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    Seeking high level adventures to adapt to Greyhawk
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    Thu Oct 28, 2004 4:40 am  
    Seeking high level adventures to adapt to Greyhawk

    There is a party of adventurers that is getting up there in levels(17th to 18th or so), and I have been looking for some high level adventures for them to go through. With the storm of D20 products out there, please tell me some of your favorites and how you would(or have) adapt(ed) them to Greyhawk. Epic levels are probably not that far off at this point, so tell me of anything for levels 17+.


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    Sun Nov 21, 2004 6:05 pm  

    You could always adapt levels of Necromancer Games' Rappan Athuk for use in Greyhawk, either as part of your version of Castle Greyhawk, or as independent dungeons. I've also adapted lairs from their module Demons & Devils to GH, and you could certainly scale those up in power to accomodate higher-level play.

    You could also consider Gygax's Necropolis module (also published by NG). This would require more work to adapt to GH, since there aren't any Egyptian analogues in the Flanaess. You could certainly move it to the Sea of Dust, an alternate Prime, demiplane, etc.

    Gygax's WG6 Isle of the Ape hasn't been converted to d20 to the best of my knowledge (Kai Frederking has one in progress, though I don't know of any others or anyone else who's started one; I do think that BOZ over on ENWorld has converted most of the monsters as part of the Creature Catalog forums); it would be quite challenging, I'm sure.

    I wasn't very impressed with most of the Adventure Path modules, especially the high level ones.

    There have been some good high-level adventures published in Dungeon; see my web site for some recommendations. In particular, I recommend issue 112 (July 2004), Maure Castle, the expansion of Rob Kuntz's classic WG5 module.
    Allan Grohe (
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    Sun Dec 05, 2004 7:18 pm  

    There is a new supplement out for the WARCRAFT d20 RPG that is just for epic level play - Shadows and Light - or something like that. I saw it at my FLGS but I did not buy it. It costs and it looked like a fair amount of conversion work, as at least half is WARCRAFT specific.

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    Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:43 am  
    Maure Castle

    I have a large group of characters (9) of roughly the same level, and I have had a blast with Maure Castle. The group is slightly smaller now, and by giving the monsters a little bit a realistic intelligence and tactics, I think I might trim out a few of the weaker ones.

    I actually had a TPK at the beginning of the second level (excepting only a single shadow dancer), but they have convinced me that we are having too much fun and we should roll back time a little. Normally I wouldn't do this, but the multiple symbols of death were a little much, and not an enjoyable way to take out the party.

    I highly recommend this dungeon. With a little bit of nastiness on your part, you could make this last a long time, and into the early 20s.

    Sun Jan 09, 2005 9:35 pm  
    Epic Adventures

    I have a couple of ideas for Epic level play, most I am planning to use in my own campaign soon. First, 3E stuff -

    I liked Lord of the Iron Fortress, and Bastion of Broken Souls, both from the adventure path. You need to set up a relationship to Greyhawk, but I had Imperagon be working with the Drow and Giants in the G1-2-3/D1-2-3/Q1 series. There are also the Githyanki adventure, Flood season, and Storm Lord dungeon adventures, and a view others that are adaptable to at least 20th, if not a little higher.

    I am planning to use several 1E/2E products that could convert well to Epic level:

    The Apocalypse Stone
    The Dancing Hut
    Die, Vecna, Die!
    A Paladin in Hell
    Return to the Tomb of Horrors
    Vortex of Madness
    Isle of the Ape
    Q1 - making Lolth into a divine proxy of her - Drow Cleric/Divine Rank 1 proxy of Lolth.

    Most of the above is established in Greyhawk. There are many other
    adventure seeds in the various books. The most important thing, to my mind, is having a long-range plan, an epic agenda if you will. I have planned out my ideas for my party of 18th level characters up to around 25th level. Not every detail, but enough that I can tie together loose ends from various adventures to make them all seem part of a single (or in this case multiple, interwoven) plotine.

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