Tue Nov 23, 2004 3:08 pm  
Welcome to the d20 Greyhawk Project

Welcome too the d20/3.5e Greyhawk Project forum!

This thread has found a new host to help it along. Duicarthan!
Duicarthan has asked to expand the forum to include WotC products as well as other d20 publishers. This means that although the names may have changed it still is about the 'hawk, and here is the place to share your thoughts on the many d20 products out on the market and how too incorporate into them World of Greyhawk.

Please include a general header in the subject line denoting what system and supplement you are referring too when starting a new post.

Also, please try to keep the rules discussions relevant to GH as much as possible.

Have fun!
Canonfire Community Supporter and Forum Justicar