Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:34 am  
Wiki name needs to be sorted ASAP


I've already brought this up in the discussion page of the main page of the wiki, but that wasn't noticed.

I'm hoping that a post in this forum is going to have more luck.

Back on the 5th of October 2008, it was decided to change the name 'Ghwiki' to 'Great Library of Greyhawk' (although some of the people actually wanted 'The Great Library of Greyhawk' with a 'The' at the begining).

I think that is a better name than 'Ghwiki' as it will help search engines to work out what the subject is.

Sadly, the wiki itself is still sending out the name: 'Ghwiki' (on the title bar of browsers). And nobody has got the name of this forum updated.

In fact, on September 2008 someone else set up a rival Greyhawk Wiki on Wikia. (I suspect they did this because they couldn't find your wiki.

So the new name is not "working" yet.

I think that the name change needs to be sorted out ASAP, so that this wiki can be properly promoted by its supporters.
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