Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:11 pm  
Sunless Citadel and Forge of Fury in Geoff

So I'm looking to start a campaign using the 5E edition of Sunless Citadel and the Forge of Fury, then Segueing into the Lost Laboratory of Kwalish (5E Organized Play adventure reminiscent of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks) in the Barrier Peaks. Hopefully this would bring characters to be able to explore the Tomb of Horrors.

While I understand that that anywhere that is geographically similar would work, I want to have the characters all be from Geoff so that I can introduce them to the Flanaess a little bit at a time.

Anyway my question, if you were placing the Sunless Citadel and Forge of Fury in Geoff, what areas would you be looking at?