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    The Flanaess in 645 CY
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    Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:48 am  
    The Flanaess in 645 CY

    Even though an older article it is timely (As Abysslin pointed out) given recent discussions of "whither GH with the coming of 4E."

    I don't favor fast-forwards (It's a personal preference) and this didn't change my mind, but I found it an enjoyable article. What I liked is that it almost "reset" much of the the Flanaess to 576, which is the point I always proceed from when starting a GH campaign (Always starting out with new players), while giving some new stuff to think about like Iggwilv's rule of the Nomads and Perrenland and the final foreboding of a threat from the Dragon Emperor. I'm still chewing on the Iggwilv thing. Not sure I personally like it but I don't think its over the top or unlikely. I also didn't care for the Mahdi in the west, but that's just because I don't think we need any more Islamicisation of the Baklunish than we already have. I'd like to hear more about the reign of Thrommel the Black in Furyondy. I'm assuming this is something to do with Vampire Thrommel. A "turned" Thrommel (not necessarily a vampire) is an idea I like and might someday do something with if I can ever get a campaign that lasts long enough to put some people through ToEE. Something like the concept of the Worm Kings in Artesia, if you're familiar with that comic. IMC I'd probably have him going over to Iuz though after his nature was discovered so he could be a long running villain.

    Overall a good read. I give it two backward rakshasa thumbs up!
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    Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:52 pm  
    Re: The Flanaess in 645 CY

    smillan_31 wrote:
    Even though an older article it is timely (As Abysslin pointed out) given recent discussions of "whither GH with the coming of 4E."

    Yeah, I thought it was a great time to repost this article. I hope others see the relevance too, Scott. I don't have any preferences for when Greyhawk starts or restarts if 4th Edition brings the setting back. But, I certainly hope its something close that we all recognize. Paul's article here is as far into the future I think we should go.

    It did make me think that the eastern Flanaess might fall into decline in the future while Nyrond and Ahlissa ascend as the kingdoms of the future. but, that is just me feeling as if Keoland, Furyondy and Veluna have had enough "time in the spotlight." I would also like to Iuz go, replaced as the main bad guy by Delglath in the far east.

    Don (Greyson)
    Nyrond Triad
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