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    Animal Summoning (contested between casters)
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    Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:54 am  
    Animal Summoning (contested between casters)

    What happens when two rival priests happen to summon the same type of animal in an area and there aren't enough to go around?

    For instance, a priest of Trithereon summons hawks and then a rival priest (say of Erythnul) happens to do the same a few hours later, and there aren't enough left to answer the summons?

    I see a few different outcomes possible:

    1) The summoning fails, and the priest who is 'late to the party' has to try a different type of animal.

    2) The second caster's spell over-rides the previous summoner (regardless of level), and the animals switch allegiances.

    3) Only a higher caster can over-ride a lesser summoner.

    4) There is a contest between the two based on level, and/or Charisma, perhaps something like a Dispel Magic.

    Ideas, thoughts, suggestions? I see nothing in the role books that addresses this conundrum (at least not 1e and 2e).



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    Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:32 pm  

    The Animal Summoning spells do address the issue.

    2e PHB wrote:
    The caster can try three times to summon three different types of animals. For example, a caster first tries to summon wild dogs to no avail, then unsuccessfully tries to call hawks, and finally calls wild horses that may or may not be within summoning range. The DM must determine the chance of a summoned animal type being within the range of the spell.

    So, if the 1st caster is the first to summon the animal in question, then I take the spell's description to mean that the 2nd caster is unsuccessful as no animals of that type were available. The spell goes on to state:

    2e PHB wrote:
    The animals summoned aid the caster by whatever means they possess, staying until a fight is over, a specific mission is finished, the caster is safe, he sends them away, etc.

    I take this to mean that there would be no competition... The animal is simply unavailable until the 1st caster no longer needs that animal.

    That being said, if both casters were to somehow begin casting, as well as finishing the spell at exactly the same moment, then I would have both casters make a spellcraft check and the caster that rolled the lowest "wins" the "spell battle".
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