saviors?" by Argentiferous Tesmarien
    "Half-Orc Doesn't Mean Half-Brained" by Corbin Blackteeth
    "Hiking in the Yatils" by Wynter Soakwood
    "Hobbits Give Halflings a Good Name" by Tad Stinkyfeet
    "House Lorinar: A Chronicle" by anonymous
    "How a Changecat Can Change Your Life" by Tobin
    "How Come There Are No Blue Foods?" by Philidor the Wizard
    "How to Manage Effectively" by Ivid the Undying
    "How to Trap & Sell Monsters" by Peg Leg Wilson
    "How to Woo a Female Elf" by Salia Kindertree
    "Humans As Food: Meals In Under an Hour" by Trafalga Skullcrusher
    "I Couldn't Be More Tenser" by Tenser the Mage
    "I Had Iuz's Baby" by Necrophidius Deathslayer
    "I Suck You Suck" by Strahd Von Zarovich
    "I'm Not Evil - Just Misunderstood" by IUZ the Old
    "I've Got to Hand it to You" by Bigby
    "I've Never Been to Perren Land" by Perren
    "Ice Barbarians Are Nice Barbarians" by Gog Bearfodder
    "Imaginary Landscapes" by anonymous
    "Inexplicable Reflections" by Bucknard
    "Interview With a Frost Barbarian" by Ig
    "Irresistable Dance Steps" by Otto
    "It's a Gnome's Life" by Ballistar Griffonkeeper
    "Kara-Tur Oriental Massage" by Takai Chu-Li
    "Kender Give Halflings a Bad Name" by Pawldo Fairheight
    "Leatherworking in Veluna City" by Kalendra Pickaxe
    "Legendary Phantoms and Ghosts" by Mage Evard
    "Libram of the Great Paravisual Emanations" by Mage Nystul
    "Life of Nature, Its Secrets" by Caligarde
    "Like Yourself for Who You Are" by anonymous
    "Lore of Subtle Communication" by Tasha
    "Magic and Gardening" by Cathra Athlantar
    "Magic Mouths Are a Public Nuisance" by Bixby Proudfeet
    "Manual Powers Beyond the Life" by Bigby
    "Martial Art - My Picture Book" by Le-Sin Chang
    "Menowood Forest - Gender Biased?" by Daria Horsetrot
    "Metallurgy in the Iron Hills" by Zyxnek Weldpoint
    "Mushroom Recipes of the Hraak Forest" by Dolo Lightwind
    "My Kingdom for a Kingdom" By Ivid the Undying
    "My Life in the Rhennee Circus" by Seldon Kickbacker
    "My Time With the Forlorn Forest Savages" by Bonyr Boyle
    "My Trip to Onwal" by Rislone Pico
    "Navigating the Icy Sea" by Dartanion Barkburr
    "No Diving in the Nyr Dyv" by Ima Crank
    "No Love for a Halfling Bard" by Pye Thickheel
    "Nomads, Bandits, & Barbarians - Oh My!" by Dorothy Gail
    "Occult Magnetism" by Archmage Nolzur
    "Oerth: A Dying World" by Bral of the Rock
    "On Fiends" by Selkoloth of Rauxes
    "Only a Bitch Would Marry A Lich" by Vecna
    "Onnwal:Offwall" by Humptee Dumti
    "Outlaw Magic and Only Outlaws Will Have Magic" by Ming Fochu
    "PAINS of the Paynims: Sightseeing Nightmares" by Zeif Wilderbeast
    "Part Human Part Monster: A Mongrelman Tells All" by Click
    "Phost - Just 'Nuther Wood" by Red Roshmoore
    "Physiology and Medicine" by anonymous
    "Poems of the Gnarley Forest Pixies" by Rhea Fealistanth
    "Polish for the Sea of Dust" by Grimshaw Shackleford
    "Pollution: Azure Sea Isn't so Azure Anymore" by Alemander Ironfist
    "Prophetic Skies" by Selvor the Younger
    "Psionic Your Way to Fitness" by Pazruki Homonculous
    "Rafting Down the Fler River" by Chazz Demonslayer
    "Rary A Moments Peace" by Nerof Gasgal
    "Real Men Are Not Halflings" by Harper Firefoot
    "Repitoire of Illustrious Conjurations" by Mage Drawmij
    "Sea Sprite: The Uncola" by Nimbus Triharder
    "Seven Skies of the Universe" by Casimur
    "Shieldmaking Made Simple Volumes 1-14" by Poma Juggerat
    "Sigil and Greyhawk - Similar Clothing" by Jallarzi
