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    Canonfire :: View topic - Kuntz launches new company with DVD Archive project
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    Kuntz launches new company with DVD Archive project
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    Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:25 pm  
    Kuntz launches new company with DVD Archive project

    Here's a repost of Paul Stormberg's announcement over on Dragonsfoot (which includes nicer pictures and such than mine):

    Paul J. Stormberg wrote:
    Howdy All,

    An incredible opportunity has arisen for Dungeons & Dragons players, fans, and historians. Rob Kuntz is releasing an Archive of his collected roleplaying game maps and manuscripts through TLB Games ( Here is the introduction to their store front which is now open:


    TLB Games was founded in association with Three Line Studio ( to produce the El Raja Key Archive. The Archive contains a treasury of high resolution images of materials from the collection of game designer Rob Kuntz. Rob was there when Dungeons & Dragons was created and served for years as Gary Gygax's own Dungeon Master as well as his co-DM for the Original Greyhawk Campaign. Now you have the opportunity of a lifetime to peek behind the veil of history to play and discover what it was like in those early days of D&D through the artifacts of time.


    Contained within the Archive are over 1,000 high resolution scans of adventures, maps and keys, campaign notes, character sheets, and manuscripts from the Original Greyhawk, Kalibruhn, and Blackmoor campaigns. That's right, from the very creation of Dungeons & Dragons!

    Includes all maps & some keys for Rob's Castle El Raja Key, the dungeons where Gary Gygax cut his teeth as Mordenkainen; Rob's manuscript for his lost Dungeons & Dragons Supplement V: Kalibruhn; maps, keys, and notes for over 40 adventures from the Original Greyhawk and Kalibruhn Campaigns including, maps & some keys for 16 of Rob's Original Greyhawk Castle levels, the map for the first ever D&D demo, the Machine Level, at GenCon VII in 1974, and the map for the first ever D&D tournament, Sunken City, and notes, NPC cards, and adventure maps and keys for the Original City of Greyhawk!

    The El Raja Key Archive is an interactive, searchable, fully indexed, virtual museum of roleplaying game artifacts from the dawn of the Dungeons & Dragons game! Along with the high resolution images of these treasures is extensive historical commentary that is fully linked to our searchable index. The El Raja Key Archive uses your internet browser interface to navigate just like surfing the 'net. It can be used on virtually any computer that has a internet browser and a DVD drive (or optionally, a USB port).


    In addition to the El Raja Key Archive, TLB Games also publishes Three Little Books Adventures, a line of smaller than digest-sized, "little" adventure booklets that provide essential companion material for the complete, partial, and incomplete adventures found on the El Raja Key Archive. However, since the full-color and sometimes quite large maps are on the Archive, the modules themselves are more economical in size and cost.


    Futures Bright,


    And here are some further updates:

    - the FAQ is now posted @
    - the TOC for the Basic edition (108 titled items) vs. Standard+ editions (295 titles items) is now posted @
    - Paul Stormberg mentioned that he and Kevin Maurice are in the process of building a "Test Drive the Archive" page, which will let you see some content in the .html interface, and get a better idea of what some actual content looks like

    Some highlighted items in the archive include:

    Expanded Greyhawk Castle Menu
    Core Level 02 - Invisible Maze Level
    Core Level 02 (Special) - Bottle City Level
    Core Level 03 - Gem Room & Crypts
    Core Level 05 - Sealed Tomb Level
    Core Level 06 - Black Pudding Doorkeeper Level
    Core Level 07 - Tsojconth Level
    Core Level 07.5 - Black Reservoir
    Core Level 11 - Entrance to Oz
    Core Level 12 - Boreal Level
    Core Level 13 - Entrance to Asgard Melnibone & Dying Earth
    Core Level 14 - Orb Scepter & Crown Level
    Core Level 18 - Dragon Level
    East Level 03 (Split) - Garden & Giant's Pool Hall Level
    East Level 08 - Machine Level
    West Level 05 - Gallery Level
    West Level 07 - Barracks Level
    Core Level (Special) - Living Room

    Tsojconth Menu
    Tsojconth 1973
    Tsojconth 1976
    Daoud's Other Lanthorn

    Castle El Raja Key Menu
    Castle El Raja Key - Upper Works
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 01
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 02
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 03
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 04
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 05
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 05.5
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 06
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 07
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 07.5 (Special)
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 08
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 09
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 10
    Castle El Raja Key - Level 11

    and many more items of possible interest! :D
    Allan Grohe (
    CF Admin

    Joined: Jun 29, 2001
    Posts: 1424
    From: Wichita, KS, USA

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    Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:40 pm  

    Paul Stormberg mentioned that the ERK Archive is on sale today!:

    LB Games will be having a Holiday Sale Special for our El Raja Key Archive line starting today and running through Christmas, December 25th!

    Normally $39.99 Holiday Sale Special: $24.99!

    Normally $79.99 Holiday Sale Special: $59.99!

    Normally $119.99 Holiday Sale Special: $89.99!

    Normally $159.99 Holiday Sale Special: $139.99!

    K1 Sunken City 1st Print:
    Normally $14.99 Holiday Sale Special: $9.99!
    Allan Grohe (
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