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    Help Needed... Tests of St. Cuthbert
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    Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:52 am  
    Help Needed... Tests of St. Cuthbert

    Hey folks,

    I need a lil help if possible. I just had a great thought come up w/ something to add to my campaign, but since my game is tomorrow, Iím not going to have time to flesh out the details as much as Iíd like. So some help please!

    Okay, my campaign truthfully belongs in the hereticís bin, but Iím generally sticking with the gist of Greyhawk. The campaign is set in Kalinstren, specifically one of its countyís north of Crockport along lake Whyestil, about midway between Izlen & Crockport.

    The campaign has progressed for some 2 game years & 1 real year, and itís now 582 and the Greyhawk Wars have just kicked off. The Shieldlands have fallen, Grabford is besieged, and Crockport has fallen (amphibious landing after faking out the Furyondians in the north). The reason for the war is a bit different though. Iuz is not yet a demi-god, heís just a _REALLY_ powerful Wizard whose powerís been boosted thanks to various deals. He is however looking to ascend and that is why the Greyhawk Wars are happening. He thinks if he can have enough people killed in his name and do some other things, then he will ascend as a new deity of strife, pain, etcÖ (All the things we know and love of Iuz). Another part of what Iuz needs are relics with divine energy, i.e. things that have been charged with faith power that he can use to draw in more of that power released by the killing in his name.

    Well, a central part of my campaign for a long time now has been this church of St. Cuthbert (St. Bartholomewís the Martyred). The PCís think its name & history dates back 300 years or so when St. Bartholomew, a cleric of St. Cuthbert, single handedly held off a group of Bakluni raiders (to the cost of his own life) until the villagers could gather themselves and fight back. But, like most of the history in my campaign, this isnít totally true.

    Yes there was a real St. Bartholomew, and he did singlehandedly hold off raiders, but there wasnít a village at the time. Instead, at the time the Church was just an out of the way monastery that housed numerous relics of St. Cuthbert, including his mortal remains. Well over the years, the other relics have been moved to other sites, but the mortal remains are still there, and this is what I need help with!

    I need 5-6 Tests that deal w/ the tenants of St. Cuthbert.

    Common Sense

    The tests should be things that a believer of St. Cuthbert could pass at personal cost and with intense desire.

    Finally, the group is all level 8.

    Thank you all VERY much for the help!

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    Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:15 pm  

    What are these tests for exactly? Some sort of ritual to gain access to, or the ability to use, the relics?
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    Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:34 am  

    This sounds a little bit similar to the Test of High Sorcery taken by Wizards of High Sorcery in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.

    That test is explained in detail in chapter 5 of the MWP book Towers of High Sorcery. (Chapter 5 - The Test - is 9 pages long and contains sections on ) The Test of High Sorcery is a single test, but I'm sure you could adapt the ideas to create a multi-part test.

    The DL test is also a leathal one, killing anyone who fails it, and I'm not sure that is the sort of test you are aiming for. But again it could be a good source of inspiration.

    The book is hard to get and the only source I've seen for it is MWP themselves. Either that or PDF publishers. But with the Dragonlance licence expiring now, I'm not sure if you can get it any more. (I know you could still buy it yesterday, but the licence expires this month - either at the start of the end of the month. If you can't buy it via any other method try Noble Knight Games.)

    How do you see your test working?

    The DL test is designed for a single wizard, but they can bring along a companion (or companions) if those people accept the same risk. Are you testing an individual (with the rest of the party being spectators) or are your entire group taking the test?

    The DL test is a formal one, where the wizard normally applies to take the test. Do you have a PC cleric who has (or will) apply to a person (or divine messenger of St Cuthbert) to gain special powers? Or is St Cuthbert the one choosing to test the PCs?

    The DL test is usually done in fixed locations (the Towers of High Sorcery) and involves travel to an extradimensional realm called the Testing Grounds (I think that is a demi-plane). Are you going to base your test in a church (or other holy place) of St Cuthbert or send your PCs on a quest?

    The DL test often (but not always) has permanant penalty effects on the wizards taking The Test. (The wizard Raistlin is physically weak and coughs a lot.) Have you decided on any damaging effects your cleric or other PCs might suffer?

    The DL test can grant a wizard things they wouldn't normally qualify for. (Bonus feats are one option - metamagic feats would probably be most appropriate for a spellcaster.) Have you decided on any sorts of bonuses you might grant your cleric or other PCs?

    I think that if you think about these sort of questions, and let people know what sort of limits you want your test to have, it would be a lot easier for people to point you in the right direction.

    ...but Towers of High Sorcery would be a good thing to look at.
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