Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:09 pm  
Seven Encounter Challenge

I recently posted a Seven Encounters Challenge - a way for a blogging GM/DM to post seven different encounters that highlight something about their RPG world that makes it unique and compelling.

Anyway, I have begun my first 7-day stretch - a Week of Encounters - over at my Fantasy RPG blog - "Valley of the Old Ones" - dedicated to old school RPGs and retro-clones (OD&D, AD&D1, AD&D2, B/XD&D, C&C, LL, S&W, etc).

This could be for campaigns in Greyhawk or elsewhere. (I have a vast amount of material from my old "Chuck's Greyhawk Page" from geocities, and I will try to get around to posting that soon.)

The original challenge is at Gaming with Chuck

The postings I have done for Valley of the Old Ones are at -
The King's Highway
The Fell Beast of Riven Moor
Captain Lu d'Ross and Caerilla Ne Quolda