    "Smashing Beetles in the Underdark" by Theophilus Cricketchirp
    "Spelljamming: Safer Than Wagons" by Mizaab
    "Spherogenisis of the Universes" by Mage Otiluke
    "Subconscious Repercussions of Pyromancy" by Quall
    "Sulphur Influence and Actions" by Arbane
    "Sunbathing Tips From the Dry Steppes" by Copper Sundabar
    "Suss Forest Sissies" by Chunk
    "Teach Your Griffon to Sing" by Myromar Shadowhawk
    "Tenser's Transformation: An Unauthorized Biography" by Rary
    "The Beasts of Humanity" by anonymous
    "The Book of Stone" by anonymous
    "The Bright Dessert: Tasty Treats for After Dinner" by Raith Trademan
    "The Chronicle of Secret Times" by Uhas of House Neheli
    "The Companions of Chendl" by Keldreth Scaramanthelon
    "The Death-Code of Eeas" by anonymous
    "The Dragon-Scale Tome" by Timonas of Jalpa
    "The Flaness Isn't Safe - Move to Greyspace" by Tavis Cartlifter
    "The Forgotten Arts of Oratory Magnetism" by Mage Leomund
    "The Grind of the Grinder: Is Greyspace Too Crowded?" by Kawabi
    "The Harrowing of Ironnose" by Epic Poem
    "The History of the Maure Lands" by anonymous
    "The Magical Properties of Gemstones" by Mage Tenser
    "The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers" by Mage Tenser
    "The Metaphysics of Mathematics" by Mage Nystul
    "The Multiple Applications of Perceptomancy" by Laeral
    "The Natural World" by anonymous
    "The Official History" by Uhas of House Neheli
    "The Poems of Thalac Jiwo" by Thalac the Sighted
    "The Scarlet Sisterhood: No Relation to the Brotherhood" by Selena
    "The Transcendental Impenetrabilities" by Mage Leomund
    "The True Relation of the Nyr Dyv and the Lands Surrounding" by Norfil van Defflitter
    "Theocracy of the Suntanned" by Carl Grrz'zt
    "Theories on Converging Transitions" by Lhegrand
    "Theories on Perception" by Kuroth
    "Theory of the Invisible Forces" by Archmage Tenser
    "There Are No Gnats in the Gnat Marsh" by Pernelopes Dracolia
    "There is No Honor Among Thieves" by Nefron Plescha
    "Thesis on Conditional Ruptures" by Archveult
    "Thesis on the Planes of Anti-Matter" by Archmage Leomund
    "Travels of the Far Wanderer" by anonymous
    "Treatise on the Practices of Hidden Ones" by Bishop Imphalas of Furyondy*
    "Troll Fodder: One Man's Story" by Solarian
    "True Account of the Great Almorian Campaign" by Five Volumes, Mage Threndus
    "Wall Of Farce - A Joke Book" by Nylie Zinfan
    "War and Pieces" by Aestrella Shanferal
    "What Are You" by Zagyg (unintelligible gibberish
    "What Makes the Great Kingdom So Great" by Brie Basiltoes
    "What's In A Name?" by **** Gayecox
    "Whatever Happened to Asmodeus?" by Lord Kancethedrus Evilbane
    "Where Have All the Monks Gone?" by Zoka
    "Why Elves of the Vesve Have Prissy Names" by Kristophan Birdsong
    "Why the Realms Should Be Forgotten" by Galeb Shackelrod
    "Wild Coast - Wild Youth" by Trahan Dioterian
    "Women as Demon Princes: The Glass Ceiling" by Rhinda Goldharp
    "Woolly Bay / Woolly Mammoth - The Connection" by Pick Axethrower
    "Wu Jen Near Whyestil Lake" by Askoro
    "Ye Catalogue of Greyhawk Music" by Aestrella
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    Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:52 am  

    "PAINS of the Paynims: Sightseeing Nightmares" by Zeif Wilderbeast

    Can't tell why, but this one made me chuckle a while... Really, an entire while... Weird, isn't it...? Wink
    "A Minstrel's Memory": PBPs & Other Games, since 2005.
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