Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:30 pm  
PF Greyhawk, Underfolk and last but not least Dragonmarks!

I am about to start a new game online. Polling my players resulted in some VERY odd requests indeed.

I always run Greyhawk as the setting, Pathfinder as the base game system and usually allow quite a bit of legacy (d20/3.5) material.

This time, however, I got asked if underfolk (Races of Destiny) would be allowed and if I could figure out a way to bring Dragonmarks (Eberron Campaign Setting and Dragonmarked) into it as well.

So here is what I am thinking:

Subterranean metropolis in the cavern of Thaun (PH2).

Underfolk 'Houses' rule the city and control access in and out of.

These Houses are dragonmarked (though that label is going away as soon as I come up with a better one).


How did the city get there? Maybe Slerotin wasn't the only mage of power to try creating a tunnel under the Hellfurnaces?

The cavern of Thaun is mentioned in PHB2 and is described as colossal. With part of it holding a lake large enough to be home to an aboleth; so I am thinking the lake alone is several miles long and wide and probably deep as well.

If I use the Suloise as the base for the underfolk of the city, I have about 1,000 years to play with since I will probably set the game in CY 625 or so.

I would like (based on player feedback) to run an urban game for the first 5 or 6 levels, with possible short outings outside the city itself.

For my city setting, I will be probably using a modified Ptolus (no firearms or very very few)

Any thoughts?