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    Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:50 am  

    There's an article on DDI based on an Eberron deity called the Traveler. The Chanel Divinity power looks more appropriate for Fharlangn but the paragon path is a great fit for Olidammara.

    Just take your cleric, multiclass into bard for some charm rituals, take rapier proficiency (or multiclass into rogue and take Versatile Duelist for longsword if you want to be a bit more 1e/2e). You can train in bluff using an appropriate background or rogue multiclass feat. If you multiclass as a bard you can either power swap Hideous Laughter from the bard power list or refluff Maledictor's Doom (Invoker Channel Divinity power), which you can buy with a feat, as a charm power instead of a fear power as a lower budget version. The PP gives you your Alter Self ability (amended to Change Self in 3e).

    And Obmi the dawrf has appeared (in name at least) as part of the Bronzeknuckle Brothers article.
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    Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:46 pm  

    I've actually had a strong desire lately to make Olidammara a demi-god or godling who created or made use of the Deck of Many Things (which I'm treating as a pretty heavy duty artifact).
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