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The Rakehells

Coren Drakhar 1st level Chaotic Good Human Fighter (Noble Warrior)
Chaliss of the Vesve 1st level Neutral Good Ranger
Elam Bloodax 1st level Chaotic Good Hill Dwarf Fighter (Ax For Hire)

27th Day of Wealsun, 591 current year
Cairn Hills

The trio round a bend in the road, only to find a robed blond man fending off nine goblins with a quarterstaff!
Coren: Fiends! (lowers his medium lance)
Elam: And some stinky **** goblins too.
Chaliss: (nocks a sheaf arrow in his composite longbow)
Round One
Goblin #1: (misses the man with its short sword)
Goblin #3: (hits man with its footman’s mace)
Robed Man: (hits Goblin #3 with his staff) Back you stunted Orc droppings!
Elam: (riding forward on his pony, he misses Goblin #7 whit a bolt from his light crossbow) Damn it! (pulls out his battle ax and hops to the ground) Come on then!
Goblin #7: (misses Elam with his spear)
Goblin #8: (misses Elam with his horseman’s pick)
Goblin #2: (nicks robed man with a spear tip) Hee hee!
Chaliss: (with a sheaf arrow each, kills goblins # 5 & 8)
Coren: (charges forth on his medium warhorse with his medium lance lowered, run Goblin # 9 though) Mayaheinne!
Goblin #9: (deadweight on the lance shaft, only had 1 hit point)
Chaliss: (puts a sheaf arrow in Goblin #4)
Round Two
The goblins realize where the real threat is…
Goblin #3: (leaves off the man, runs over to Elam but misses him)
Goblin #6: (misses Coren with his short bow)
Goblin #4: (stabs Coren’s horse with his spear) Die!
Warhorse: (Stomps the goblin to death)
Coren: (leaps down, bastard sword in one hand emblazoned medium shield on his left arm) Aha! (slices Goblin #6, causing it to drop its bow)
Chaliss: (shoots and kills Goblin #2)
Robed Man: (hits Goblin #1 with staff)
Goblin #1: (comes to the conclusion that this turned from easy pickings into a slaughter, runs into the hills)
Elam: (cuts Goblin #3 down)
Goblin #7: (stabs the dwarf with a spear)
Round Three
Chaliss: (ends Goblin #7 with an arrow)
Goblin #6: (draws a short sword and stabs Coren)
Coren: (cuts the last goblin down)
Robed Man: (at one hit point, sinks to his knees leaning heavily on the staff)

Much to Coren’s annoyance Elam insisted on gathering up the dead goblins’ weapons and checking them for anything else of value.
Elam: Resell value. Knowing you, we’ll be in the swankiest inn the city has to offer eating seafood and drink elvish wine. (manages to find some silver pieces) Aha!
Chaliss: (looking at Goblin #1’s tracks) Hmmm….
Coren: (Ignoring the two) Come, my good man, hop on my extra horse here and come with us to Greyhawk. Perhaps that’s where you are from!
Chaliss: (hands the man some dried beef, a hard biscuit, and his extra waterskin) And eat something.

74 silver pieces Horseman’s Pick 8 Flight Arrows (Chaliss takes them) Short Sword Footman’s Mace
Short Bow 3 Spears

Around a campfire several miles further down the road, the four begin to make introductions.

Coren: I am Coren Drakhar, son of Baronet Drakhar and follower of Mayaheinne, the Shield Maiden. The light warhorse you ride is intended as a gift to my younger brother Elius, soon to be a priest of Pelor as well as for his 16th birthday.
Elam: I’m their cousin, Elam Bloodax. (spits) Mostly along for the ride and to keep the young lordling from spending all of his gold or getting his head chopped off.
Rodden: Cousin?
Elam: Our mothers were raised as ax sisters in the service of Haela Brightax, had many adventures together before my tall aunt fell for his ugly father.
Coren: Yes, and after many adventures, they fell together, to The Old Ones’ forces on the battlements of Crying Spear Keep…
Chaliss: And they are sorely missed. Chaliss is the name, my foster father Jekel adventured with their mothers and the Baronet for several years. A journey to Greyhawk seemed a great excuse to get out of the Vesve for a while.
Rodden: I know not my name, nor much else. I awoke in a small cave atop a stone table, this robe, staff, dagger and a pearl were all that was there. Dusty as could be, cold and mildewed. I read these words aloud (traces some runes on the staff) and a horse, not as fine as your pair, appeared and I rode it to the rode and southward. A few hours before the goblins attacked it disappeared out from under me. (shrugs) And you know the rest. I once again thank you for saving me.
Chaliss: My guess is you’re a wizard, and the runes on the staff are spells. (thinks hard) How about Rodden for now?
Rodden: Agreed. And thank you once again. (tries to cut a bit of meat with his dagger) Ugh.
Elam: (pulls out his whetstone) Let me see that…
The next morning the four awoke, had a quick breakfast and climbed atop their mounts and continued on down the road. They paused at midday for a quick bite and then continued on.

Notes: The trio stumbled upon Rodden and his goblin friends, they camped for the night nine miles from Zagig’s bridge.
The carvings on Rodden’s staff represent his spellbook.