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    Welcome to EpicHawk. Read this First please!
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    Tue Oct 05, 2004 9:13 pm  
    Welcome to EpicHawk. Read this First please!

    Welcome to the EpicHawk forum wherein all things Greyhawk and High Level of play collide! While we're at it there are few ground rulez to lay down before we get to business.

    1. All Editions are welcome here, althougth the focus is on 3ecentric rules and use of the Epic Level Handbook (ELH), its not a requirement to post here. Just put a header showing the edition that your posting in other than 3e or if your not Epic and its all good. Wink Remember, Epic play and Greyhawk is what this forum is all about.

    2. No Ubermaxxored munchkin nutting. Translated; No discussions on 5000th Wizards enslaving gods in salt mines below their tower, no End Time spells or how to make a 5000th level Fighter with a +100 Castlesmasher. Keep it sane and relevant please!

    3. It should'nt have to be said but if you dont like/care for Epic Level then please dont post here. This is for those that have something to offer Greyhawk within the framework of Epic/High level play.

    Ok, thats that out of the way.What belongs here:

    Adventure ideas: Greyhawk is full of mysterious places and strange events, use them and let it loose. Epic Level is about mighty deeds and great challenges, let the cap off and see what flies out!

    NPC's: Greyhawk is full of 'em. Sure everyone knows Mordenkainen, Rary, Heward and Zagyg but what of others? Hero Dieties and many early NPC's from the original setting had high levels so dont be afraid to add or explore new ones.

    History: The Rain of Colorless Fire. The Great Migrations. Sletorins Passage. Binding the Nine Demigods in Castle Greyhawk. These are some of the events of Greyhawk that can be explored in Epic Level Greyhawk without to resorting to a disclaimer. Feel free to take a stab at these with an epic level blade in the history of the Flanaess.

    Magic Items, Artifacts and Spells: The Hand and Eye of Vecna. The Rain of Colorless Fire. The Chronicle of Secret Times. The past is full of powerful magic items, relics and spells that shaped and have had an effect on the history of the Flanaess. Unearth them again! Just avoid the extremes folks..but like all things Epic there are no absolutes just options. Smile

    Monsters and Deities: This is a hard topic to address specifically, but legendary heroes (or villians) need epic foes. Dont use dieties as punching bags or stepping stones but rather as ways to make Epic games memorable while capturing the essence of the setting. As for monsters, do you scale them or make new ones? How do the ones in the ELH fit and where?

    Problems of Incorporating Epic(High)Level Play in GH: How do you deal with some of the gameplay issues while using the World of Greyhawk setting? What concerns do you have with using Epic Level in your World of Greyhawk game? Share them or post them, let us sort them out!

    Geography: A lot can happen when you step out your front door and saddle up a Roc and fly to Luna! Epic Level opens the door to other planes and areas of Oerth and beyond. Not for the weak of heart!

    I'm sure I missed a few potential topics but for the most part I think we can find them as well as many new things here. Just play nice and think in big numbers Wink

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    Tue Oct 05, 2004 10:37 pm  

    Hooray for EpicHawk! Congratulations Dethand
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