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    Darlene to make an Aquaria map
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    Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:30 am  
    Darlene to make an Aquaria map

    Crossposted from the Aquaria forum at The Piazza:
    Big Mac at the Aquaria forum at The Piazza wrote:
    Frank mentioned in his Q&A topic, that he was hoping to get Darlene to do a map of Aquaria:
    ExTSR wrote:
    fwiw, I hope to upload and freely distribute my own (primitive) version of the Full Aquaria Maps, in digestible chunks.
    This would preface the formal published versions of same (which I still want Darlene to do, in GH style).


    So I wrote about this at the Flanaess Geographical Society:
    Looks like we *might* be getting a new "Greyhawk-style" map from Darlene, if Frank Mentzer can sort out the details with her:
    grin emoticon


    Frank asked this question:
    Frank Mentzer at the FGS wrote:
    So Darlene Artist, let's pop the question in public. ;> Are you still willing to do the Aquaria maps in your distinctive and classic GH style, assuming the timeframe and cost are satisfactory?

    And Darlene gave this answer!:
    Darlene wrote:
    Why not?

    (Frank could have just sent Darlene a PM via The Piazza, as she has an account here! :P But this was a lot more fun. :) )

    The map will not be getting done straight away, so don't get too excited, but keep an eye out for some sort of map crowdfunding project, at some point.

    I know that Gary Gygax was kind of planning for Frank Mentzer to add Aquaria to Oerth, but that Frank had already created it before he worked for TSR (which is why he can publish it), so I'm thinking there will be some people who want to use Darlene's new map as a map of another part of Oerth.

    I believe that Frank is changing some of the names of things that were added in the RPGA products connected to Aquaria. (He might also be changing the names of some things added in the New Infinities product for Aquaria.) But I'm guessing that fans will be able to work out the new names for anything that had a Greyhawk connection in the past. Smile
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    Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:21 pm  

    That's great news. Anything new that could be produced from a classic artist like Darlene is worth a look to me!
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    Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:05 pm  

    Growing up I had the greyhawk map in my bedroom she drew. Good times. Now 30 years later I have the 4pt one put out by Dragon Magazine placed proudly in my gameroom.
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