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    Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:30 pm  

    by Carlos Lising

    The Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland (the official name of the land) is bound by geographic features that effectively separate the nation from the remainder of the Flanaess. To the south, east and west, its lands are nestled in the bosom of the Yatil Mountains, accessible only by way of slender passes between the imposing peaks. Lake Quag represents Perrenland’s northern border (though most citizens agree that the immense body of water actually lies within its bounds).

    Between these features, Perrenland’s geography is quite varied. Wide grasslands in the south give way to increasingly rocky and hilly terrain as one encroaches ever northward in the direction of the Mounds of Dawn. Lake Quag serves as a constant amidst this, no matter the season; barges and boats tread its waters in all seasons but winter, when these give way to the famous iceskimmers plied by the folk of the land.

    Perrenland is composed of eight territories known as cantons. Each of these regions possesses a unique culture, shaped by the experiences of those individuals who dwell within their bounds. A singular event in the nation’s history, however, acts as common ground for its folk: The ascendancy to power of the Witch-Queen Iggwilv in 480CY that would see the archmage place the whole of Perrenland beneath the yoke of oppressive servitude. The horrors visited upon all Perrenlanders during these years has left an indelible stain upon the nation’s collective psyche, influencing it in many ways. Perhaps the most noticeable of these is the fierce streak of independence that has become inherent in Perrenlander culture. It is a chief reason why Perrenland is possessed of one of the Flanaess’ strongest military traditions – a source of national pride that has led to fine mercenary companies composed of skilled pikemen being one of the country’s most prized exports.

    Country-specific resources:
    (S4)The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
    (WG4)The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

    Adventures in the country
    Owing to its previous occupation by Iggwilv, Perrenland is a place where ancient horrors and secrets lie buried, waiting to be disturbed by the bold or the foolish. The opportunity for adventure – triumphant or tragic alike – with this as a backdrop is nigh-inexhaustible.

    The Yatil Mountains are the home all manner of dangerous creatures; from monstrous terrors such as demons brought to Oerth by Iggwilv, to dragons and giants that make the peaks their homes, to potent personages such as the archmage Mordenkainen whose legendary Obsidian Citadel is hidden among the snow-capped summits, as well as other creatures that often visit the Perrenese lowlands in search of food or plunder. However, for the truly daring adventurer, the treasures that might be found in their lairs might stagger the imagination of even the most avaricious dwarf.

    Adventures in nearby areas include
    The Vesve Forest and the skirmishing between its woodland folk and the forces of Iuz seems destined to reach the Clatspur Range of the Yatils, which forms Perrenland’s eastern border. Perrenland managed to remain neutral throughout the course of the Greyhawk Wars; when this takes place, it will be difficult to remain that way. Player Characters can easily become embroiled in this skirmish, either as independent adventurers or on behalf of the Perrenese military.

    The Sepia Uplands, immediately to the east of Lake Quag, is a region marked by unrest and lawlessness. Characters might be asked by a representative from a nearby canton or from the office of the Voormann to pacify the area, possibly as a pretext to subsequent annexation. The immense number of bandits, humanoids, and indigenous folk unwilling to release control over their ancestral lands might prove fertile ground in which memorable adventures could take root.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:57 pm  

    Fan-based resources:

    Oerth Journal #5 - Perrenland
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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