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    Rel Astra and the Free Cities
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    Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:47 pm  
    Rel Astra and the Free Cities

    by Gary Holian (aka PSmedger)

    Campaigning in Rel Astra are for those that want to run a campaign in a cosmopolitan ocean port. Rel Astra (with all due respect to the City of Greyhawk) is the greatest and most cosmopolitan city in the Flanaess. It was founded by the Aerdi, largely by the House of Garasteth, to be the first capital of the Kingdom of Aerdy. Later the Princes of the House of Cranden built a new capital, Rauxes and moved the Malachite Throne from its rightful place in the old palace of Rel Astra. The Garasteth still consider this uncouth. Their city of soaring towers and observatories, of great docks and shipyards, of vast and laden warehouses, of an entire quarter of foreign folk, is the true center of power of the Great Kingdom. The pre-eminent place of trade on the entire Solnor Coast, where goods from Rhizia to Hepmonaland make their way. Rel Astra has always been ruled by House of Garasteth, known for its sages, wisdom, and rule of law. Sometimes that rule of law has been enlightened and contributed to the growth and prosperity of the city. At other times it has been harsh and near tyrannical.

    Although nowhere near as large as Rel Astra, the other Free Cities in this adventuring region include Rolland and Ountsy.

    Country specific resources
    Ivid the Undying

    Adventures in this country include:
    - Rel Astra has more factions than any city in the Flanaess. Those factions often engage in complex rivalries, that extend far beyond the confines of the city.
    - Forest adventures in the Grandwood Forest
    - Adventures in the Gull cliffs; the Fading Grounds of the Blood Obelisk of Aerdi and ancient burial mounds of the Ur-Flan.
    - Marsh adventures in the Lone Heath.
    - Rivalry between the various religions as all of the Oerid deities are worshiped here -- from Good to Evil.
    - Rel Astra city is ruled by an evil despot so characters can be part of the resistance to overthrow him or limit his powers.

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    - Rel Astra is the most important jumping off point for adventures in the Solnor Ocean. There is scarcely not a week when some ship is not preparing to sail forth into new waters and return (hopefully) with wonders.
    - Dangerous exploration of the ravaged land of the See of Medegia.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:39 pm  

    Fan resources:

    Oerth Journal #11 has an article on the Great Kingdom.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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